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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Bank Deals Blog - 2014

  • 31st
    Review of the Best Bank Deals of 2014
    Institution for Savings Bank (MA) Top Rate 36-month CD - Limited Offer
    Tempo Bank (IL) Adds Highly Competitive 33-month Hip Pocket CD - Local
    IncredibleBank Launches a New Top-Rate Savings Account
  • 30th
    Mountain View Bank of Commerce (CO) Offers Top Rate 18-month CD - Local
    Braintree Co-operative Bank Offers New 13-month Special CD - Local
    Verifying Internet Banks with the Help of the FDIC
  • 29th
    Bankers Trust Company's 18-Month CD Promotion with Bonus Rates
    First Utah Bank's Competitive 13- and 60-month Promotional CDs
  • 28th
    Is a Real Estate Investment Trust Right for You?
  • 27th
    FBI Searches Doral Bank Offices - Future of Doral Direct?
  • 26th
    TEXAR FCU Offers Limited Time 24-month Online CD At Competitive Rate
  • 23rd
    IncredibleBank (Internet Bank) Raises Rate On 19-month CD - Nationwide
  • 22nd
    Citizens Community Bank (IL) Raises Rate On 24-month CD - Local Only
    Ally Exits TARP - Effects on Ally Bank?
  • 21st
    Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? You Better Be If You Want to Participate in a 401(k)
  • 20th
    Northern Star Bank in Minnesota Is Closed by State Regulators
    Sawyer Savings Bank (NY) U-Choose CD Specials Offer Competitive Rates
  • 19th
    Another Savings Account Rate Increase at Ally Bank
    Everett Co-operative Bank 14-month CD Special - Massachusetts Only
  • 18th
    New 19-Month CD Rate Special at Synchrony Bank
  • 17th
    Fed Says “It Can Be Patient” On the First Rate Hike
    Texell Credit Union (TX) Has Competitive 60-month CD - Local Only
  • 16th
    Signal Financial FCU's "Gift That Gives" Competitive Rate 49-month CD
  • 15th
    Sun Community FCU (CA) Raises Rate on 12-month CD - Local
    Barclays Online Savings Account Joins the 1% Club
    Kearny Federal Savings Bank Raises Rate on High Yield Checking - Local
  • 14th
    Seven Deadly Sins of Beneficiary Designations
  • 12th
    Senate Passes Bill To Allow Banks To Offer Prize-Linked Savings Accounts
    Ally Bank Increases Rates on Savings Account and Two CDs
    Centric CU's (LA) Competitive 13-month CD Special - Limited Time Offer
    IH Mississippi Valley CU Raises Rates on 39- and 60-month CDs
  • 11th
    Hudson Valley FCU's "Gift The Keeps Giving": A Competitive 140-day CD
  • 10th
    PenFed's Surprising CD Rate Hike
  • 9th
    United Financial Credit Union (MI) Has Top Rate 15-Month CD Special
  • 8th
    Cardinal Bank Has New, Competitive Rate First Choice Savings Account
    GE Capital Bank’s Online Savings Account Joins the 1% Club
    Mid-America Bank (KS) Offers 3 Competitive Rate Long Term CDs
  • 7th
    Why Your Bank Wants to Know Your Social Security Number
  • 5th
    CIT Bank’s Jumbo 5-Year CD Is the New Rate Leader
    Home Loan Savings Bank (OH) Has A New Kasasa Cash Checking Account
    TobyFCU’s New Prime Rate Certificate Is Still a Good Deal
    BAC Florida Bank Raises Rate On 12-month CD - Nationally Available
  • 4th
    Garden Savings FCU Raises Rate On 9-Month CD - Nationally Available
  • 3rd
    Prairieland Federal CU (Illinois) Offers Top Rate 17-Month CD
    State Employees CU (New Mexico) Has 2 Amazing Top Rate CDs
    FCB Banks Has Top Rate 29-month CD Special - Locally Available
  • 2nd
    Spokane Teachers Credit Union (WA) Raises Rate On 30-month Certificate
  • 1st
    Navy Federal CU Has Top Rate 20-month and 30-month IRA Specials
    Veritas Federal Credit Union Offers Competitive 25-month CD Special

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