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DCU's 5% 16-Month CD Special is Back


Digital Federal Credit Union has brought back its 5% 16-month CD special. The old special had ended in late September. One improvement over the old special is a lower minimum deposit requirement of $1K rather than $5K.

DCU is one of the credit unions that anyone in the US can join. DCU has a list of 6 associations in which anyone can join to become eligible. DCU just added the New England Chapter, PRRT&HS which is the cheapest to join with a membership fee of $12.

Banking Guy
Banking Guy (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #1
This 5% 16-month CD special seems to have ended when checked on Jan 21, 2006.

New specials are a 4.50% 13-month CD and a 4% limited-withdrawal savings account.