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Decent Service

I have used this bank for about a year now for my online savings account. I like having an account with a company that is not a big bank and this company fits the bill perfectly. I am able to transfer my savings to this account and earn 1.3% interest which I feel is pretty good considering it is just a savings account. I am satisfied with the service I have received from this company. Overall, I would recommend this bank for someone who is looking to take a step away from the big banks and to give online banking a try.

Excellent service

Posted by: Metarsdo | Mar 7, 2018

I have a checking account through Bank of Internet that was suggested when I filed my taxes. I was initially shown their prepaid card system but I decided against having a prepaid card. I can only speak for their customer service because I had to interact with them several times. The first time was when I had misplaced my card. When I called it was super easy and quick to verify who I was and receive a new card. However, I never checked my account to make sure it hadn't been used by someone else as a result of me losing it. When I checked, I realized that 2 small (less than $20) transactions had been made in the time I had lost the card. So I called customer service again to report that my account was being used by someone else. Thankfully, the card had already been deactivated from the last time I called. So all I had to do was fill out a form about the situation and send it back so my money can be credited back to my account. Overall, the service received with bank was excellent.

unreasonable fees

I was banking with Bank of Internet USA for 8 years but the fees are killer!! I think the only reason that I lasted so long with Bank of Internet USA was because of the customer service is superb, they are always very informative and always courteous and very professional. but it was always understandable the way they explained it there's only so much they can do, I never had an experience with customer not trying there best. Overall I have no complaints there no hard feelings of Bank of Internet USA is a great financial institution. My mother's mortgage is held by Nationwide Bank and she's never had any issues so I do take some of the responsibility for my experience with the bank. I do have a IRA with them still. And when it comes to it online banking I did like the way that they were able to transfer easy and easily and you said direct deposit app.

My Opinon of BOFI Bank

Posted by: BabixzFor | Feb 8, 2018

BOFI has many aspects of regular banking without actually stepping into a bank. You can add cash to your account just by going to select stores register and adding cash. Everything is done online. They have checking and savings accounts. The only thing I have found so far they do not have is a bank credit card. You can withdraw cash from ATMs all over the country. My opinion of this bank is so far excellent. I have not had any problems as of yet. The bank issues a debit card for purchases online or in store. I really do not know of any limits. There is a couple of ways to add money. You can use your phone to add a check by taking a picture and depositing the check that way. Or you can transfer money from some other account into the BOFI account of your choice. Customer service is great. I never have to wait long. They even have a chat online for customer service. They are open 24/7 but I have not tested that out. I have not tried to obtain a loan yet. So can not tell you what sort of rates they have. But overall, I can not complain about this bank. It does just about everything I want.

Beware Of Bank Of Internet BOFI Federal Bank

Posted by: GSA | Jan 30, 2018

Beware of dealing with BOFI federal bank as their customer service is poor and they'll quickly freeze your account without access to your money for weeks. Then they'll close your account leaving it frozen so you can't withdraw any money. To be fair this is a problem with all internet banks as there are no branches to walk into. I would think twice about dealing with BOFI as there are better banks and credit unions with higher savings and CD deposit yields. BOFI's best rate is 1.25% on their rewards checking which requires a lot of work to get. Ally and Marcus offer 1.35% and 1.5% on their savings accounts without any work such as direct deposits or using a debit card.

bank of the internet

Posted by: Bluerock | Dec 13, 2017

What I love about this bank it it has zero atm fees, every time I withdraw, the fee is credited back. Also the customer service is excellent. Every time I call they are super friendly.

Bank of Internet a division of BoFi Federal has been a really good experience for me.

Posted by: Logartful | Dec 6, 2017

So basically a bit about my banking history is I used to live in Oregon and was with Washington Mutual and then Chase Bank took over and started charging minimum account fees. Since I don't work that much i never had that much in the account. Then I switched to West Coast bank which was then took over by Columbia bank and then they started charging a minimum fee. I moved to Montana for a short time and then finally down here to Florida. Instead of choosing a new regional or local bank I started seeing Internet only banks pop up and I searched carefully and decided on Bank of Internet. I got a checking account and after a few bumps was approved. (Well to be fair my name has always been a little bit of a hitch because I have a II suffix at the end of my name.) In any case they've been pretty responsive with customer support and I haven't actually had to talk to anyone via voice. They have an email system through their website. Whenever I had a question or request they would get back to me very quickly and usually fulfilling the request. I can deposit physical checks via their phone app. It does take a little bit of effort to get everything lined up but I suspect this is more about my dexterity with my phone. They claim they will reimburse atm fees up to a certain amount if you contact them to cover the charges, however, they seem to automatically refund me the atm fee which is really nice of them. I honestly like this way of doing my banking and hope to continue using them in the future.

Possibly the best bank available

Posted by: Nearlytion | Nov 7, 2017

I am currently a customer of Bank of Internet and have been for the past 3 years, I have both a checking and savings account. The websites of the bank are very easy to navigate and are user friendly. The bank offers a wide range of products to suit anyone's needs. The particular checking account that I have offers unlimited foreign ATM fees reimbursement, no overdraft fees, no minimum balance and pays a very competitive interest rate. The savings account interest rates are some of the best in the banking industry. The customer service department is on par with some of the best in the industry. Customer service representatives are knowledgeable and friendly when contacted. Overall I would highly recommend this institution to anyone considering to switch.

You Have Been Warned!

Posted by: bomer | Nov 4, 2017

I had an account with them for years. Recently I wanted to do an ACH withdrawal and was shocked to find out that they limited it to $2K per day. Takes a few days to get a $100K withdrawal.

Good Features And Rates And Service. No Android Pay

I am pleased with BofI overall. Mobile deposits, PopMoney, FinanceWorks, ATM fee reimbursemnt. All great. Two issues I have: 1. The web interface still utilizes Flash, and in this day and age it should all be HTML5; 2. Lack of Android Pay. If you ask them, they will tell you they are working on the contracts. They have been telling me that for over a year. 89% of the worlds smart phones run Android, and over 1,000 financial institutions provide Android Pay. I don't know what the hang-up is, but this otherwise happy customer is about to switch to Ally, or someone similar.

Professional and Experienced

Posted by: Mannerho | Sep 16, 2017

I have been a customer since 2015 and recommend his services to anybody interested in opening a deposit account.Thanks to their team I was able to open my account quickly and funded within a couple of days.This team just finished up my file and I couldn't be more satisfied with the job they performed. From start to finish I was informed of each step of the process. Since they are an online bank, they have a great online platform. When I've talked to people with the bank, they have been helpful and quick to resolve my issues.

Good Bank

I am new to this bank in the last month. So far I am very pleased with the bank. They offer everything I need for my banking needs. I was able to open a savings and checking account with debt cards that were mailed to me. I can make all deposits through my cell phone with the click of a picture. The app for the bank is very user friendly and easy to use. Deposits clear with a few quick hours so I can access my money quickly. So far I am a very satisfied customer with my new bank.

I don't use it too often, but....

Posted by: Ludalsojit | Sep 1, 2017

I do not use this website and this account too often, but I signed up because I thought the idea of an online only bank would be awesome so I would never have to stop at an ATM again, since I hardly ever use cash and am mostly an electronic and modern person. I was glad I made this decision to sign up with this bank. The signup process was very easy and straightforward. I entered all of my details and information online, was mailed my card, activated it, opened my account, and had my money ready to use within a week. The website and signup process was so straightforward and easy to use that I never had to contact customer support, but from the website, it was clear that they would always be here for me when I needed them. I would absolutely rate this online bank five stars!

Bank of Internet is great for online banking

Several years ago, I was with Chase bank, and they had then started charging a minimum balance fee. Since I rarely have much money to speak of (unemployed so I do odd things here and there), I had to change banks, which I then changed to West Coast Bank which was pretty good local to the Pacific Northwest. It in turn got bought out by a bank called Columbia bank which was fine until they, too, started charging a monthly minimum balance fee. I had to switch again. Only this time I was moving to a new state, so I sought out several online banking institutions because presumably I wouldn't have to change again even when I moved. So after a little research I came upon Bank of Internet which is owned by BofI Federal Bank. Signing up wasn't a problem, I just had to send in my signature, where I lived, and a few other details, and I had gotten a checking account. My name has a suffix on the end and when they shipped out my debit card it was without the suffix. My Dad has the same name. So after a bit of discussion I was eventually sent out the card with the correct name. I've never really had a problem with them. No minimum monthly fee, and the starting balance was fairly low. They offer several options, for different accounts. They don't have their own ATM's so you do get charged. They claim you need to let them know to compensate you for the ATM fee, but usually they seem to reverse the fee automatically (at least a few of the times). I used my phone for check deposit a couple of times, it takes a little practice to get a proper picture with your phone, but they're usually fairly prompt in processing it. Whenever I have an issue (which have been very few) I usually just send a message through their website, and they usually respond promptly and politely. Overall I think I will stick with this bank unless they decide to start charging me for minimum balance.

BoI is very good

I thought I would try an internet bank called bank of the internet USA. When I checked out their website and user agreement, it showed no monthly fees for the account, no ATM withdrawal fees with unlimited reimbursement on any ATM fees. Bank of Internet offers a free ATM card with 40 checks to come with the checking account. So far, customer service has given helpful answers all my questions, I am awaiting for an ATM card. Their mobile banking app for iphone offers deposits through check wire or bank transfer. There is no other way to deposit cash money as there are no real tellers at a bank building but you can go to deposit through transfers. Overall, I like them so far.

A viable option to mainstream banks.

I came across this bank when I was looking for an alternative from Wells Fargo. After doing some researching online, I came across Bank Of Internet. I found that Bank Of Internet was the most viable option. After looking though all their options on the site, I got of hold of their customer service operators. They had many options for me and put quite an effort into finding the right account for me. They also worked in finding me what I needed for my retirement accounts. I felt very happy after that. I think that if people want to try finding a new bank and have helpful employees, Bank Of Internet is a good option.

Bank of Internet, a great experience in online banking

Bank of Internet is a great online bank. I first got this account when I was doing affiliate marketing and did not have much experience with local bank accounts. What is best about this bank is the ease and help for which they link your account to various online merchant and online wallet options, such as Android Pay and PayPal. I have been able to use savings, checkings, and all features of a regular bank without the hassle of dealing with banks who are skeptical of online money deposits, online wallets, etc. In short, it is a simple and reliable bank.

Great Bank for Busy Families

Posted by: TLS84 | Jan 6, 2017

My family just recently started banking at Bank of Internet USA and I couldn't be happier! Their rates are low and the website couldn't be any easier to use. I especially like their rewards checking account and the ease of use for the internet. Some banks have confusing interfaces, but Bank of Internet USA is very user friendly and it's very easy to find the information you need. One thing that makes this bank stand out is that they actually pay interest on checking accounts, which was a main draw for why my family switched banks. We have direct deposit and use our debit cards often and have never had any issues. They also have a wide variety of banking options from standard savings and checking accounts to IRAs and mortgages. Give this bank a try! You won't be disappointed!!

Very Comfortable Using This Internet Bank

Posted by: JayneTorke | Dec 9, 2016

Bank of Internet USA has been excellent for my banking needs. I hate going in person to traditional banks and waiting in line and sitting through them trying to get me good deals or whatnot. It's frustrating. This internet banking experience is basic, comprehensive, and no frills.

I find that the checking rates are competitive and I've been happy with my return. My account's interest rates is higher than some of the local banks in my area. The online sign-up for an account is super easy. Everything on the website is clearly illustrated and has great directions. I also have a savings account. It's easy to move my money online back and forth from my checking to savings and I'm able to do direct deposit from work. I can also move money into a CD, which I've done to try and maximize my money. It's low risk and not a huge high yield option, sure, but the ease of it is incredible and, to be honest, I appreciate the low risk. It's something I can understand and do on my own without having to go and sit and pay a financial adviser or someone to move my money around and do things with it I don't even understand.

I've dealt with customer service with this bank. They are reachable by phone or email. I've also done live chat options through the website which is really convenient. Any representatives have been attentive and have helped me out with my issues. I had a problem once with not getting my statements emailed to me, and they fixed it quickly. Just a typo that I didn't realize I did on my end, but they were really nice in helping me out and squaring everything away. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an internet bank. the ease of use is incredible, the customer support is good, and I like how I have a lot of control and understanding over what I can do.

Much better experience than with other online banks

Posted by: Mac2 | Dec 2, 2016

Banking with the Bank of Internet USA has been a much better experience than with other online banks. Over the years, I have had accounts that were not internet-based (brick and mortar banks) and a few at internet-only banks. All internet-only banks have one drawback, the lack of being able to go to the bank to discuss something or do a transaction live with a teller. But not all internet banks are the same. Bank of Internet USA is much more customer friendly than the other ones I have tried. They keep things simple and easy to understand and their customer service actually act like they care about you as a customer and want to continue the relationship. I had an issue that was completely my fault, and when I contacted them they didn't make me feel like a bother to them (as other banks have done). Since customer service is a pet peeve of mine with any bank I deal with, I was really pleased with their concern and with the speed at which they assisted me. I plan on staying with Bank of Internet USA for a long time.

Bank of Internet USA

Working with bank of internet USA was overall a great experience. I have an amazing relationship with the company and they always keep me informed and up to date with new services in regards to deposits and withdrawals. When depositing money and withdrawing funds the process was easy, simple, and real. Every transaction I did occurred smoothly and without problems. I currently still bank with Bank of Internet USA and plan to keep them forever.

Smooth Experience

I found Bank of Internet through a friend who referred me after his positive experiences he's had with the bank. When I went to sign up for a checking account, the process was extremely easy and straight forward. I got in touch with a representative to ask him questions about any hidden monthly fees or maintenance fees. I was pleased and relieved to find there's no hidden fees like other banks love to charge and no minimum monthly balance. They also offer great features like mobile banking and mobile deposit which some banks incredibly still haven't come around to offering. I appreciate the fact the Bank of Internet offers a cash back rewards program that I will definitely make use of in the future. I'd like to point out that during this process, the representative was extremely attentive, friendly, and eager to answer all of the questions I had to ask. Based on my experience so far, I'd recommend Bank of Internet to family and friends.

Loved them until recently.

Posted by: Martie608 | Nov 19, 2016

I used to love Bank of Internet USA because of the great customer service I used to receive and the reasonable fees. Lately however, my opinion on them has fallen. After a long period of time with nothing having gone wrong with my account, recently I had an issue with small withdrawals on my debit card that were not mine. Something like this happening to you is stressful enough but what makes it worse is when you get in touch with customer service and you get terrible customer service from them. First person I reached, barely spoke English. I had not experienced that with them prior to this incidence. I asked to speak with their supervisor and I was told they did not have one (which makes no sense). So I got off the phone and called back in again. This time I was told that the charges could be reversed if they were not mine but I also got an arrogantly sounding speech about how, if they were my charges, I could lose my account. I did not like the way I was being spoken too so again I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was put on hold and 20 minutes went by with no one getting on the phone nor telling me a status of my hold time. I hung up and called again. Again, I got someone with poor English skills who did not understand what I was requesting. So, again....I hung up and called back. Finally I got someone who understood what I wanted, explained the procedure to me in a nice way and put my request to have the charges reversed through. But it took four phone calls and over 90 minutes to accomplish all of this. To me, that is unacceptable. Currently, I am looking for a new bank.

Banks Watch and Learn

Posted by: TechGirl | Nov 15, 2016

I am and will always be a big fan of Bank of Internet. I have several accounts and pay ZERO fees for all of them, even if I have dropped to a ZERO balance. Making deposits are so easy with the mobile app and there are no delays in funding your account. My accounts bear interest with no minimum amount required, which is a first for any bank. The most I have ever waited on the phone was two minutes, as opposed to a local bank I also have where the wait times are 10-15 minutes. Bank of Internet offers everything a local bank would and more. I hate having to go to the bank, so this is perfect for me. You can't beat ZERO maintenance fees.

I have recommended this bank to family

Posted by: AllibooFL | Nov 9, 2016

I have been using a checking account with this bank for a little under two years. During that time I have recommended it to two family members. I plan on opening a savings account with them in the near future, because I have been pretty pleased with their services. Customer service is awesome, if you call you will not be put on hold for ten minutes. They have normal ATM use and it's free which is better than my last bank. So far I have had no fees which is amazing because my last bank charged my $12 a month! I have earned cash back on somethings just by using my debit card. It hasn't been a ton but it adds up quickly. I like this bank overall.

Good Experience

Posted by: Rome23 | Nov 4, 2016

Bank of Internet USA has been a good bank for me. Depositing money there has been smooth and has been done in a prompt manner. Furthermore, it's web interface is extremely easy to use and does not seem confusing like some other banks' interfaces are. My only gripe with them is their customer service, but even that is not bad. The only reason I had a problem with the customer service is due to undergoing long hold times when contacting them. On the plus side, I did not need to contact them too often since I rarely ever had questions or concerns. Their fees were more than reasonable for the service they provide. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with this bank. I would certainly recommend it.

Great Bank

BofI is a great online bank that I have been using for almost a year now. I currently have a checking account with Bank of Internet and am more than pleased with the services that they provide. This is an Internet-based bank, so there are no physical branches. This is pretty handy for me as I don't get out of the house very much, and a robust online presence is very convenient. I can say it's easy to sign up, the terms are very clear, and the website is well laid out. They have great customer service that is available 24/7. They treat customers with respect and honesty, and are always willing to help with any issue.

Love BofI!

Posted by: Amylou | Oct 5, 2016

I have been using Bank of Internet checking and savings for four years, and I find their products and customer service to be top-notch. I have not had many problems over the years, and the few that I had were caused by myself. In these cases, the friendly and responsive customer service representatives helped me resolve the issues with patience and understanding. Bank of Internet does not gouge you with fee after fee like some of the bigger named banks. I am free to withdraw my money from any ATM worldwide, and if any fees are incurred by the ATM I am always reimbursed within a business day or two. The mobile deposit function is extremely easy to use and very fast. I highly recommend Bank of Internet for young and old. The only people this bank may not be for would be those who often deposit cash.

Bank of Internet Is Good, But Ally is Better

This bank was my first online bank. They were an industry leader, and I was generally satisfied with their service. I found Bank of Internet's Web experience to be satisfying for the time, but it doesn't seem to offer the ease of use of other online banks. In short, it was a relatively good experience, but to be honest, they were rather quickly outpaced by a similar online bank, Ally. After nearly 10 years with Bank of Internet, I recently moved to Ally for their smoother platform and better rates. Ally is offering 1 percent for their savings account and has an ease of use that is substantially better than Bank of Internet. The closing of my account with Bank of Internet was a slightly overdrawn experience involving faxes, written letters, signatures, and phone calls, but, overall, Bank of internet is a pretty decent online bank.

Horrible Bank, Horrible Customer Service

Posted by: Masque3323 | Sep 9, 2016

Stay away from this bank! They will fund your account with a linked external account for your deposit & somehow deny your "application" 2 weeks later b/c they say they cannot verify your application. Why would they let someone fund an account if they hadn't finished fully verifying the account & accountholder? Their excuse was that I opened an old link to finish my application. Why was the link even still active? It should have never allowed me to do anything from that link if it was so old. Then they waited a full WEEK after "declining" my application before they sent me my deposit back. And how do they send it? Not by automatically crediting back the account I linked to theirs b/c that actually would've made sense & would've been faster & smoother of a process. They decided to mail me a check. I'm still waiting over a week later to receive the money they pulled early from my linked account. Now I'm getting hit by all these fees from the account I linked to BofI's to fund the deposit as a result of their errors. They say they take no responsibility for the fees I'm being charged by that linked bank account even though all of their errors created the issue that caused the fees to be charged. After reading other reviews on other bank review/rating sites, I know I'm not alone. I definitely will be more vigilant about reading the reviews on all possible credible sites before signing up with a new bank.

My Thoughts on Bank of Internet USA

Posted by: Seraphim | Aug 16, 2016

I have been using this bank for about 2 years now. I like using this bank a lot since I can direct deposit my earnings from my job with ease. If I ever have issues, their customer service agents are always friendly and very helpful. Their website is simple and very easy to use. Their rates are great. I really enjoy using this bank, and I do not plan on using any other bank any time soon.

The Oldest Internet Bank

Posted by: Eandyil | Jun 10, 2016

The Bank of the Internet, USA, claims to be the oldest internet based bank out there. Their history shows that they started four years ago, which would be 2012.
Pros: Every account is free. Yes, free is free, but some checking accounts are more free than others. For instance, there are banks that are free provided you have direct deposits amounting to more than five hundred a month. This one has been completely free, as far as I've found. By being a fully online bank, you can access it from anywhere! Most of their plans offer cashback for using the debit card associated with their bank, and who doesn't like cash back? Finally, all accounts get a minimum of eight dollars of ATM fees reversed, and half the plans reimburse all ATM fees.
Cons: While it's free, there are still charges. If you overdraft you still have fees. Sometimes, if you call their customer service line, you can have those fees reversed but I've noticed that this isn't an automatic thing. In that regard, it's just like the vast majority of banks out there. Because it's online only, there is no face to face interaction. For some people that's preferable, for me not so much. I like to sit down with my banker, look him or her in the eye, and explain things instead of calling and dealing with them on the phone.
Overall: A very decent bank, and well worth using. I currently use this bank and recommend it to my friends. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Declined Without Explanation

Posted by: EJTruth | Apr 27, 2016

Signed up for an account and they declined me. Contacted them and they said "try again in 30 days"

Convenient, Low Stress Banking

I have a checking accounting and a savings account with Bank of Internet USA. I was a little skeptical of online banks, but after opening my two accounts, I couldn't be happier. The fees are moderate, but way less than normal big banks. My debit card is accepted all over the place and I don't have to worry about being rejected. The savings account has a competitive interest rate and the online checking web application is very convenient and is very easy to use. Also, their customer service is great. Whenever I've had an issue, I was able to resolve it in a short time. The customer service department answers all questions in an efficient manner and are extremely friendly to boot. Also, moving money between accounts is very easy, and is not subject to all the red tape that usually accompanies these transactions when dealing with normal, brick and mortar banks.

Definitely Go With This Reputable Bank

Bank of Internet USA is one of the internet banks that has been around the longest. I've gotten great recommendations from co-workers about this bank and tried it out about a year ago. Very glad that I did. The aspect that I like best about this bank is the app that lets me scan checks right into my checking account. It's very easy to use and saves me so much time now. I prefer internet banking than going to a physical bank and the website for this institution makes everything effortless. I can always check my rates effortlessly and it's an easy website to navigate and use. I do wish some of the interest rates were higher - you need to have $5000 in your account for them to really kick in - but otherwise, I can't complain too much. I don't get hit with fees from them at all or ATM fees, even. This is such a huge plus for me and I encourage anyone looking for a respectable and reliable internet bank to definitely try them out. I myself am an Android user, but co-workers are able to use Apple Pay in conjunction with a lot of their banking transactions and always rave about the ease of use and great accessibility.

OMG.... A N8ghtmare.

Posted by: Aungirl | Mar 18, 2016

My account was closed while a transaction was pending and now the money is in limbo. It will take another 3-5 business days for it to get back to the original account. I asked for account to be closed but you would think they would check for any pending transactions! Phone customer service is always "experiencing higher than expected call volumes " and the wait is always at least 30 minutes. Check deposits are always 5-7 business days. Would give a "0" review if I could..Checks were not ordered at the time of my request but not until I called 10 days after to see where they were.


Posted by: Ajaqua | Jan 13, 2016

I don't even know where to start so many things have gone wrong since I opened this account 2 years ago. The latest fiasco was an apparent breach of customer debit cards causing them to send me an email on Dec. 31st 2015 stating that they had reduced my daily limit on my debit card to $100 and that I would receive my new card in 3-5 business days. Well folks, it's now 10 business days (2 weeks) since that email and STILL NO DEBIT CARD!!! I've called multiple times and finally someone told me that the cards didn't go out until Jan 8th. BUT still no card. Each time I've called I've been given a different line. Most of the customer service people don't actually know what they are talking about. SO FRUSTRATING!!!

The other issue is that unlike a local brick and mortar bank, they actually will hold your checks (regardless of the amount or how long you've been with them) for FIVE business days before releasing the funds. What's up with that? Obviously those funds clear within 24 hours in this digital age.

Finally, believe it or not, it's really inconvenient not to have a place where you can deposit cold hard cash.

Needless to say I've opened a new account with a local bank.

Fudged Reviews

I dont know who is leaving these amazing reviews but they are likely fortified by the bank or employees. We just moved to this bank and are leaving after less than a month because of the non stop issues. They wanted $35 just to get me a letter confirming my account and routing number.

Their back end system looks like its from 15 years ago and is totally dysfunctional compared to what you would expect from main stream banks. I would not recommend this bank to any businesses looking to move.

Great bank!

Posted by: JordanS87 | Mar 18, 2015

I use Bank of Internet USA for most of my transactions. The thing that I really like about this bank is their excellent customer service. If you have any issues, they work with you to solve them in a very timely and professional manner. You can forget about most of your monthly fees such as overdraft fees and ATM fees. They are really affordable and I absolutely love doing business with them. I have the Bank of Internet USA Visa and the great thing about it is that I can get awesome rewards like cash back for a lot of my purchases. I have accumulated over $300 in cash back rewards in just the first 6 months. If you're looking for a bank with great customer and service and great awards, look no further.

Excellent Internet Bank

Posted by: Aparton06 | Mar 17, 2015

I have utilized Bank of Internet for almost two years and have been very satisfied thus far. My primary reason for switching to Bank of Internet is because it offers the highest interest rate on bank accounts. Currently, my husband and I receive well over 1% in interest monthly which attributes to roughly $10-$15 per month that we earn in interest. Also, Bank of Internet do not charge us any fees provided that we utilize direct deposit and use the debit card a designated number of times per month. There are a few drawbacks to relying on an internet bank. One being that when a check is deposited, it is not credited to your account for 24 hours. The phone app that takes a picture of the check can be tricky to use at times. When taking pictures of large checks, it is difficult to take a picture of the check to ensure that all numbers and letters are clear and easy to read. Also, the environmental surrounds cause a great deal of shadowing over the picture which requires me to move to several different places in the room to locate a spot that has enough light, but not too much to cause distortion for the photo.

Great Online Banking

Posted by: thegerman | Dec 6, 2014

I am currently a happy customer of Bank Of Internet USA. I needed a good online bank because I do a lot of work online.This bank has served me well in the past and does everything I need it to do. The mobile banking is wonderful and is very easy and user friendly. The fee's are comparable to other online banks and the customer service is also above average. The rewards program is very well thought up and is aimed towards the average user. I highly recommend Bank Of Internet USA is you do a lot of work online like I do and need an online bank account you can access easily from a laptop or tablet.

A Big Bank with a Personal Touch

Posted by: Jfabe001 | Nov 12, 2014

While Bank of America is one of the largest banks in the nation, their customer service is surprisingly helpful. It is always easy to chat with a real representative by simply calling the number on the back of your atm card. I have had to deal with customer service to solve security breaches as well as notify them of travel plans. The bank is always on top of security so while I have had to get new atm cards I have never lost money. Overdraft fees can be negotiated if it is truly a mistake and the money was in one account and not the other, but this is not a guarantee, only my own experience.

Reward Checking

The bank responds quickly and efficiently to emails. Online experience is excellent as is bill pay. Anyone looking for an online banking experience that is second to none, try Bofi.

Would you call this an online bank?

Posted by: Brandy2 | Aug 29, 2014

At first I thought this bank was going to be different from the other's I have tried. The bank sent everything to me in the mail without me even depositing a dollar in the account. Then the trouble started, They had me make very strange usernames and codes just to get into my account, I spent along time on the phone with customer service trying to fix this but they just don't get it, they were very rude and unsympathetic. I even tried hanging up and calling back hoping to get someone nice but it seemed all the good understanding nice people had off of work that day. Good Luck with online banking!

My Experience

Posted by: jaided | Jun 18, 2013

I researched checking accounts that paid the best interest, without alot of hassle (i.e. membership to credit union etc). I chose Bank of Internet because they offered a 1.25% rate with minimal requirements (bill pays, POS debits per month) as well as allowed the highest rate on a balance of up to 150K.  Most banks were capping the balance at 25k or less.

Anyway, I have read the other comments and have to completely disagree with some of the negative ones.  I have had a great experience so far (9 months in) and expect that to continue.  The customer service folks are pleasant and reactive to my questions, the account is easy and hassle free.  But the bottom line for me was the interest rate.  It is the best rate with the highest balance allowed that I've found.

I've actually consolidated all of my money markets and savings to this account as I like my money to be available, not tied up in a CD or other "timed" investment.  But again, the rate is great compared to some of the other big name depositors out there.



Great Interest Rates, Friendly Customer Service, Easy To Start

Posted by: cap1122 | Feb 20, 2013

I was admittedly skeptical about utilizing a bank without physical branches, but I thought I would give them a shot since their interest rates seemed attractive. Signing up was easy and safe. They reimburse for ATM visits, have tons of free online and mobile features, and have been nothing but friendly for me. They even offer free cash back purchase rewards for using your debit card at certain stores. At the end of each month, those points turn into free cash deposits into your account. Never had a bank that offered that without a catch. I highly recommend giving them a try!

Excellent Service Glad I Made The Switch To Bank Of Internet

Posted by: Jennings | Sep 13, 2012

I recently made the swith to Bank of Internet a little over a month ago. It has been extremely helpful in saving valuable time on the way I use to do my banking. The main thing for me is I typically don't like to change. The problem is I see so many baks making changes that I knew it was time to get an online checking account. So after doing some research and recognizing the longevity Bank of Internet has been around I felt comfortable. I did some further research looking into their financials and noticed that they are not a private bank but owned by BofI that trades on the stock market. I really wanted to look into who I was going to put my money with after the last few years of banks closing. I noticed they had record earnings recently reported and their stock has been going up this year hitting new highs. This made me a lot more comofortable. I figured if they are able to do well they must be making a lot of people happy. I typically am not one to write a review but after seeing some of teh recent reviews I felt that it was important to share my truth about my experience of Bank of Internet. I really don't think most people take the time out to write something good. They just keep enjoying the benefits but people tend to enjoy complaining. Anyway Bank of Internet helped me get over the fear of change and I am very happy that I did. I have receommended Bank of Internet to some of my collegues and will continue to do so as long as they take care of me.

What's Not To Like About Rewards Checking?

Posted by: slimnick | Aug 26, 2012

I have always preferred doing things online. I'm almost glued to my computer and iPhone so this makes sense for me. A friend recommended Bank of Internert to me but specifically the Rewards Checking account. I opened mine with more than the required $100 and I've had no issues since I did a couple of months ago. With no maintenance fees and minimum monthly balance required, again, what's not to like about Rewards checking?

Everything Is So EASY

Posted by: DonnaH | Aug 6, 2012

I recently switched my checking and savings to Bank of Internet and have been very happy and suprised at just how EASY it has been and how much time they save me. I travel for work and I have my computer and phone with me at all times, and now my bank is with me everywhere I go. I do not have time to search for a bank branch (and most of the time my bank is not to be found). With Bank of Internet, I am completely mobile 24/7. It is so nice to make deposits from my phone, or any ATM...all free and easy. I also earn rewards when I use my Debit Card...that is so nice, because I use that for everything. Also, BOTH accounts offer great interest rates...so I continually get benefits. Thank you Bank of Internet!!

Great Rates, Great Service, Great Bank!

Posted by: Davidj64 | Jul 26, 2012

I have had a Rewards Checking Account for just over a year now and could not be more pleased. Having an online bank has worked out much better than expected.  The account is free. If it ended there I would be happy, but in addition to being free to use, there are so many great freatures:my favorite is their Mobile Deposit feature. I use my iPhone to make check deposits...yes, I was nervous the very first time I used it, but I follwed the easy instructions and that was it. I also have their Moble App and I checked and there it was. So much easier than trying to find a deposit slip and bank branch. The most rewarding part is the Purchase Rewards...I get cash back for everything (practically). I have had other reward accounts before and they all have restrictions and limits etc. I just keep getting my rewards and don't look back.

If you want a great online bank, then Bank of Internet is the one for you. I have been very satisfied.

CD Renewal

I got sucked in with a favorable 6 month CD rate. As usual, I was told I'd get a notice when the CD was about to renew so I could make a decision. No notice ever came and what started as a good rate became bad/poor. Communications these days is a snap...easy and inexpensive. They aren't doing it. It cost customers money.

Unreasonable Check Holds / Bad Customer Service

I want to share a horrible experience I had with Bank of Internet (BOI). I lost my job and was out of work for a month. I got a new job but I had to wait a month for my first check. I thought it would be a good time to move to an internet only bank and save on fees. Having no money I paid the penalty to withdraw from my 401k to cover my rent at my apartments. I deposited a check from Fidelity on November 29th. I wrote a check to cover my rent on December 3d. On December 6th BOI still had a hold on my check. I contacted them and was told it would not be released until December 9th.  This is their policy for check deposits. I called Fidelity and they informed me the check had cleared the bank on their end. Contacted BOI again but still they will not release my funds so my rent check will clear. Now my rent check has bounced, I have no money and the apartments informed me it will cost me 100 dollars late fees to pay on the 9th. So I already paid penalties for withdrawing from my 401k, now late fees with rent all because BOI does not care about people and their hard times, only their policy. The check has cleared the funds are there but BOI won’t give me access to my own money. I do not recommend Bank of the Internet and I give them a ZERO in customer service.

Bank Has Given Good Service

Posted by: coolius_y | Aug 28, 2010

I have been a customer of BOI for many years.  Opened up a CD shortly after they first opened for business,  and I have been with them since.

I cannot comment on the checking account service,  not having one.  But I have had no issues with their customer service with my CDs  ( the only type of account I have with them ).



No Issues With BOI For 7 Years

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 23, 2010

I have been with BOI for about 7 years.  There has been no problems with their CD products.

My dealings with their customer service have been good and they appear to be knowledgeable & professional.

I've Been With Bank Of Internet Since 2003 And The Bank Served Me Well Until Now

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 4, 2010

I've been with Bank of Internet since 2003 and the bank served me well until now when I ran into a situation where I lost my checks.  Unlike other banks and credit card companies where they immediately freezed or placed restrictions on my account and issued me a new number without loosing my account history and settings, Bank of Internet's method was to close my account and open a brand new one, which is very painful process with BOI since they take extreme precaution when opening an account.  You would think they would make it less painful for me considering I'm a long-time customer and the situation I am in.  Furthermore, customer service's attitude was non-caring with no urgency during this traumatic time for me. 

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