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Checking and CD Promotions at Christian Community Credit Union in CA


Christian Community Credit Union has two promotions that are pretty good deals. One important caveat about this credit union is that it’s not federally insured by the NCUA. Instead, its deposits are privately insured by ASI. The credit union is regulated by the California Department of Financial Institutions.

The first promotion is a $50 checking account bonus. You can earn a $50 Visa Reward Card for opening a new checking account. There’s also a $50 refer-a-friend bonus. You and each person you refer who opens a checking account receive a $50 Visa Reward Card. The credit union’s free checking account qualifies for this promotion. The promotion is listed in the credit union’s promo page as of 5/21/2013. Thanks to the DA reader who emailed me news of this.

The second promotion is a new-member 1-year CD with a 5% APY. As you might expect, there’s a maximum deposit. The maximum is $1,000. Minimum deposit is $500. If you open the CD with a $1,000 deposit, you’ll earn $50 for the year. Only one certificate is allowed per member, and it must be opened within 30 days of joining the credit union. This new-member CD is listed in the credit union’s special certificates page as of 5/21/2013.

The credit union used to have some top rates on its regular CDs. However, the current rates are a little low. The current best deal is a 30-month Step-It-Up Certificate with a 1.00% APY.


The primary way to qualify for membership is through a Christian ministry. According to the credit union’s “Can I Join” page:

If you are affiliated with a Christian ministry (including many Protestant Christian churches and schools) that is within Christian Community Credit Union’s field of membership. You may be a member, attendee, employee, missionary, or student/alumnus.

Please refer to the credit union’s “Can I Join” page for the full details.

Credit Union Overview

The credit union has offices in San Dimas and Covina, California.

As I mentioned above, the credit union only has private deposit insurance through ASI. Like the NCUA, the ASI does provide access to each credit union's financial data. Here's the ASI page for Christian Community Credit Union.

Other Credit Union and Bank Bonuses

Another credit union offering a new-member CD with a 5% APY and a $1,000 maximum deposit is Patelco Credit Union. Anyone can join via an association. Patelco used to be insured only by ASI, but that changed a few years ago, and Patelco is now federally insured by the NCUA.

We have a bank promotions page with a table of all of the active bank and credit union promotions. You can filter the table based on the type of promotion and based on your state. I have more details about how to use this page in this blog post.

You can view my latest bank bonus blog posts in this bank bonus page. I and DA members often post on bonuses in the checking account deals forum.

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referals (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #1
If anyone wants to get the $50 referral, I can help. email me at xedex88 AT Gmail.com.
Mae (anonymous)   |     |   Comment #2

Wow! That is a very nice deal. You are automatically qualified to avail their two promotions if you are a member of a Christian ministry.