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Credit Union CD Specials - Sept 24th


I've found several CD specials from credit unions around the country. Every week or so I'll try to put together a list of the latest deals. Last week, I listed both short term and long term CD deals at both local banks and credit unions.

You usually have to live near a branch to get one of these high interest CDs. I've included the city and state of the main branch so you can quickly determine if the deal is applicable to you. Note, many have branches in other cities, and credit unions may have other membership requirements besides location.

I found a couple credit unions that had special 5% CDs. The best is still at the Portland Teachers Credit Union. I posted about this 2 weeks ago. It's a 5-month CD with a 5.12% APY. The best I found today is a 5% 17-month CD. The only problem is that it requires a $50K minimum deposit. I found another 5% CD at Golden One Credit Union with only a $1000 minimum. However, its term is much longer at 35 months.

Here's the list of the new CD specials as of September 24, 2005:

CDs Under One Year:

One Year and Over CDs: