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New Online Bank Security Worries


This MSNBC article reports on the rise of new Trojan horse programs that are being pushed onto computers without any user interaction. These new remote-access Trojans or RATware are designed to lurk in the background until users log into their online banks. The program then logs the keystrokes and sends the data to the criminals. It's basically a malicious form of a virus that can sneak on your computer through unpatched software security holes or other ways.

That's one advantage of ING's PIN Guard system. In this case, the only way for a ratware virus to steal your PIN is for it to do continuous screen captures. Unfortunately, new screen capture technology is out there.

An older MSNBC article may ease your concerns regarding these security issues. It describes how banks are required by federal regulation known as "Reg E" to refund customers when they're victims of these incidents. However, it gave some instances of banks blaming the victims. But in these instances, the customers refused to backdown and were able to have their money refunded. The most important thing to remember is to stay on top of your accounts and to notify the bank as soon as you suspect fraud. The longer you wait, the less protection you get from this regulation.