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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Bank Deals Blog - 2009

December 2009

31stNew Year's Eve Credit Union Liquidation
Update on ASI, Velocity Credit Union and Private Deposit Insurance
Beware of Wrong Reports of FDIC Guarantee Changes
30thUmbrellaBank and Imperial Capital CD Holders Take a Beating
Update on Chase Checking Account Bonuses
29thDiscover Bank's New Limited-Penalty-Free CD and its New Online Savings Account
Free Reward Checking Account at an Indiana CU (Financial Center)
How the Proposed Fed CDs Will Affect Savers?
28th$200 Checking Account Bonus at Union Bank in CA, WA and OR
27thThe Differences between Credit Unions and Banks
26thNYTimes Article: At Tiny Rates, Saving Money Costs Investors
24thMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
23rdHigh-Yield Reward Checking Account at a North Carolina CU - Easy Membership (Coastal)
Useful Reward Checking Account Tips
20thCompetitive 2- and 5-Year CDs at Northwest FCU - Available Nationwide
Competitive 5-Year CD at Northwest FCU with Useful IRA Feature - Available Nationwide
19thDiscover Bank's CD Rates Up To 5.02%
4.25% Reward Checking Account at Incommons Bank in Texas - Local Only
New 5.30% No-Min Online Savings Account - iGObanking
18th7 Banks Fail Including UmbrellaBank's Parent and Imperial Capital
Important Gotcha for Those with Reward Checking Accounts
17th4.01% Reward Checking Account at Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company in Louisiana
AmTrust Bank and Five Other Banks Are Shut Down by Regulators
New Online Savings Account and CDs at American Express Bank
Flagstar Internet Money Market Rate Plummets and Is No Longer Competitive
16thM&T Bank's New Internet Bank - OnBank
Fed Still Saying Exceptionally Low Rates for Extended Period - Update
13thIndyMac Depositors Are Still Out of Luck - Review of Deposit Insurance Changes Since IndyMac's Closure
12th2.81% Savings Account Guaranteed to 9/30 at EBSB Direct
11thThree Banks Closed by Regulators in FL, AZ and KS
The Last Remaining 6% Reward Checking Account
10thAlly Bank News - Fee Changes and CD Renewal Bonus
9thFree High-Yield Reward Checking Accont at R Bank in Texas - Local Only
8thMore Information on the Transition to DepositAccounts.com
GMAC Bank Changes Name to Ally Bank - New 2.50% 9-Month No-Penalty CD
4.00% Online Savings Account Guaranteed For 3 Months at 1st Constitution Direct
Review of PNC Bank's Virtual Wallet, Checking/Savings Account
7th3.50% Reward Checking Account at Kemba Credit Union in Ohio - Local Only
6thCompetitive CD Rates at Self-Help Credit Union in NC & CA - Available Nationwide
5thUpdate on SmartyPig's High-Yield Savings Account
4thEmigrant's New Internet Bank: DollarSavingsDirect
Velocity Credit Union in Texas Begins Voting Process for Switch to Private Insurance
3rdUpdate on the Best Nationwide Reward Checking Account - Bank of the Sierra
2ndCertificate and Credit Card Deals at Pentagon Federal Credit Union - Available Nationwide
Update on PenFed CDs for January - New and Rollover CDs
AmTrust Financial Files for Bankruptcy - Future of AmTrust Bank?
1st3.50% 5-Year CD & 4.00% 7-Year CD at First National Community Bank in PA - YMMV Nationally Available
Credit Union News - ASI Review and a Credit Union Liquidation
The Future Home For Bank Deals: DepositAccounts.com

November 2009

30th5.00% Reward Checking Account at Quad City Bank & Trust in Iowa - Local Only
28th3.00% 36-Month CD at Mutual of Omaha Bank in CA, NV, AZ, CO, NE & TX - Local Only
3.51% Reward Checking Account at Timberland Bank in Washington State
27thFDIC Releases October Enforcement Actions
26thHigh Yield Savings Account at Centennial Bank - Nationally Available
25thBig Improvements Coming to Bank Deals
Alliant Credit Union's Savings Account Rate to Remain 2% Through December
Update on Alliant Credit Union - Competitive Savings Account and CD Rates
High-Yield Low-Max CD Specials
24thFDIC's Third Quarter Report - Number of Problem Banks Increased to 552
High-Yield Reward Checking Account at Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust in Iowa - Local Only
23rdFees for PIN-Based Debit Card Purchases
21stOne Small Florida Bank Closed - 124th Bank Failure of 2009
Bank of America's Special Rate Money Market Savings Account
2.25% 7-Month Jumbo CD & Other Competitive CDs at Consumers Credit Union - Easy Membership
High Yield Online Money Market Account at Nationwide Bank
Bank of Internet's New Advantage Savings Account with a 2.50% APY - Nationally Available
Bank of Internet's High Yield Savings Account - New Higher Yield
20thShould You Use Your Emergency Fund for Holiday Shopping?
ING Direct's Black Friday CD and Electric Orange Checking Specials
19thBank Deals Blog is Back in Operation!
17thFDIC is Now Forcing Rate Cuts to Reward Checking Accounts
FDIC's Fall 2009 Consumer News - FDIC Coverage, Safe Deposit Box, Debit Card Protections
Link Verification When Opening a New Account at Ally Bank
16thNew 5.25% No-Minimum Online Savings Account - FNBO Direct
14thNew High-Yield Internet Checking Account at Incredible Bank - Available Nationwide
13thTwo Florida Banks and One California Bank Closed by Regulators
SFGI Direct's 2.25% Online Savings Account Is Open Again But With Changes
Competitive Online Savings Account at SFGI Direct
Update on SFGI Direct - The Top Online Savings Account
Ally Bank Increases Rates - FDIC Restrictions Having an Effect?
Another Fed Action That May Cost Savers - New Rules on Overdrafts
New Internet Bank with Competitive Rates: Colorado Federal Savings Bank - Available Nationwide
New Online Savings Account at CNB Bank Direct
12thBBVA Compass Checking Account Promotion - Free iPod touch (available in AL, AZ, CO, FL, NM & TX)
TD Bank's Elite Savings Account Promotion
4.19% Reward Checking Account and 3.19% Savings Account at D.L. Evans Bank in ID – Local Only
11thUpdate on Hanmi Bank in California - Deposit Deals and Financial Condition
$150 Checking Account Bonus at Harris Bank
10th How Much Money is Your Checking Account Making for You
9thBasic ATM Safety Practices
No Longer Offered - Reward Checking Account at Chartway Federal Credit Union
Reward Checking Account at Baxter Credit Union in IL/WI
8thReward Checking Account at a Texas Bank (ViewPoint)
7thReward Checking Account in Ohio and Indiana at Farmers & Merchants State Bank
Competitive Money Market Account at Delta Community CU - Easy Membership
6thFive Banks Fail including United Commercial Bank
4thFed Still Saying Exceptionally Low Rates for Extended Period
106 Bank Failures for 2009
$150 Checking Account Bonus at First Tennessee Bank - Local Only
3rdWorld Series CD Special at South Jersey FCU - Local Only
Charter Bank Slashes the Rate on its Nationwide Reward Checking Account
2ndHigh-Yield Reward Checking Account at First Arkansas Bank and Trust
Treasury Announces New I Bond Rate of 3.36% - Fixed Rate of 0.30%
History of the Government's Intervention into GMAC and Ally Bank
1stMore Reviews of Risks with Privately Insured Credit Unions

October 2009

31stUninsured IndyMac Depositors Ask FDIC Chairman for Help - Lessons To Be Learned
30thNine Banks of FBOP Corporation Closed - All Deposits Assumed by U.S. Bank
Ally Bank Cuts Rates - Linked to the GMAC Bailout?
FAB&T Announces Major Cuts in Its Reward Checking Account - Future of Reward Checking?
28thAnother Case of a Bank Discouraging Small Debit Card Purchases in its Reward Checking Account
27thBenefits of Online Banking
GMAC Reported To Have Agreed to Deposit Rate Limitations
Review of Sovereign Bank's Save & Invest CD Package
26thUpdate on the Online Savings Account at Newtown Savings Bank - Nationally Available
ING Plans to Divest ING Direct - What It Might Mean for ING Direct Customers?
25thCredit Union Liquidation without the NCUA
3.50% 60-Month CD at Banco Popular in CA, NY & FL - Local Only
Credit Union Members Beware: Your Credit Union May Drop Federal Deposit Insurance
24thReward Checking Account at First City Bank in Florida
Alliant Credit Union Increases CD Rates, Holds Savings Account Rate Steady - Available Nationwide
3.25% 42-Month CD at Regions Bank in Several States
UmbrellaBank Raises CD Rates & Update on its Money Market Account - Nationally Available
23rdBarron's Front Page: It's Time to Raise Rates, Ben
22ndMoney Doesn't Grow on Trees But You Can Make Money Grow Faster with Money Market Accounts
2.25% 12-Month CD at Academy Bank in Colorado - Available Nationwide
21stWaPo Article Sums Up the Plight of the Savers
20thUpdate on ACH Transfers at PenFed and the Issue of Restrictive ACH Policies
19th4 of the Most Common Personal Finance Mistakes
Potential Issues When You're Opening Reward Checking Accounts
2.25% 12-Month CD at Metlife Bank - Available Nationwide
17th3.35% Reward Checking Account and 1.81% e.Savings Account at Peoples Bank in NC
16thBenefits of Fixed Rate IRAs
99th Bank Failure of 2009 - San Joaquin Bank in California
I Bond Fixed Rate Plummets from 1.20% to 0%
Update on Series I Savings Bonds: Next Inflation Component Will Be 3.07%
Update on Series I Savings Bonds: Six Months of 0% for All Existing I Bonds
15thRip-off Alert - Chase CD Early Withdrawal Penalty
14thDon't Call it a Comeback
13thHigh-Yield Online Savings Account and Sign-up Bonus at BankOn for NE, CO, KS, MO & WY Only
12thCredit Card Fee Legislation May Impact Reward Checking Accounts
Details of Wells Fargo's New Way2Save Program - Big Changes from Wachovia's Way2Save
10thAmboy Direct's New Add-On CD (eSavings Time Deposit) - Nationally Available
9thA Rare Friday That's Free of Bank Failures
KeyDirect Is No Longer Accepting New Customers
8thInstallment Savings Account with High Rates at Hanmi Bank - CA Only
High-Yield Reward Checking Account at South Carolina Bank and Trust - Local Only
7thThe Differences Between Certificate of Deposits and Brokered Certificate of Deposits
4thHigh-Yield Reward Checking Account at First New England FCU
3rdState Farm Bank Continues to Offer a Competitive Regular Checking Account
BankUnited Raises Online Savings Account Yield
2ndMoney Market Accounts as Profitable Investment Strategies
Three Banks and Two Credit Unions Failed This Week
1stE*TRADE Savings Account Yield Back Up To 5.05% - Bonus and Account Review
ProvidentNJ Direct's New Limit on External Transfers

September 2009

30thDepositors Suffer from the Bank Failures of Corus and Irwin Union Bank
CD Rates Fall at Melrose Credit Union But Remain Competitive - Available Nationwide
2.50% 2-Year CD & Other Competitive CD Rates Continue at Pinnacle Bank in Florida - Local Only
29thFDIC Releases Plan for Banks to Bolster FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund
28th95th Bank Failure of 2009 and Other FDIC and NCUA News
Credit Union News - Closures and Premium Assessments
27thSocial Security: The Basics
26thIrwin Union Banks Closed by Regulators, First Financial Bank Assumes All Deposits
25th3.00% 25-Month CD & 2.50% 13-Month CD with Add-On Feature at America's Credit Union - Easy Membership
3.80% 60-Month CD at PrimeWay Federal Credit Union in Houston - Local Only
24th$100 TD AMERITRADE Deposit Account Bonus
23rdFed Leaves Rates Unchanged: When Will the Fed Start Hiking?
HSBC Direct's Rate Promotion Extension and HSBC Bonus Update
Review of Liquid Certificates of Deposit - Gimmicks or Worthwhile Deals?
22nd$100 Checking/Savings Account Bonus at Sovereign Bank in the Northeast States
21stWells Fargo Executive Fired for Partying in Foreclosed Home
Non-Illinois Corus Bank Depositors Report Harsh Treatment by MB Financial
Important Features and Potential Issues of Certificates of Deposit
2.30% 12-Month CD at CoVantage Credit Union in WI & MI - Local Only
4.00% 60-Month CD at FNBO Direct - Nationally Available
2.50% 9-Month Risk Free CD at Bank of America in Many States
Charles Schwab's New 4.25% Free Checking Account
Major Rate Increase: Charles Schwab's High Yield Investors Checking Account
20thTips for Those With Maturing CDs at PenFed and Other Credit Unions
19thChecking Accounts at Westbound Bank in Houston
Update on Citibank's CDs - Branch Specials & Secured MasterCard CD - Update
18thAnother CD Promotion at Irwin Union Bank
4.07% 18-Month CD ($25K Max) Continues at Citibank via its Secured MasterCard Program
EXPIRED: 2.17% 12-Month CD at Town & Country Bank in Las Vegas - Local Only
$300 Checking Account Bonus at Dime Bank in New York
17thTiming is Everything When Converting Traditional IRA to Roth IRA
16th2.22% 13-Month CD at Great Western Bank in Colorado - Local Only
US Bank's New Savings START Program and Review of Other Savings Programs
15thKeep Your Financial Strategy in Good Times
Media Mentions & Help for New Readers
12% 12-Month CD ($1,200 Max) at Premier America Credit Union in CA & TX - Local Only
14thMB Financial's Plans for Corus Bank Deposits
Follow-Up on Credit Unions Converting from Federal to Private Insurance
13th$75 Checking Account Bonus at Bank of America, Plus a Note on the New Fees
12thReward Checking Account at Capital Educators FCU in Idaho
High-Yield Reward Checking Account in Tennessee (Bank of Ripley)
Free Reward Checking Account at Legence Bank in IL/IN
New Online Savings Account at Venture Bank Direct
Review of Corus Bank's Ultimate Money Market Account
11thCorus Bank is Closed by Regulators, MB Financial Bank Assumes All Deposits
My Experience Closing a WaMu/Chase CD and Tips on Redeeming CDs
10thUpdate on Citibank's CD Specials - 4.00% 60-Month CD Continues in Some States
9thThe Best Ways to Make a Savings Account Work for You
5.00% 6-Month CD ($25K Max) at Tyndall Online Credit Union in FL Panhandle - Local Only
Proposed Overdraft Fees Legislation and Impact to Reward Checking
8thMultiple Savings Accounts Help Manage Your Money
6thWho Does the Banking in Your Family?
Federal Reserve Changes Reg D To Allow 6 Checks Per Month in Money Market Accounts
5thMelrose Credit Union CD Rates Are Down But Still Competitive - Nationally Available
New High-Yield Online Savings Account at Bank of American Fork - Nationally Available
Five Banks Fail, FDIC Couldn't Find a Buyer for One
4thRoth vs. Traditional IRA – What’s The Difference?
Banks Lose Money Again – How to Keep Yours
3rdInstallment Savings Account with Rates Up to 4.86% at Center Bank in CA, WA & IL - Local Only
2ndCompetitive Mid-Term and Long-Term CD Rates at Northwest FCU - Easy Membership
1stCompetitive CD Rates Continue at Southeast Financial Credit Union - Easy Membership
2.35% 12-Month CD at Delta Community Credit Union - Easy Membership
4.00% 7-Year CD Continues But Other CD Rates Have Fallen at Pentagon FCU

August 2009

31stGuaranty Bank in Texas, ebank in Georgia and 2 Other Banks are Closed by Regulators
29thReview of Today's 3 Bank Closures and Update on Community Bank of Nevada's Closure
28th5 Ways Credit Unions Beat Banks
The Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Checking Account: Just 4 Steps
27thFDIC's Second Quarter Report - Number of Problem Banks Increase to 416
FDIC Eases Requirements for Buyers of Failed Banks
26thUpdate on Citibank's CDs - Branch Specials & Secured MasterCard CD
25thUpdate on Alliant Credit Union's Savings Account and Checking Account
23rdBank of America's Introductory Rate Money Market Savings Account
22nd5.13% Online Savings Account at Broadway Federal Bank - Nationally Available
21stHow to Find a Financial Planner
4 Different Certificate of Deposit Options
Causes of Guaranty Bank's Problems and an Unofficial Bank Problem List
Bank of America's $100 Checking Account and Bill Pay Bonus
20thSmall and Large CD and Checking Account Deals at Apple FCU in Virginia - Easy Membership
18thCharles Schwab Bank's High Yield Investor Savings Account
More Friday Bank Closures - What Depositors Might Lose
17thColonial Bank Closed by Regulators - Largest Bank Failure in 2009 and 6th Largest in US History
Update on Amboy Direct Savings Accounts, Bonuses and CDs
16th4.01% Checking Account at an Arkansas Bank - $25K Max (Little Rock)
14thUpdate on SmartyPig's High Yield Savings Account
13thFlooded by Deposits, Banks Restricting Applications - FAB&T and SFGI Direct
4.01% Reward Checking Account at Countybank in SC
12thVery Competitive CD Rates at Credit Union 1 in IL & IN - ASI-Insured Only
FOMC Meeting - Rates Stay Near Zero
11thSaving When You're Young
10thHow to Open a Money Market Account
Update on Chase Checking Account Bonuses and WaMu Conversions
Five Banks Close Including Mutual Bank - 69 Bank Failures So Far This Year
Four Banks Fail Including Vineyard Bank and Temucula Valley Bank in California
9th$100 Checking Account Bonus at Elevations Credit Union in Colorado - Local Only
8thHigh-Yield Reward Checking Account on All Balances and Open to All of Texas (City Bank)
High-Yield Reward Checking Account at an Oklahoma Credit Union (FAA)
4.00% Reward Checking Account at Kansas City Banks (Valley View Financial Group)
7thMaintain Your IRA With an Annual Checkup
6thSavings Accounts in College Life
4.07% 18-Month CD ($25K Max) at Citibank - Nationally Available
5thPenFed's Cash Back Credit Card Back-to-School Promo
4thCompetitive CD Rates at USAA Federal Savings Bank - Nationally Available
1stHSBC Direct's Online CDs - Competitive Rates with Some Nice Features
Review of Market-Indexed CDs

July 2009

30th7 Key Issues to Choosing a Checking Account
Should You Take a 401(k) Loan?
29thDiscover Bank's CD Promotion for Discover Credit Card Customers
E-LOAN's CD Rates and Warnings About CD Maturity
28thUseful IRA CD Feature at Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Reward Checking Accounts with Rate Guarantees - One With 6% Until 2010
27thThose 5% WaMu CDs Are Nearing Maturity - Issues to Consider
26thReward Checking Account at First National Community Bank in PA
4.68% 12-Month CD & 4.32% 6-Month CD at State Bank of India, New York
Internet Banks and Rate Chasing - Is It Worth It?
25thChoosing Checking Accounts for Teenagers
Where to Save Your Money During a Recession
24thOne New York Bank and Six Georgia Banks Are Closed by Regulators
2.50% 13-Month CD & 2% Money Market at Umpqua Bank in WA, OR & Northern CA - Local Only
High Yield Savings Account and CD at Choice Financial - Nationally Available
23rd2.45% 24-Month Bump-Up CD at Beacon Federal Bank - Available Nationwide
22ndCredit Card Interchange Fees and Reward Checking Accounts
Bernanke's Testimony - No Signs of Higher Interest Rates
18thReward Checking Account at The Community State Bank in Oklahoma - Local Only
4.00% 60-Month CD & 2.50% 24-Month CD at Citibank in Some States
Make Sure You Don't Get Ripped Off When Your CD Matures
17thFDIC getting tough and its impact to the $250K insurance limit
16thSalem Five Direct Slashes eOne Rates
15th2.55% Online CDs for Terms of 3 to 12 Months Plus 2.05% e-Savings at TotalBank in South Florida - Nationally Available
Update on Urban Trust Bank in FL & MD - High Rates Continues, New FL Branches
Customers Sue Bank to Get Back CD Money Stolen by the Bank's Employee
14thEverything You Need to Know About Money Market Deposit Accounts in 5 Minutes or Less
13th$100 Checking Account/Direct Deposit Bonus at Flagstar Bank
11thHigh-Yield Reward Checking Account in South Shore Savings Bank in MA
Zions Bank Raises the Yield on its Deseret Money Market Account
10th53rd Bank Failure of 2009 - A Small Wyoming Bank
Another Rate-Cut Friday at Ally Bank
3.00% 30-Month CD at Gesa Credit Union in Washington State - Local Only
2.50% 15-Month CD at Banco Popular in NY & FL - Local Only
8thChoosing a Bank? What to Look at Besides The Interest Rates
How the Big Banks and the Credit Unions Are Handling California's IOUs
5thEquity-Linked Certificate of Deposits
Reward Checking Updates - New Nationwide Account & Application Issues
4thBrokered Deposits and Hot Money - Factors in Bank Failures?
3rdIs a Credit Union Better Than A Bank?
Competitive Rates on CDs, IRAs and Liquid CDs at OneWest Bank - Nationally Available
2ndSummary of Today's Seven Bank Failures
1stUpdate on Alliant Credit Union's Checking, Savings and CDs
Update on Pentagon Federal Credit Union's Certificates - Update
5.50% No-Minimum Online Savings Account at a New York CU (RateEdge)

June 2009

29th3.00% 9-Month CD at Union Savings Bank in Bloomington Indiana - Local Only
28th$100 Checking Account Bonus at Chase - Update
27thReward Checking Account at a Massachusetts Bank (Institution for Savings)
Five Banks Closed Today - Two in GA, Two in CA and One in MN
Competitive CD Rates and a $50 Bonus at Discover Bank - Nationally Available
26thWhat Are Annuities?
2.75% 24-Month CD at BankUnited in FL - Nationally Available
Eastern Financial Credit Union Placed into NCUA Conservatorship
2.50% 10-Month CD at Greylock FCU in MA - Local Only
25thTransferring Money Between Banks Takes Forever
FOMC Meeting - Fed's Policy Remains Unchanged
Online Savings Account and High Yield CDs at First National Community Bank in PA
24thHow Careless Customers Help the Careful Customers Save More on Checking Accounts
23rdMelrose Credit Union Continues To Offer the Best One & Two-Year CD Rates - Nationally Available
22ndUFB Direct's No-Min Absolute Savings Account Still Holding at 5.31%
Patelco Is Now Federally Insured - My Experience Joining and Opening the 7% and 5.50% CDs
20thNewspaper Ads with Very High CD Rates and the FDIC's Crack Down
19th38th, 39th and 40th Bank Closures for 2009
Third Week in a Row of Rate Cuts at Ally Bank
FDIC Starts to Crack Down on Ally Bank's Deposit Rates
18thRetirement Planning Tips
Keep Your Cool Without Heating Up Your Bank Account
17thCompetitive 11-Month CD and a $300 Bonus Gift at Irwin Union Bank - Nationally Available
16thBrokerage Certificates of Deposit and IRAs
AIG Bank's Online Money Market Account and CDs - Nationally Available
15th3.50% Reward Checking Account at Venture Bank Direct
14thReward Checking Account at a West Michigan CU (Lake Michigan)
2.35% Savings Account at Unity Bank in NJ and PA - Local Only
13thReview of OneUnited Bank's Unity Gold E-Savings Account
12thMore Rate Cuts at Ally Bank
7thAre Money Market Deposit Accounts a Good Way to Save for Retirement?
Don't Forget to Plan for “Windfall” Money
5.01% Reward Checking Account at Southern Bank
6thDid ebank cut rates to comply with the FDIC's rate caps?
Bank of America Completes Acquisition of Countrywide
5th37th Bank Failure of 2009
Rate Cuts at Ally Bank
GMAC Financial Services' CEO Responds to the ABA
2ndUpdate on EverBank's Money Market and Checking Accounts
Update on Pentagon Federal Credit Union's Certificates

May 2009

31stBehind the Scenes with the FDIC and the History of Sheila Bair
The FDIC's Weekly National Rates and Rate Caps
3.49% 49-Month Liquid CD at McFarland State Bank in Wisconsin - Local Only
Century Bank Direct - New Online Bank with Savings, Checking and CDs
30thHow to Maximize the Return of an Installment Savings Account
FDIC's First Quarter Report - Number of Problem Banks Increase to 305
29thAmerican Bankers Association Urges FDIC To Force GMAC/Ally Bank to Cut Deposit Rates
28thNCUA's Press Release on the $250K Share Insurance Extension
Expired Rate: 3.05% 15-Month CD at Johnson Bank in Madison, WI - Local Only
It's Official: Basic Deposit Insurance Limit is $250K Through 2013
2.87% 18-Month CD IRA & Other High Rates at Pacific Mercantile Bank in CA - Nationally Available
High Yield Savings Account with Some Twists at SmartyPig
When is a CD Rate Too Good to Be True? Verifying FDIC or NCUA Membership
27thFDIC Chairwoman Bair's Interview on Jim Cramer's Mad Money
CD Shopping Tips from the FDIC - Warning about Newspaper Ads with 5% CDs
25th4.00% Reward Checking Account at Evantage Internet Bank
Bank Deals Blog is Now on Twitter
24thRare Thursday Bank Closure - BankUnited, FSB
23rdFrost Bank's Online Checking Account
22ndTwo Illinois Banks Fail, Impact to CD Customers and the FDIC Special Assessment
21stConsider Opting-Out from Your Banks Courtesy Overdraft Protection
How to Use Certificate of Deposits as Part of Your College Savings Strategy
20thExtension of FDIC's $250,000 Deposit Insurance Limit Is Almost Law
Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights, Effects on Rewards and Some Remaining Cash Reward Cards
New FDIC and NCUA Documentation with Latest Deposit Insurance Coverage Changes
More About Extending FDIC and NCUA Coverage Past $100K
19th2.50% Money Market Account at OceanFirst Bank in New Jersey - Local Only
Kasasa - The New Name of Reward Checking and Savings Accounts
Update on Pentagon Federal Credit Union CDs, Credit Cards and Other Products
18thWhat Savers Should Expect as Banks Recover
17thReward Checking Account at a California CU (Provident)
16thNo Bank Failures But One Credit Union Liquidation
14thHow Much Should You Save In Your 401K?
Tips for Beginning Investors
10thOhio's SaveNOW Bonus Program Provides a Little Help to Savers
8th33rd Bank Failure of 2009: Westsound Bank in Washington State
7thSaving For College with 529 Accounts
Benefits of Using Direct Deposit
Bank Stress Test Results - Impacts to Depositors?
Extension of FDIC's $250,000 Deposit Insurance Limit Gets Closer - May Not Become Permanent
5thInstallment Savings Accounts with Rates from 5.50% to 6.25% at Woori America Bank in NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA & CA
Up to $120 Savings/Checking Account Bonus at Umpqua Bank in CA, OR & WA
4thHigher Monthly Fees and Minimum Balance Requirements for EverBank's Yield Pledge Money Market Account
Update on EverBank's Money Market Account and CDs
Review of EverBank's Checking and Money Market Account Promotions
1stThree Banks Fail Today - 30th, 31st & 32nd Failures for 2009
New I Bond Rates - Government Gives No Incentives to Buy
Popularity of Shorter Term CDs
GMAC Bank Raises the 12-Month CD Rate

April 2009

29thFOMC Meeting - Still No Inflation Worries
27thSaving Money Through Home Renovations
Uninsured Deposits from a Failed Bank
3.40% 12-Month CD & 3.30% 6-Month CD With Liquid Features at Center Bank - CA, WA & IL
25th5 Secrets to Successful Investing With Certificates of Deposit
Four Bank Failures Today - 26th to 29th Failures for 2009
24thPermanent Increase of FDIC Deposit Insurance Coverage May Soon Become Law
22ndRate Cuts at Redneck Bank and Its Sister Banks
3.10% Internet Savings Account at Redneck Bank - Nationally Available
4.00% Reward Checking Account at AmericaNet Bank - Nationally Available
$100 Checking Account Bonus at USAA Bank - Nationally Available but Membership Restrictions
21st2.48% Jumbo 9-Month CD at Cathay Bank in Several States
20thSwitching from a giant monster mega-bank to a credit union is easier than you think
Ads for High Rate CDs - What's the Catch?
18thKeep More of Your Money: Tips for Better Banking
Help Your Finances Bloom This Spring
Very High CD Rates at Christian Community CU in California - Easy Membership but ASI-Insured Only
17th24th & 25th Bank Failure of 2009 - In MO & NV
2.70% 12-Month CD at HomeStreet Bank in WA & OR - Local Only
15thSalem Five Direct's New eOne Checking Account - Rates up to 5.30% with a 6.10% 60-Day Promo and a $25 Bonus
14thBanking News: GMAC, CDARS and CDs at Failed Banks
$100 Checking Account Bonus at Sovereign Bank - Update
Review of GMAC Bank and its 2-Year CD - Nationally Available
13th3.00% 22-Month CD & Other Competitive CD Rates at Consumers Credit Union in IL - Easy Membership
$150 Checking Account Bonus at SECU Credit Union in Maryland - Local Only
12thUpdate on Melrose Credit Union and Its High Yield CDs - Nationally Available
10th22nd and 23rd Bank Failure of 2009
Redneck Bank Stops Accepting New Applications
Bank Closures and Other FDIC News
6th3.00% 12-Month IRA CD & Other High IRA CD Rates at First National Bank of Long Island in New York
2.76% 12-Month CD & Other Competitive CD Rates at Baton Rouge Telco FCU in Louisiana
3rdUpdate on Patelco Credit Union Deals - Checking Bonus, New Member 7% CD ($1K Max) and Others
2ndExtra Paychecks For People Paid Weekly or Bi-Weekly
Choosing Checking Accounts With The Lowest Bank Fees
1st2.85% 13-Month CD at Baxter Credit Union in IL & WI

March 2009

31st4.01% Reward Checking Account at New Mexico Bank & Trust
High-Yield Reward Checking Account at an IN/KY/IL Credit Union (MidWest America)
30thE*TRADE Bank Raises Yield on Complete Savings Account
4.01% Reward Checking Account at Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union
28thAlliant Credit Union's Free High Rate Checking Account & Updates on its Savings Account, HSA and CDs
Review of GMAC Bank and its 12-Month CD - Nationally Available
27thPlanning For Your Retirement With Certificate of Deposits
21st Bank Failure of 2009: Omni National Bank in Georgia
Media and Consumer Advocates Report on the Value of Reward Checking Accounts
26thSEC Halts CD Ponzi Scheme Involving Caribbean-Based Millennium Bank
25thCompetitive Rates on Unlock CDs at Cadence Bank (FL, TN, ...)
24thInstallment Savings Account with Rates of up to 5.39% at Pacific City Bank - Los Angeles Area Only
23rdSeries I Savings Bonds Considerations for the Short Term and Long Term
22ndLessons from the Stanford Financial Mess and Foreign CD Options
20thA Wish is a Goal Unfulfilled
Unable to Open a Checking Account?
18th, 19th & 20th Bank Failures of 2009, Plus Two Credit Unions Placed into Conservatorship
FDIC Finally Closes Sale of IndyMac, It's Now OneWest Bank (2.65% 9-Month CD)
18thFOMC Meeting - Fed to Buy Over $1 Trillion in Securities
Reward Checking Account at FAST FCU in California
17thDollar Savings Direct Cuts Savings Account Rate Again - Options and Issues to Consider
ACH Transfers and Linking External Accounts at Dollar Savings Direct
15thHealth Savings Account Overview and Finding the Best HSA
60 Minutes' Ben Bernanke Interview
Review of Equity-Index CDs at Compass - Other Options?
Personal and Business Checking Account Bonuses at Chase
14thWealth Building Basics
3.00% 3-Month CD at TD Ameritrade - Nationally Available
4.15% 50-Month Add-On CD at Ent Federal Credit Union in Colorado
Negotiating Higher CD Rates
13thHow to Save and Invest – The Easier Way
GMAC Bank's Online Savings Account Yield Back Up to 3.75%
Michigan Orders Fake Credit Union Website to Shut Down - How to Verify Bank and Credit Union Websites
12thNews and Updates for Redneck Bank and Its Two Sister Banks
Add-On CDs with Rates up to 2.85% at 1st United Services Credit Union in CA
$100 Checking Account Promotion at Dollar Bank (Pittsburgh & Cleveland Only)
10th3.03% 13-Month CD & Other High CD Rates at Bank of Essex in MD & VA
3.10% 24-Month CD at CEFCU in California and Illinois
9th3.75% 2-Year Add-On CD at Northwest FCU in Virginia - Easy Membership
8th60 Minutes Goes Behind the Scenes of a Bank Failure
6thBest Short Term Savings Options
The FDIC is Running Out of Money – Is Your Money Safe?
17th Bank Failure of 2009: Freedom Bank of Georgia
FDIC News and Status of Making the $250K Coverage Limit Permanent
3rdPentagon Federal Credit Union's March CD Rates
DollarSavingsDirect Savings Account Yield Falls to 3.50% - Alternatives?

February 2009

27th15th and 16th Bank Failures of 2009
26thWhat's Your Long Term Savings Plan?
FDIC's Fourth Quarter Report - Number of Problem Banks Increased to 252
25thAre CD's With No Penalties a Good Thing?
22ndUFB Direct Increases Yield on its Traveler's Savings Account to 4.00%
21st14th Bank Failure of 2009: Silver Falls Bank in Oregon
20th3.00% 10-Month CD and other Deals at Western FCU - Easy Membership
Get the Most Out of Your Tax Refund
Tired of Losing Your Retirement Money? Open a Fixed Rate IRA
19th4.00% 6-Year CD at Third Federal Savings & Loan - Nationally Available
18thSEC Files Charges Against Stanford International Bank
16th4.00% 59-Month CD at US Bank
13th4.00% 7-Month Add-On CD at America's Credit Union in WA - Easy Membership
Fixed Rate CDs: Investment or Savings?
Four Banks Fail Today, 13 Bank Failures for 2009
12thHigh CD Rates and a Money Market Account Bonus at Firstmark CU in Texas - Easy Membership
3.25% 9-Month CD at Flagstar Bank - Nationally Available
7th3.50% 24-Month CD at FirstBank - Nationally Available
6thShould You Keep All of Your Accounts With One Bank?
Checking Accounts for Teenagers
9th Bank Failure of 2009: County Bank in California
8th Bank Failure of 2009: Alliance Bank in California
3.25% 12-Month CD at First Entertainment Credit Union in Los Angeles
7th Bank Failure of 2009: FirstBank Financial Services in Georgia
3.60% 15-Month CD & Other High CD Rates at STCU in Washington State
5thAmboy Direct Lowers Rates on Premium Online Savings Account
High-Yield Reward Checking News - Growing Popularity
4.00% 4-Year CD at Capital One Direct - Nationally Available
4.50% 48-Month Online CD at Flagstar Bank
3rdPentagon Federal Credit Union's February CD Rates
Wachovia Checking Account Bonuses, News, CDs and Other Deals

January 2009

30thMinimize Your Investment Taxes
Savings Accounts for Children
5th Bank Failure of 2009: Suburban Federal Savings Bank in Maryland
6th Bank Failure of 2009: Ocala National Bank, Florida
4th Bank Failure of 2009: MagnetBank in Utah
29thFOMC Meeting - Rate Stays Near Zero with No Changes on the Horizon
28thCitibank's Checking, Money Market and Credit Card Promotion
27thFDIC Proposes Interest Rate Restrictions on Weak Banks
25th3.00% 6-Month CD at Navigant Credit Union in Rhode Island
24thThinking About Rolling Your 401K Plan into an IRA?
4.00% 12-Month CD & 3.75% 6-Month CD at First Command Bank - Nationally Available
3.75% 6-Month CD & 5.10% 84-Month CD Continue at Navy Federal Credit Union
23rdMoney Management During a Recession
3rd Bank Failure of 2009: 1st Centennial Bank in California
22nd4.86% 60-Month CD & 3.56% 12-Month CD at Langley FCU in Virginia
3.51% 18-Month CD at SECU Credit Union in Maryland
21st3.50% 13-Month CD at South Shore Savings Bank in Massachusetts
20th3.33% 9-Month CD at Mission FCU in San Diego
19thE*TRADE Bank - Savings Account Promotion and Account Updates
5.32% 7-Year CD at USAA Federal Savings Bank - Nationally Available but Membership Restrictions
18thHow is 5% Checking Possible? The Math Behind Reward Checking Accounts
16thFirst Bank Failure of 2009: National Bank of Commerce in Illinois
2nd Bank Failure of 2009: Bank of Clark County in Washington State
New CD Rates at Navy Federal Credit Union
3.75% 24-Month CD at Austin Telco Federal Credit Union
15thUnderstanding the Differences Between a Money Market Deposit Account and a Money Market Mutual Fund
$150 Checking Account Bonus at Compass Bank (available in AL, AZ, CO, FL, NM & TX)
Sign that Rates are Falling Fast
4.50% 60-Month CD & 3.75% 24-Month CD at PSECU in Pennsylvania
3.50% 13-Month CD at SC Telco Federal Credit Union in South Carolina - Easy Membership
14th55 Ways to Save $1 a Day
13thHigh Yield CDs at Northrop Grumman FCU - Easy Membership
12thZopa, the Person-to-Person Lender, Partners with Credit Unions to Offer High Yield CDs
House Bill Seeks to Make Permanent the $250K Deposit Insurance Limit
9thOneUnited Highlighted in CNN Article on US Bailouts of Unsafe Banks
8thIRA CD is a Safer Investment – But Will Limit the Money You Have When You Retire
$50 Checking Account Bonus Without Direct Deposit at TCF Bank
1stLearning to Live on 70% of Your Income
New CD Rates at Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Review of the 2008 Credit Union Liquidations