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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Bank Deals Blog - 2011

  • 31st
    Six Saving Strategies for the New Year
  • 30th
    10 Top Deposit Account News Stories of 2011
  • 29th
    CD Rate History Review and CD Strategies for 2012
  • 28th
    Kindle Fire Checking Account Bonus at Washington Savings Bank in MA & NH - Local Only
    Reward Checking & Savings Accounts at Washington Savings Bank in MA & NH
    Competitive Long-Term CD Rates at Charter Oak FCU in CT - Local Only
    Special 3-Year CD Rate at Florida Credit Union - Local Only
  • 27th
    Competitive CD & Money Market Rates at Nationwide Bank
    Top CD and Savings Account Rates Continue at KeySource Commercial Bank in NC
    Top CD & Savings Account Rates at American Plus Bank in CA - Local Only
  • 26th
    4-Month CD Special at First Entertainment Credit Union in SoCal - Local Only
  • 24th
    How to Fight Your Retirement Fears
  • 22nd
    Navy Federal's IRA CD Special & Top CD Rates - Limited Membership
    Special Short-Term CD Rates at CapitalSource Bank in California
    Top Long-Term CD Rates at Polam Federal Credit Union in SoCal - Limited Membership
  • 21st
    Little Known Service at Your Local Bank: Medallion Stamp
    Long-Term CD Rates Continue to Decline
  • 20th
    Banks & Credit Unions that Don't Allow POD Beneficiaries
  • 19th
    Another Perk with a Perkstreet Financial Checking Account
    Top 5-Year Jumbo CD Rate at Nutmeg State FCU in Connecticut - Local Only
    Top Long-Term CD Rates at Royal Bank America in PA & NJ - Local Only
  • 17th
    Why Your Checking Account Cost What it Does?
  • 16th
    Two Banks in Florida and Arizona Closed by Regulators
    New Simple Checking Account Disclosure Form - How About CDs?
  • 15th
    Top Reward Checking Accounts in the Nation
    Competitive CD Rates Continue at Quaint Oak Bank in PA
    Top CD & Money Market Rates at Floridian Community Bank in South FL - Local Only
  • 14th
    The Best Reward Checking Accounts in the Nation
    Top 18-month CD Rate at Civic Bank & Trust in Nashville - Local Only
  • 13th
    No FOMC Policy Changes, Fed Cites Some Economic Improvements
    Money Market Promotion at Pacific Trust Bank in SoCal - Local Only
    Special 7-Month CD Rate at Chartway Federal Credit Union - Limited Membership
  • 12th
    Smaller Differences Between APYs and Interest Rates
    Special 13-Month CD Rate at North American Savings Bank - Available Nationwide
  • 10th
    How to Play Retirement Catch Up and Win
  • 9th
    Credit Unions Paying Out 2011 Bonus Dividends
  • 8th
    My Experience with Ally Bank's No Penalty CD
    Top Mid-Term CD Rate at NavyArmy Federal Credit Union in Texas - Local Only
  • 7th
    Social Security Numbers Overused by Banks
    Top 5-Year CD Rate Continues at Washington Federal in Western States
    Competitive Long-Term CD Rates at Raymond James Bank
  • 6th
    Comparing the Best CD Rates After Early Withdrawal Penalties
    Virginia Credit Union Increases Reward Checking Rate But There's a Catch
    Top Short-Term CD Rates at Valliance Bank in Texas - Local Only
  • 5th
    History of Christmas Club Accounts and Today's Options
    Competitive Short-Term CD at Beal Bank in Some Cities
    $100 to $125 Checking Bonus at MidFirst Bank in AZ & OK - Local Only
  • 3rd
    Why You Might Want to Stay With Your Bank
  • 2nd
    SmartyPig Announces a Major Rate Cut
    Top CD Rates at Bank of America & Chase Bank But With Major Downsides
    The Berkshire Bank in New York City Changes Its Reward Checking Account
    High-Yield Reward Checking Account at Nicolet National Bank in WI & MI
    Top Mid-Term CD Rates at Valley Green Bank in PA - Local Only
  • 1st
    Verifying Your Internet Bank Deposits are FDIC Insured

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