5.09% 12-Month CD ($5K Max) at the US Postal Servcie FCU - Plus a $125 Checking Bonus


US Postal Service Federal Credit Union is offering a special 5.09% APY 12-month CD. The maximum deposit is $5,000 per member. They also have a special 12-month IRA certificate with a yield of 5.20% APY. These are only available through 6/30/08.

The $5K maximum deposit reduces the attractiveness of this deal. With the maximum deposit you'll earn about $42 more than you would in Wachovia's 4.25% 12-month CD (see post).

The credit union is also offering a $125 bonus for opening a checking account with direct deposit ($500 minimum per month), a VISA check card and a CU E-LINK. This promotion ends 6/30/08.

In addition to US Postal Service employees, membership is also open to other select employer groups. Please refer to the credit union's Membership Page for more details. Membership requires a $5 fee and a minimum balance of $5 in the Regular Share Savings Account.

Branches are located in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and California. The credit union is federally insured by the NCUA (Charter # 16402). It has $182.1 million in assets and 22,657 members.

Thanks to the reader who emailed me news of this CD special.
6.14% 6-Month CD at a Multi-State CU (USPS FCU)
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The field of membership is primarily based on Select Employee Groups which includes the United States Postal Service and several other businesses in the areas the...

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