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Competitive CD Rate Specials at Fifth Third Bank in Several States
Fifth Third Bank (OH)

Another large regional bank has come out with new CD specials. Fifth Third Bank has improved the CD specials that it started to offer in January. Its two best CD specials are a 2.00% APY 5-year CD and a 1.50% APY 44-month CD. There’s also a 28-month CD with a 1.00% APY. Minimum deposit is $5,000, and a new or existing checking account is required. These rates are listed in Fifth Third’s CD promotional page as of 7/8/2014.

It’s important to note that the early withdrawal penalty for CD terms...

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Competitive 70-Month Promotional CD at Regions Bank - 2%
Regions Bank

Every now and then a large bank offers a decent rate on a promotional CD. The latest large bank to offer this type of deal is Regions Bank. It’s advertising two promotional CDs. The best one is a 70-month CD with a 2.00% APY. The other one is a 40-month CD with a 1.10% APY. Only the 40-month iCD is also available in an IRA. Minimum deposit is $10,000, and the maximum is $1 million. A checking account is required, and it must remain open during the entire term...

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Special 2-Year CD at Republic Bank of Chicago - Local Only
Republic Bank of Chicago

Republic Bank of Chicago is offering a special CD that it calls a 24-month Breakable CD. It has a 1.50% APY which is a very competitive rate for a 2-year term. The breakable feature allows the customer to break the CD anytime during the term. However, there’s a catch, and that is the customer won’t be allowed to just break the CD and withdraw the money from the bank. Instead the customer must move the money into another CD at the bank, and that CD must have a term of...

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New Reward Checking Account at Flanagan State Bank
Flanagan State Bank

Flanagan State Bank has started to offer a high-interest reward checking account under the Kasasa brand. The account is called Kasasa Cash. Like many of the new reward checking accounts, its balance cap is disappointing. Nevertheless, it’s always nice to see a new reward checking account. The bank also offers a savings account, called Kasasa Saver, that links to this checking account. Below is an overview of these accounts. Flanagan State Bank currently doesn’t list these accounts on its website. However, they’re listed at this page with the following...

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New Kasasa Accounts with a High-Yield Reward Checking at Peoples National Bank
Peoples National Bank , N.A.

Peoples National Bank has just started to offer Kasasa accounts, and one of those accounts is a high-yield reward checking account that’s called Kasasa Cash. There’s also a savings account called Kasasa Saver which links to the checking account, and there’s another type of reward checking account called Kasasa Cash Back. Instead of high interest rate, this checking account offers rewards in the form of 2% cash back on debit card purchases (up to $6 of cash back per month). The nice thing about Kasasa is that these are free...

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More States Eligible for Frontier Bank’s Top Reward Checking Account
Frontier Bank (IA)

Last year when I first reported on the reward checking account at Frontier Bank, the online application allowed residents of three states to apply. Its online application now allows residents of 12 midwestern states to apply. This gives many more people access to a very competitive reward checking account. The reward checking is under the Kasasa brand, and it’s called Kasasa Cash. As of 3/18/2014, the account has a 3.05% APY on balances up to $20K if typical reward checking monthly requirements are met. There’s also a Kasasa Saver account...

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Unique Changes Made to Consumers Credit Union’s Free Rewards Checking
Consumers Credit Union (IL)

Consumers Credit Union made several changes to its Free Rewards Checking Account that many savers should appreciate. First, you can now earn 5.09% APY for balances up to $10,000. Before this change you could only earn 3.09% APY for balances up to $5,000. However, qualifying for the 5.09% APY is not easy. If you don’t qualify for 5.09%, you can still qualify for 4.09% or 3.09%. If existing members have been earning 3.09% before, they can continue to earn 3.09% with no additional work. In that case the only change...

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$160 Checking Bonus at First American Bank in IL and Parts of WI and IN
First American Bank (IL)

Yesterday I reviewed the reward checking account at First American Bank. The bank has another checking account deal. This one is a checking account bonus that pays up to $160. The reward checking account doesn’t qualify. You have to open either its Optimal Checking or its Free Checking account. The promotion is scheduled to end on March 3, 2014. It does require quite a bit of work and time. The details are listed at this bank’s promotion page. Below is a summary of what’s required:

To earn the full $160, you’ll...

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Competitive Reward Checking Account Available Nationwide at First American Bank - 1.5%
First American Bank (IL)

First American Bank has a reward checking account called Everyday Rewards Checking. According to a bank’s CSR, people from any state can apply for this account online or by phone. Thus, I’m labeling this account "nationally available". This isn’t a hot deal so new applications shouldn’t flood the bank. Hopefully it will remain nationally available. Thanks to the DA reader who emailed me news of this account.

The current rate and balance cap are respectable, but there are some nationally available reward checking accounts with higher rates and balance caps. Another...

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Checking and Money Market Promotions at Fifth Third Bank
Fifth Third Bank (OH)

Fifth Third Bank has a new checking account promotion. They’ll give $150 to Stand Up To Cancer and $150 to you when you open a new checking account with direct deposit and make three online bill payments. The account must be opened by March 31, 2014. The direct deposit and the three online bill payments must be completed within 90 days of account opening to qualify for the bonus. Bonus will be deposited into the new checking account within 6 weeks of completing requirements. The full details of this offer...

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Special CD and IRA CD Rates at Xceed Financial Credit Union - Easy Membership
Xceed Financial Credit Union

Xceed Financial Credit Union just came out with a new CD special. It has a 1.50% APY and a 17-month term. Minimum deposit is $500. This special isn’t available in an IRA, but there is a special 14-month IRA CD with a 1.40% APY. Xceed is still offering a special 7-month CD and IRA CD with a 1.00% APY and a special 19-month CD and IRA CD with a 1.25% APY. These special CD rates are listed on the credit union's rates page and in the credit union's news &...

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Fifth Third Bank’s New CD Rate Specials in Several States
Fifth Third Bank (OH)

Fifth Third Bank has come out with some new CD specials. There are two changes from Fifth Third’s CD promotions from last fall. For most of Fifth Third’s market area, the bank is offering a 1.75% APY 5-year CD. For the Florida market, this long-term CD promotion is a 2.00% APY 6-year CD. The other CD promotions are the same as last fall with a 1.50% APY 4-year CD, a 1.25% APY 38-month CD and a 1.00% APY 28-month CD. Minimum deposit is $5,000, and a new or existing checking...

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