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Hanover Community Bank (NY) Celebrates With New CDs

UPDATE 3/25/2017: 21- and 29-month CD and Relationship Savings rates increased.

Deal Summary:

13-Month CD, 1.35% APY, $500 minimum deposit

21-Month CD, 1.55% 1.75% APY, $500 minimum deposit

29-Month CD, 1.65% 1.90% APY, $500 minimum deposit

Relationship Savings, 1.15% 1.25% APY, up to $250k

Availability: Market area covers a large portion of the NYC metropolitan area, including Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Kings Counties, New York.

To celebrate the opening of its new Forest Hills (Queens) branch, Hanover Community Bank (HCB) is offering three competitive CDs (13-month, 1.35% APY; 21-month, 1.55% 1.75% APY; 29-month, 1.65%...

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New Internet Bank, PurePoint Financial, Debuts Top National Rate

UPDATE 3/22/2017: Late last week PurePoint Financial raised its 12-month and 18-month CD rates by 5 bps to 1.45% APY. This post was originally published on 2/23/2017.

Deal Summary: 12-Month CD, 1.45% APY; $10k minimum deposit. Online Savings, 1.25% APY, $10k minimum.

Availability: Nationwide

When I have the occasion to write about a new bank, “new” usually means opened in the recent past; in the case of PurePoint Financial, “new” means yesterday, literally. PurePoint Financial is an online division of MUFG Union Bank, N.A. (Union Bank) which itself...

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Florida Community Bank Offers 4-Month 1.35% APY On MMAs

UPDATE 3/11/2017: Rate was increased to 1.35% APY.

Deal Summary: Money Market, 1.25% 1.35% APY guaranteed for 4 months, minimum deposit of $10k new money, checking relationship.

Availability: Central and South Florida

Now through March 31, 2017, Florida Community Bank (FCB) is offering a promotional rate of 1.35% APY on its Personal or Personal High Yield Money Market that is guaranteed for four months. This Make The Jump promotion requires a minimum opening deposit of $10k of new money and also has a checking relationship requirement.

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McGraw-Hill FCU Adds 1.25% APY Ascend Account (Money Market)

Deal Summary: Ascend Account (money market account); tiered rates; 1.25% APY, $75k+; new money required; rates guaranteed through August 31, 2017.

Availability: Easy membership requirement

McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union (McGraw-Hill FCU) has just added a new money market account, the Ascend Account, which has tiered APYs based on daily deposit balances ($5k+, 1.00% APY; $20k+, 1.10% APY; $75k+, 1.25% APY). The minimum opening deposit is $5K of new money, defined as funds that have “not been on deposit with McGraw-Hill FCU for more than 30 days,” with a $500k...

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First Central Savings Bank Offers Competitive Money Market Rate

Deal Summary: E-Premier Money Market, 1.10% APY, $10k minimum deposit.

Availability: Nationwide

First Central Savings Bank (First Central) is promoting its online E-Premier Money Market account. While First Central’s rate page lists three deposit tiers ($10k, $25k, and $50k), all three earn the same 1.10% APY.

The minimum opening deposit is $10k, and a monthly fee of $10 is assessed when the daily balance falls below $10k. On the plus side, the account has check writing privileges and surcharge-free ATM access at Allpoint ATMs.


Headquartered in Glen Cove, New...

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Credit Union of New Jersey Has Nationwide 1.70% APY Money Market

Deal Summary: America Saves Money Market, 1.70% APY on $1k-$25k new money, guaranteed through the end of 2017, only available through March 4, 2017.

Availability: Easy membership requirement.

Now through March 4, Credit Union of New Jersey (CUNJ) is promoting its America Saves Money Market, with a guaranteed 1.70% APY through December 31, 2017. The minimum opening deposit is $1k of new money and there is a balance cap of $25k (rate of 0.25% APY applies to balances above $25k.)

The fine print on the promotion page states,

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My e-BAnC Adds Super Saver (1.11% APY) & Ups 12-Month CD Rates

Deal Summary: Super Saver, 1.11% APY, no minimum or maximum deposit; 12-month Jumbo Time Deposit, 1.36% APY, $100k minimum deposit; 12-month Time Deposit, 1.35% APY, $1.5k minimum deposit.

Availability: Internet bank

Earlier this month, My e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank raised the rates on its nationally available 12-month Jumbo Time Deposit (1.36% APY, $100k min) and 12-month Time Deposit (1.35% APY, $1.5k min).

Since being added to the product line in December 2013, both the 12-month Time Deposit and the 12-month Jumbo Time Deposit have experienced 15 rate changes,...

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First Bank Financial Centre (WI) Has $300 Checking Bonus

Deal Summary: $300 New Checking Account Bonus; Relationship Money Market Account promo rate, 1.30% APY (guaranteed for 180 days), $15k min/$250k max of new money.

Availability: All Wisconsin residents.

Now through May 12, 2017, First Bank Financial Centre (FBFC) has a $300 bonus on new checking accounts.

$300 Bonus Requirements

  • Open a new checking account (minimum $100 of new money) entering online promo code Bank300 or using a copy of the flyer if opening in-branch.
  • Have a recurring Direct Deposit (minimum $250) within 45 days of account opening, OR,
  • Five signature...

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Discover Bank Has $100 Bonus On New Online Savings

UPDATE 2/15/2017: Offer has been extended through March 3, 2017 and coupon code has changed (SAVE117D1).

Deal Summary: $100 bonus on new Online Savings account.

Availability: Nationwide (internet bank)

Discover Bank is offering a $100 bonus when opening a new Online Savings account with a minimum deposit of $15k. This promotion is for customers who have never had a Discover Bank Online Savings or Money Market account.

$100 Bonus Requirements

  • Open an Online Savings account by January 31 March 3, 2017.
  • Use offer code SAVE12D3 SAVE117D1 when opening.
  • Fund with at least...
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Fairport Savings Bank (NY) Offers CD and Money Market Specials

Deal Summary: 35-month CD Special, 2.00% APY, $500 new money; 15-month CD Special, 1.50% APY, $500 new money; Money Market Platinum Savings, 1.15% APY, $200k minimum.

Availability: Market area is all of New York State.

It’s Valentine’s Day. Chocolate, flowers, a romantic dinner. And a poem from Fairport Savings Bank?

Fairport Savings Bank (FSB) has added several CD Specials this month, with its 35-month CD Special, 2.00% APY and 15-month CD Special, 1.50% APY the most competitive.

The CD Specials are limited-time offers and while no specific end date has...

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