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18 Month CD Rates

Compare rates on 18 month CDs from banks and credit unions. Use the filter box below to customize your results. You can sort by each column below or select another product to compare rates.

Bank or Credit UnionApyMinMaxEarnings
Xceed Financial Credit Union1.50%$500-$53417 Month CD
South Jersey Federal Credit Union1.26%$1k-$47518 Month CD Special
Northern Bank & Trust Company1.25%$500-$52420 Month CD
Boiling Springs Savings Bank1.25%$1k-$49819 Month CD Special
Susquehanna Bank1.20%$2,500-$45318 Month Fixed Rate CD Special
GE Capital Retail Bank1.15%$2k-$36015 Month CD Special - OnlineOffer
Oritani Bank1.15%$1k-$434Loyalty 18 Month Certificate
Ameriprise Financial1.15%*$1k-$43418 Month Ameriprise® Flexible Savings Certificate
Bogota Savings Bank1.14%$25k-$40517 Month Tiered CD - Online Only
The Berkshire Bank1.10%$1k$500k$41518 Month CD
Regal Bank1.06%$500-$40018 Month CD
Incredible Bank1.06%$10k$90k$422Incredible 19 Month CD
BAC Florida Bank1.06%$500-$400BAC Internet Time Deposit 18 Months
Bank5 Connect1.05%$500-$39618 Month Connect CD
GE Capital Bank1.05%$500-$39618 Month CD
Colorado Federal Savings Bank1.05%$5k-$39618 Month CD
Palladian Private Bank1.05%$10k-$39618 Month CD
Cornerstone Bank (NJ)1.05%$500-$41819 Month CD Sale
AloStar Bank of Commerce1.05%$1k-$39618 Month CD
Nationwide Bank1.04%*$500-$39218 Month CD
Doral Direct1.01%$500-$381 18 Month CD
Franklin Synergy Bank1.01%$1k$95k$31715 Month eCD
Union Center National Bank1.00%$1k-$37718 Month CD
Discover Bank1.00%$2,500-$37718 Month CD
NewDominion Bank1.00%$1k-$37718 Month Fixed Rate CD
Hudson City Savings Bank1.00%$500-$37718 Month CD
Andrews Federal Credit Union1.00%$1k-$37718 Month Share Certificate
Freedom Bank (NJ)1.00%$500-$37412-17 Month CD
Cross River Bank1.00%$500-$37718 Month CD
Third Federal Savings and Loan (OH)1.00%$500-$39819 Month CD Special
Ocean City Home Bank1.00%--$31315 Month Variable Rate CD
McGraw Hill Credit Union1.00%$10k$250k$33516 Month CD (w/ Direct Deposit to S3 Account)
Salem Five1.00%$10k-$37718 Month eCD Special
OneWest Bank0.95%$1k-$35818 Month Online CD
The National Republic Bank of Chicago0.95%$1k$100k$35818 Month CD
TIAA Direct0.95%$1k-$35818 Month CD
Ally Bank0.94%--$354High Yield 18-Month CD
E-LOAN.com0.93%$10k-$35118 Month CD
Grand Bank, N.A.0.90%$1k-$33918 Month Business CD
Pen Air Credit Union0.90%$500-$33918 Month CD
Self Reliance (NJ) Credit Union0.90%--$33918 Month Share Certificate
Santander Bank, N.A0.90%$500-$28215 Month CD
Alliant Credit Union0.90%$1k-$33618 - 23 Month Share CD
Barclays0.85%--$32018 Month Online CD
Learn MoreSponsored Note: No Minimum Balance. FDIC Insured.
Haven Savings Bank0.85%$100-$32018 Month CD
Digital Credit Union0.85%$25k-$317Jumbo 12 - 23 Month Certificate (Add-On) - Relationship Rate
Aspire Federal Credit Union0.85%$1k-$26615 Month eCertificate
First Choice Bank (NJ)0.85%$1k-$32018 Month CD
First Bank (NJ)0.85%$500-$32018 Month CD
RSI BANK0.85%$1k-$32018 Month CD
Intervest National Bank0.84%$2,500-$31718 Month CD
Mariner's Bank0.81%$1k-$30518 Month CD
Geauga Savings Bank0.80%$1k-$30118 Month CD
Indus American Bank0.80%$2k-$30118 Month Bump Up CD
1st Bank of Sea Isle City0.80%$500-$30118 Month CD
Affinity Credit Union0.80%$500-$30118 Month Certificate
Armed Forces Bank, National Association0.80%$500-$30118 Month CD
USAlliance Credit Union0.80%$500-$30118 Month CD
Sun National Bank0.80%$500$100k$30118 Month Promo Relationship CD
New Millennium Bank0.80%$500-$30118 Month CD
The Jacksonville Bank0.78%$1k-$29418 Month CD w/ Bump Up
CNB Bank Direct0.76%$1k$250k$28618 Month CD
USAA Bank0.76%$1k$95k$28618 Month CD - Standard
First Trade Union Bank0.75%$500-$28318 Month CD
Royal Bank America0.75%$1k-$28318 Month CD
Clifton Savings Bank0.75%$500-$28318 Month CD
TrustCo Bank0.75%--$28318 Month CD
Roselle Savings Bank0.75%$1k-$28318 Month CD
Belvoir Federal Credit Union0.75%$1k-$28318 Month Share Certificate
EverBank0.70%$1,500-$2641.5 Year Yield Pledge CD
Pacific Mercantile Bank0.70%$10k-$26418 Month Net CD
First Internet Bank of IN0.70%$1k-$26418 Month CD
Lake Michigan Credit Union0.70%$500-$21915 Month VIP CD Special
Liberty Bell Bank0.70%$500-$26418 Month CD
Security Bank (OK)0.70%$2k-$26418 Month CD
Astera Credit Union0.70%$500-$26418 Month CD
Communitywide Credit Union0.70%$2k-$26418 Month Share Certificate
Garden Savings Federal Credit Union0.65%$500-$24518 Month Share Certificate
NJM Bank0.65%$500-$27220 Month CD
Crest Savings Bank0.65%$500-$24518 Month CD
Delanco Federal Savings Bank0.65%$1k-$24518 Month CD Special
Franklin Bank (NJ)0.65%$500-$24518 Month Interest Credited Monthly CD
Highlands State Bank0.65%--$24518 Month CD
Glen Rock Savings Bank0.65%$500-$24518 Month CD
Jersey Shore Credit Union0.65%$25k-$24312-60 Month Share Certificate
Llewellyn-Edison Savings Bank, FSB0.65%$1k-$24518 Month CD
America's Credit Union 0.65%$500-$24317-20 Month Term Promotional Standard Share Certificate
First Financial Credit Union0.65%$500-$25819 Month Savings Certificate Special
United Teletech Financial Credit Union0.65%$500-$24318-23 Month CD Special
HAB Bank0.63%$1,500-$23718 Month CD - Queens & NJ & Hicksville
Goldwater Bank0.62%$5k-$23418 Month CD - AZ Only
American Express Bank, FSB.0.60%--$22618 Month CD
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union0.60%$500-$22618 Month CD
West Texas National Bank0.60%$1k-$2261 1/2 Year CD
Capital Educators Federal Credit Union0.60%*$25k-$22418 - 23 Month Share Certificate
Manasquan Savings Bank0.60%$500-$22618 Month CD
Columbia Bank (NJ)0.60%$500-$22618 Month CD
Advanced Financial Credit Union0.60%$500-$22412-23 Month CD
Audubon Savings Bank0.60%$500-$22618 Month CD
Haddon Savings Bank0.60%$500-$22618 Month CD
Millington Savings Bank0.60%$500-$22618 Month CD
Freehold Savings Bank0.60%$500-$18815 Month CD
Hopewell Valley Community Bank0.60%$500-$22618 Month CD
Principal Bank0.60%$5k-$22618 Month CD
Sandia Laboratory Credit Union0.60%*$2k-$22618 Month Bump Up CD
BankUnited0.60%$5k-$22618 Month CD Special
Republic Bank (Philadelphia, PA)0.60%--$22413 - 23 Month CD
Quantum National Bank0.60%*$10k-$18815 Month CD Special
GSL Savings Bank0.56%$500-$21118 Month Fixed CD
Apple Federal Credit Union0.55%$500-$17215 Month Share Certificate
United Central Bank0.55%$1k-$20718 Month CD
OneUnited Bank0.55%$1k-$207UNITY 18 Month CD
Patriot Bank0.55%$1k-$20513-23 Month CD
Century Savings Bank0.55%$500-$20718 Month CD
Metuchen Savings Bank0.55%$500-$20718 Month CD
Franklin Federal Savings Bank0.55%$500-$20718 Month CD
The Atlantic Credit Union0.55%*$10k-$20718 Month CD
Chartway Federal Credit Union0.55%$10k-$20718 Month CD
Spencer Savings Bank 0.55%$1k-$23020 Month CD
Self-Help Credit Union0.55%$500-$20718 Month Standard CD
Cattaraugus County Bank0.54%$1k-$20318 Month Gold Club CD
Mountain America Credit Union0.50%$500-$18818 Month CD
Justice Federal Credit Union0.50%*$500-$18818 Month Share Certificate w/ JNA Relationship
Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank0.50%$1k-$18712 - 23 Month CD
Cape Bank0.50%--$18818 Month CD
Newfield National Bank0.50%$500-$1881.5 Year CD
The First National Bank of Elmer0.50%$500-$18818 Month CD
US Bank (OH)0.50%$1k$250k$19919 Month CD Special
Raritan Bay Federal Credit Union0.45%$1k-$16918 Month CD
Heritage Community Bank0.45%$500-$16918 Month CD
Kearny Federal Savings Bank0.45%$1k-$16017 Month Step-Up CD
JustBankIt.com0.45%$1k-$16918 Month CD
Fulton Bank of New Jersey0.45%$500-$16918 Month CD
FNBO Direct0.41%$500$1m$15418 Month CD
Investors Bank0.40%$500-$15118 Month CD
Magyar Bank0.40%$2,500-$15118 Month CD
M&T Bank0.40%--$15118 Month Select Promo CD
City National Bank (NJ)0.40%$500-$1491 - 2 Year CD
First National Bank (LA)0.40%--$15118 Month CD
1st Colonial Community Bank0.40%$500-$15118 Month CD
Community Bank of Bergen County, N. J.0.40%$1k-$1511 1/2 Year CD
Monroe Savings Bank, SLA0.40%$500-$15118 Month CD
Schuyler Savings Bank0.40%$1k-$15118 Month CD
United Financial Services Credit Union0.40%$1k-$15118 Month CD
First Atlantic Credit Union0.40%$500-$14912-17 Month Share Certificate
Zions Bank0.40%$1k-$15118 Month Internet CD
Easthampton Savings Bank0.40%$1k-$15118 Month CD
Capital One 3600.40%--$15118 Month CD
First Savings Bank Northwest0.36%--$13518 Month Grow With Us CD
ViewPoint Bank, National Association0.35%$1k-$13218 Month Regular CD
Univest Bank and Trust Co.0.35%$500-$13218 Month Fixed CD
First National Community Bank (PA)0.35%$1k-$13218 Month CD
NexBank0.35%$10k-$13218 Month CD
Bank SNB0.35%$10k-$13218 Month CD
Gibraltar Bank0.35%$500-$13218 Month CD
Shore Community Bank0.35%$500-$13218 Month CD
North American Savings Bank0.35%$10k-$13112 - 23 Month CD with Checking
Atlantic Stewardship Bank0.30%$500-$93.9415 Month CD Special Offer
Bank of Blue Valley0.30%$500-$11218 - 23 Months CD
Patelco Credit Union0.30%$1k-$11212 - 23 Month CD
Newtown Savings Bank0.30%--$11318 Month CD
National Bank of Kansas City0.30%--$11212 - 23 Month CD
Pinnacle Federal Credit Union0.30%$500-$11318 Month CD
Flagstar Bank0.30%$500-$11212 - 17 Month CD
North Country Savings Bank0.30%$500-$11318 Month CD
PNC Bank, National Association0.30%*$25k-$11318 Month CD
Polish & Slavic Credit Union0.30%$500-$11318 Month CD
Acume0.30%*$20k-$11318 Month Share Certificate
Colonial Bank, FSB0.30%$1k-$11318 Month CD
Credit Union Of New Jersey0.30%*$500-$11318 Month Business Share Certificate
Urban Partnership Bank0.30%*$500-$11318 Month CD
First Security Bank & Trust0.27%$2,500-$10112 - 23 Month CD
Citibank0.25%$1k-$94.0718 Month CD
Community Bank of Pleasant Hill0.25%$5k-$78.2815 Month Rate Watcher CD
Community Bank of Raymore0.25%$5k-$78.2815 Month Rate Watcher CD
BankDirect0.25%$10k-$94.0718 Month CD
Chase Manhattan Bank0.25%*$10k-$93.2118-20 Month CD - Relationship
Fox Chase Bank0.25%$500-$99.2219 Month CD
Peapack-Gladstone Bank0.25%$500-$94.0718 Month Bump Up CD
GCF Bank0.25%$500-$94.071 1/2 Year CD
Garden State Credit Union0.25%$1k-$94.0718 Month Share Certificate
American Bank0.20%$500-$75.2418 Month CD
Union Bank (San Francisco, CA)0.20%$350$100k$74.5618 - 23 Month CD
Consumers Credit Union (IL)0.20%$250-$83.6220 Month CD
INOVA Federal Credit Union0.20%$200-$75.2418 Month CD
The First National Bank of Absecon0.20%--$74.5618 - 23 Month CD
The Pennsville National Bank0.20%$500-$75.2418 Month Stmt CD
Somerset Savings Bank, SLA0.20%$500-$75.2418 Month CD
Capital One Bank0.20%$1k-$75.2418 Month CD
NJ Community Federal Credit Union0.20%$1k-$75.2418 Month Share Certificate
1st Source Bank0.17%$500-$63.9518 Month CD
iGObanking0.15%$1k-$46.9615 Month iGOCD
Bank of America0.15%$10k-$56.4318 Month Opt-Up CD
Amegy Bank0.10%$1k-$37.6118 Month Personal CD
Sturdy Savings Bank0.10%$500-$37.6118 Month CD
HSBC0.05%$1k-$15.6515 Month Telephone CD
Wells Fargo Bank0.05%--$18.63Business 12 - 23 Month CD
H&R Block Bank 0.03%$250-$11.2818 Month CD
Charles Schwab Bank0.03%$1k-$11.2818 Month CD