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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Bank Deals Blog - 2014

December 2014

31stInstitution for Savings Bank (MA) Top Rate 36-month CD - Limited Offer
30thMountain View Bank of Commerce (CO) Offers Top Rate 18-month CD - Local
Verifying Internet Banks with the Help of the FDIC
29thBankers Trust Company's 18-Month CD Promotion with Bonus Rates
First Utah Bank's Competitive 13- and 60-month Promotional CDs
26thTEXAR FCU Offers Limited Time 24-month Online CD At Competitive Rate
22ndCitizens Community Bank (IL) Raises Rate On 24-month CD - Local Only
Ally Exits TARP - Effects on Ally Bank?
20thNorthern Star Bank in Minnesota Is Closed by State Regulators
Sawyer Savings Bank (NY) U-Choose CD Specials Offer Competitive Rates
19thAnother Savings Account Rate Increase at Ally Bank
Everett Co-operative Bank 14-month CD Special - Massachusetts Only
18thNew 19-Month CD Rate Special at Synchrony Bank
17thFed Says “It Can Be Patient” On the First Rate Hike
Texell Credit Union (TX) Has Competitive 60-month CD - Local Only
16thSignal Financial FCU's "Gift That Gives" Competitive Rate 49-month CD
15thSun Community FCU (CA) Raises Rate on 12-month CD - Local
Barclays Online Savings Account Joins the 1% Club
Kearny Federal Savings Bank Raises Rate on High Yield Checking - Local
12thAlly Bank Increases Rates on Savings Account and Two CDs
Centric CU's (LA) Competitive 13-month CD Special - Limited Time Offer
IH Mississippi Valley CU Raises Rates on 39- and 60-month CDs
11thHudson Valley FCU's "Gift The Keeps Giving": A Competitive 140-day CD
10thPenFed's Surprising CD Rate Hike
9thUnited Financial Credit Union (MI) Has Top Rate 15-Month CD Special
8thGE Capital Bank’s Online Savings Account Joins the 1% Club
Mid-America Bank (KS) Offers 3 Competitive Rate Long Term CDs
5thCIT Bank’s Jumbo 5-Year CD Is the New Rate Leader
Home Loan Savings Bank (OH) Has A New Kasasa Cash Checking Account
BAC Florida Bank Raises Rate On 12-month CD - Nationally Available
4thGarden Savings FCU Raises Rate On 9-Month CD - Nationally Available
3rdPrairieland Federal CU (Illinois) Offers Top Rate 17-Month CD
State Employees CU (New Mexico) Has 2 Amazing Top Rate CDs
FCB Banks Has Top Rate 29-month CD Special - Locally Available
2ndSpokane Teachers Credit Union (WA) Raises Rate On 30-month Certificate
1stNavy Federal CU Has Top Rate 20-month and 30-month IRA Specials
Veritas Federal Credit Union Offers Competitive 25-month CD Special

November 2014

28thMorton Community Banks Adds Competitive 48-month CD Special - Local
Capital One 360's 2014 Black Friday Sale
26thFDIC Third Quarter Report and Bank's Financial Health Grades
Kellogg Community FCU (Michigan) Raises Rates on 5-year CDs
Flushing Bank and iGOBanking Raises Rate On 36-month CD To High Level
25thBlack Friday And Cyber Monday Deals at CapEd FCU - Nationally Available
Eli Lily CU's Black Friday 18-month CD Is Competitive - Nationally Available
Black Friday Sale at Interra Credit Union (IN) - You Have To Be Quick
24thMySavingsDirect Savings Account - Over a Year of 1%+
Boiling Springs Savings Bank (NJ) Offers Competitive 15-month CD - Local
23rdInstitution for Savings Bank (MA) Has Top Rate 20-month CD - Local Only
22ndFamily First Federal CU (NY) Introduces Top Rate 14-month CD Special
21stThe Summit CU (NY) Has New 17-month Special CD With A Top Rate
1st Gateway CU's (IA) "Gift That Keeps Giving" 40-Month CD Special
20thConsumers Credit Union's (MI) Top Rate Gift of Savings 19-month CD
A+ Checking’s Long History as a Top Reward Checking Account
19thChartway FCU's 18-23 Month Web-Only CD Tops The Best Rate List
18thFor A Limited Time Only: Golden 1 Credit Union Top Rate 20-month CD
BankDirect Offers Competitive 12-month CD, Nationally Available
17thFirst Keystone Community Bank Has Competitive Rate 60- and 84-month CDs
SECU of Maryland Raises Rates On 3- And 5-Year CDs
16thSynchrony Bank’s High Yield Savings Account Joins the 1% Club
14thVeridian Credit Union (IA) Celebrates 80 Years With 19-34 Month CD
13thJustice Federal Credit Union Leads With 36-Month CD Special
12thFirst Tennessee Bank Offers $100 Bonus On Money Market Savings
Competitive 12-month CD At Triumph Savings Bank - Nationally Available
My Interview with the CIT Bank President
11thGreat Deals for Military Members at Service Credit Union
10thCrescent Bank (LA) Raises Rates On 7 CDs To Competitive Rates - Local
NEFCU (NY) Introduces New Highly Competitive 13-month CD - New Money
9thUtah Heritage CU Celebrates 45 Years With 9-month and 45-month CDs
iGObanking Raises Rate On 24-month CD To Competitive Level
8thMetro Credit Union (MA) Raises Rate On High Yield Savings - $25K Minimum
Frontier Bank, FSB in California Is Closed by OCC - 17th Bank Failure of 2014
7thMembers Choice CU (IL) Promotes New Top-Rate 30-month CD
HSBC Promotes Advance Checking with $300 Bonus
6thInterra Credit Union (IN) Offers Top Rate 2-Month CD
5thQuorum FCU Has Attractive 13- and 36-month CDs - Nationally Available
University of Iowa CCU Continues Offering New, Top Rate CD Specials
4thTropical Financial CU (FL) Has Top Rate 7-month CD - Limited Time Offer
Service Credit Union's Black Friday Top Rate 15-month CD - Limited Time
Treasury Lowers Rates for I and EE Savings Bonds
3rdFirst Technology FCU Depositivity Bonus Program Can Earn Up To $1.5K
Sallie Mae Bank's 12-month CD Rate Raised To Attractive Level - National
PenFed’s New November CD Rates

October 2014

31stNutmeg State Federal CU Introduces New First Choice Checking Account
30thFirstmark Credit Union (TX) Offers Three 40-Month Promotional CDs
29thFOMC Statement: QE3 Ends, “Considerable Time” Remains
28thHoly Rosary CU (NH) Ups 7-month CD Special's Rate To Competitive Level
27thBethpage Federal CU's Summer 22-month CD Special Still Available
NASA Federal Credit Union Improves Its CD Terms Document
26thConnexus Credit Union Offers High Rate 1-Year CD Available Nationwide
25thOctober I Bonds Will Outperform 1-Year CDs
The National Republic Bank of Chicago Is Closed by OCC - 16th Bank Failure of 2014
24thCoventry Credit Union Raises Rate On 5-Year CD To Competitive Level
Capital One Bank Raises Rate On Essential Savings To Competitive Level
23rdCitizens Bank Offers High Rate Online 15-Month Promotional CD
21stMidSouth Community FCU Raises Rate on 20-month Certificate Special
20thEarn $165 When You Open A LifeGreen Checking Account At Regions Bank
18thNBRS Financial Fails - First Bank Failure Since July
17thCIT Bank Increases Savings Account and CD Rates
Flushing Bank Raises Rate on 30-Month Bump Up CD
16thInvestors Bank Offers High Rate Promotional Money Market Account
SMW Federal Credit Union (MN) Offers Competitive 28-month Featured CD
15thBreaking Down The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
Advantage FCU (NY) 2 New Short-Term CD Specials Are Highly Competitive
14thBeacon Credit Union (IN) Offers Highly Competitive 30-month CD Special
13thValley National Bank (NJ) Attractive "Great Rates For Anytime" CDs
11thGreenfield Co-operative Bank (MA) Offers 8-Month One-Up CD Special - Local
TruMark Financial CU (PA) Offers High Rate 48-month and 60-month CDs
10thFAA Credit Union (OK) Has Top Rate 36-47 Month CD - Local Only
9thScott Credit Union's Competitive 30-Month CD Special - Limited Time Only
New High Savings Account Rate at UFB Direct
8thEli Lilly CU Offers High Rate Helium Savings Account - Nationally Available
Jeanne D'Arc CU (MA) Introduces A Most Competitive 48-month CD Special
7thTop Certificate Rates at Chartway Federal Credit Union
Open A New Virtual Wallet Checking Account At PNC And Earn Up To $300
Chase Cyber Attack - One More Blow For Online Banking
6thTeachers Federal CU (Long Island) Very Competitive 18-month CD Special
Meadville Area Federal CU Offers Very Competitive Short-Term CDs
Baxter Credit Union Offers High Rate 65-Month Rewards CD
3rdPenFed CU Raises Rates On CDs With 1-Year CD Very Competitive
2ndUniversity of Iowa CCU Leads Again with 34- and 60-month CD Specials
1stBrentwood Bank (PA) Offers Highly Competitive Rate 10-Year CD

September 2014

29thRockland Federal Credit Union (MA) Has A New Great Rate 11-month CD
28thNymeo FCU (Maryland) Offers High Rates On 6-year And 7-year CDs
27thSafeAmerica Credit Union Offers High Rate 18-Month CD Special
26thMidFirst Direct Raises Rates On High Yield Online CDs - Very Competitive
25thConsumers Credit Union (MI) Go Big or Go Home 60-Month CD Special
American Bank's Competitive 60-month CD, Available Nationally
24thFlushing Bank Offers High Rate 6-Month Promotion CD - NY and NJ
23rdCitadel Credit Union Raises Rates on Tiered CDs To Competitive Levels
22ndTelhio Credit Union (Ohio) Raises Rate on High Yield Checking Account
Bank of the Ozarks High Rate 13-Month CD Special - Locally Available Only
Centra Credit Union Highly Competitive 4-month CD - Local Only
20thSun Community FCU (California) Offers Very Competitive 6-month CD
19thCIT Bank Increases 1-Year and 5-Year CD Rates to Very Competitive Levels
18thHighly Competitive 2-Year Jumbo CD At Kinecta Federal Credit Union
iGObanking Raises Rate on iGOsavings and Offers New 6-month CD
17thFOMC Statement Still Says Rates Will Remain Low for a “Considerable Time”
Peoples First Savings Bank (OH) Competitive 18-month CD - Local Only
AgFed Credit Union's Limited Time Great Rate 30-Month No Penalty CD
15thTrustCo Bank's "1% Way To Bank" New Checking Account Promotional
MidWestOne Bank's Attractive New 33-month Relationship Bump CD
12thBankers Trust Company's (IA) 6-20 Month Pick A Term CD with Bonus Rates
Freedom Bank (NJ) Raises Rate on 12-17 Month CD - Local Only
Bank of Oakfield Raises Rates on 48-Month and 60-Month CDs
11thPremier Credit Union (IA) Adds 14-Month CD Special - Local Only
Collins Community CU (IA) Offers Competitive 40-Month Tiered CD Special
10thFamily First of NY CU Offers 2 Competitive CD Specials
USAlliance Federal CU's Competitive Rate 13-month CD Special: It's Back
9thEvans Bank, NA Offers Top Rate 91-Day CD - New York State Only
8thCommunity Bank of Marshall (MO) Adds Competitive 18-Month CD - Local Only
7thFDIC Second Quarter Report and Bank's Financial Health Grades
6thFirst Technology Federal Credit Union Offers Competitive Rate 3-Year CD
5thAlly Bank Raises Savings Account and 5-Year CD Rates
FDIC's Consumer News: Expecting the Unexpected
Crescent Bank (LA) Offers 3 Top Performing CDs - Locally Available Only
Nice 1-Year CD Special at Navy Federal Credit Union
3rdCapital Educators Federal CU (ID) Has New Competitive Promotional CDs
2ndCD Rate Hikes at PenFed, 1-Year CD Now Competitive
TEXAR Federal Credit Union Raises Rate On 12-Month Online CD
1stMutualOne Bank Celebrates 125 Years With Limited Time 7-Month CD Special

August 2014

29thVeridian Credit Union (IA) Introduces A Series Of Attractive CD Specials
28thCentral Missouri Community CU's New, Competitive 9-month CD Special
27thVery Competitive 29-Month CD Special at SDCCU
Dayton Firefighters Credit Union's Competitive 4-Year and 5-Year CDs
ableBanking Raises Rate on Personal Money Market and 1-year CD
26thSunmark Federal Credit Union's New 17-Month CD With Competitive Rate
24thBogota Savings Bank Offers 2 Online CDs At Competitive Rates
22ndPremier Credit Union (IA) Introduces New Competitive 5-Month CD Special
21stGeneral Electric CU Raises Rates On 1-Year Jumbo and 5-Year CDs
20thFirst Tennessee Bank Is Offering 3 Different Checking Account Promos
Lisle Savings Bank Raises Rate On 42-Month CD To Competitive Level
Special 2-Year CD with Top Rate at XCEL Federal Credit Union
18thSelect Federal CU Celebrates 75 Years With 4 Highly Competitive CDs
16thThe Berkshire Bank's 18-month CD Interest Rate Continues to Rise
Mid-Minnesota FCU 36-month Fast Forward CD Grows with Monthly Deposits
15thAmerican Federal Savings Bank Limited Time 50-Month CD Special
Citizens Bank's CollegeSaver Account Rewards with End of Term $1,000 Bonus
14thHigher CD Rates at Ally Bank
13thCoulee Bank Continues Its Competitive Kasasa Cash Checking Account
Money Market Promotion at Investors Bank in New Jersey
12thVelocity CU 5-Year CD/IRA Promotional Extended Through August 30, 2014
5 Days Only - WaterStone Bank (WI) 11-Month and 19-Month CD Specials
11thComparing Total Returns of Top CD Offerings with an S&P 500 Index Fund Investment
USAlliance Federal CU New 25-Month CD Special (Nationally Available)
8thAsian Bank (PA) Introduces New 30-Month CD With A Competitive Rate
7thSavings Account Promo Rate at Palladian PrivateBank Ends January 31, 2015
6thTriumph Savings Bank's Competitive Rate 12- and 18-month CDs
5thPioneer Federal Credit Union Adds A 5th Competitive Rate CD Special
4thBig CD Rate Increase at Alliant Credit Union
2ndUnusual Credit Union Failure - Bensenville Community CU in Illinois
Fifth Third Bank's "Stand Up To Cancer" New Checking Account Promotion Returns
1stUniversity of Iowa Community CU Leads with 23- and 32-month Special CDs
Florida Credit Union Adds High Rate Limited Time 3-Year CD Special

July 2014

31stDarien Rowayton Bank's Three New CDs, All Nationally Available
Grand Rivers Community Bank Nationally Available 1-Year and 3-Year CDs
GE Capital Bank Increases Rate of Its Online Savings Account
30thLooking for Rate Hike Hints in a Few Small Changes in FOMC Statement
Idaho Central Credit Union Offers 4 Promo CDs and 2 Online CDs
Kemba Credit Union Offers Higher Rates on 4-Year and 5-Year CDs
29thColorado Federal Savings Bank Raises Online CD Rates
28thCompetitive Short- and Mid-Term CD Rates in Ohio at Belmont Savings Bank
26thSecurity First Credit Union Remains Competitive With 9-Month CD Special
One Small Illinois Bank Closed by the OCC
25thF & A Federal Credit Union Continues Offering Very Competitive CD Rates
More Merging of Capital One 360 and Capital One Bank
24thFrankenmuth Credit Union's "Summer 2014 Dollars & Sense" CD Specials
Charter Oak CU Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary With 2 GO CD Specials
OneWest Bank to Merge into CIT Bank
23rdCFG Community Bank 12-Month One Time No Penalty Withdrawal CD
US Bank's "Power Up Your Summer" with $150 Bonus for New Checking
21stShell Federal Credit Union's BE GREEN Rewards Checking Still Viable
Silvergate Bank High Yield Online CDs
19thOne Small Georgia Bank Closed by Regulators
17thAdirondack Bank eCo Checking Earns 3.04%
14thHigher Special 15-Month CD Rate at Synchrony Bank
13th3 CD Specials from Transwest Credit Union
11th1st Colonial Community Bank Again Increases 3-Year and 5-Year CDs
10th4-Year and 5-Year CD Specials at Firelands FCU - Parts of Ohio Only
8thCompetitive CD Rate Specials at Fifth Third Bank in Several States
7thCompetitive 70-Month Promotional CD at Regions Bank
3rdKasasa Accounts at Gulf Coast Community FCU Still Have Top Rates
13-Month CD Special at Los Angeles Federal Credit Union
High-Rate 33-Month CD Special at Everett Co-operative Bank in MA
CIT Bank Increases Rates on Its RampUp CDs
2ndKasasa Accounts with High-Yield Reward Checking at American Bank & Trust
1stCapital One 360’s Financial Independence Days Sale

June 2014

29thOne Small Oklahoma Bank Closed by Regulators
27thOne Year Anniversary of GE Capital Bank’s Internet Operation
26thWesBanco’s Checking Account Promotion for Parts of OH, WV & PA
25thSpecial 42-Month CD at Kemba Credit Union in the Greater Cincinnati Area
Preview of Capital One 360’s Financial Independence Days Sale
24thWhen a Credit Union Doesn’t Honor the Terms of its CDs
21stTwo Banks Closed by Regulators in Illinois and Florida
20thHot 30-Month CD Special at Luther Burbank Savings in California
19thUp to $200 Checking Account Bonus at BMO Harris Bank
18thNo Policy Changes at Fed Meeting - Rate Hike in 2015?
17thHigher Long-Term CD Rates in Several States at First Republic Bank
Chase Checking and Savings Bonuses of Up to $400
11thCIT Bank Launches New RampUp CDs
Third Federal’s New 49-Month CD Rate Special
Flagstar Bank Improves Savings Account Promotion - Michigan Only
10th9-Month CD Rate Special at Connexus Credit Union
Top Rates on CD Specials at Greater Nevada Credit Union - Local Only
Money Market Special with Guaranteed Rate for Texas Residents at Libertad Bank
6thEuropean Central Bank Implements Negative Interest Rate Policy
5thLA Financial Credit Union Launches Kasasa Checking Accounts
4thNew 25-Month CD Rate Special at Quorum Federal Credit Union
3rdHigher Special CD Rates at NASA Federal Credit Union

May 2014

31st9th Bank Failure of the Year - Slavie Federal Savings Bank in Maryland
30thFDIC First Quarter Report and Banks’ Financial Health Grades
28thFDIC's Consumer News: Protecting Your Money and Saving at Your Bank
24thState Regulators Close a Small Ohio Bank and a Virginia Credit Union
23rdUSAlliance FCU Increases Rate of its 35-Month CD Special
22ndTop Internet Jumbo CD Rates at BAC Florida Bank
Special 2-Year CD at Republic Bank of Chicago - Local Only
21stSmall Illinois Bank Failed on Friday - 7th of the Year
19thGE Capital Retail Bank Changing Name to Synchrony Bank
15thHigher CD Rates at GE Capital Bank
Top Rate on a 2-Year CD at Institution For Savings - MA Only
14thAre “Raise Your Rate” Type of CDs a Good Deal?
8thCompetitive Reward Checking Account at Citizens Community Federal in MN, WI and MI
7thCompetitive Short-Term CD Special at Westmark Credit Union in Idaho
6thChecking and Money Market Specials at First Bank Financial Centre in Wisconsin
2ndSpecial CDs with Top Rates at USAlliance FCU - Easy Membership
1stTreasury Lowers the Fixed Rate for Series I Savings Bond
Several Competitive CD Rates at VirtualBank

April 2014

30thNo Policy Changes at Fed Meeting - Long Wait Continues for Savers
29thBest Deal for CDs Is Now at GE Capital Retail Bank
26th6th Bank Failure of 2014 - Allendale County Bank in South Carolina
24thCapital One Business Checking Promotion with a $250 Bonus - Branch Only
23rdHigher 2-Year CD Rate at Salem Five Direct
22ndCompetitive 7-Year CD Rate at Financial Center FCU in Indiana
New Reward Checking Account at Flanagan State Bank
18thUpdate on First Financial Bank’s Reward Checking and Savings Accounts
17thApril Series I Savings Bonds - Better Deal Than 1-Year CDs
16thSpecial 39-Month CD Rate at Third Federal
15thReview of the New Ally Mobile Banking App
14th$200 Checking Account Bonus at Avidia Bank
11thPNC’s New Account Bonuses of up to $400 in Several States
9thDiscover Bank Raises Long-Term CD Rates But Beware of Larger Penalties
8thChecking and CD Specials at Liberty Bank in Connecticut - EXPIRED
New Kasasa Accounts with a High-Yield Reward Checking at Peoples National Bank
7thSpecial CDs with Top Rates at Patriot FCU in Parts of PA and MD
4thAnother Michigan Savings Account Promotion at Flagstar Bank
New Reward Checking Account at Manasquan Savings Bank in the Northeast
3rdBarclays Raises 5-Year and 4-Year CD Rates
Special CD Rates at America's Credit Union in WA - Easy Membership
2nd13-Month CD Special with a Top Rate at Quorum FCU - Easy Membership
1stFirst Republic Bank Raises Long-Term CD Rates in Several States

March 2014

27th$150 Checking Account Bonus in Several States at First Citizens Bank
26thSpecial 18-Month CD Rate at South Jersey FCU
25thCD Rate Specials in Miami and NYC at People's Alliance FCU
24th$200 Checking Account Bonus at Northwest Savings Bank in NY, PA, OH & MD
20thCIT Bank Takes Back the Top Spot for 5-Year CD Rates
High-Rate 63-Month CD Special at Everett Co-operative Bank in MA
19thFed Drops Unemployment Rate Threshold for When to Increase Rates
Special CD and IRA CD Rates at Gesa Credit Union in Washington State
Special 14-Month CD at Cornerstone Community Financial in MI and OH
18thMore States Eligible for Frontier Bank’s Top Reward Checking Account
KeyBank Checking Account Bonus Payout Reputation
KeyBank $200 Checking Account Bonus in Some States
17thAnother Top Short-Term CD Special at GE Capital Retail Bank
March Madness 1-Year CD Promotion at Countryside FCU in New York - Local Only
14th3-Year CD Special with a Top Rate at Florida Credit Union
13thBryn Mawr Trust’s Kindle Fire HDX Checking Promo in the Philly Metro Area
11thTop Promotional CD Rates at Garden Savings FCU in New Jersey
10thCompetitive IRA CD Rates and Bonuses at Columbia Bank - NJ Only
6thCompetitive CD Rates at Security Service FCU in TX, CO & UT
5thTop CD and Savings Account Rates at GE Capital Retail Bank
4thUnique Changes Made to Consumers Credit Union’s Free Rewards Checking
3rdSpecial 5-Year CD Rate at MACU - Easy Membership
Navy Federal Cuts CD Rates But They Remain Competitive
1stPenFed Slashes CD Rates for March

February 2014

28thTwo Banks in Virginia and Pennsylvania Closed by Regulators
Noteworthy CD Rates at Keesler Federal Credit Union in Mississippi
27thFDIC Fourth Quarter Report
26thFDIC's Consumer News: Credit Card Tips, Tax Tips and FDIC Insurance Quiz
25thSpecial IRA CD Rates at Greater Nevada Credit Union - Local Only
M&T Bank’s $100 Checking Account Bonus in Some States
24thAmericaNet, Redneck and Evantage Banks Cutting Reward Checking Rates - Still Worthwhile?
21stSpecial 46-Month CD at Fort Knox FCU - Beware of Its History
Special 3-Year CD Rate at Transportation Federal Credit Union in DC
$160 Checking Bonus at First American Bank in IL and Parts of WI and IN
20thCompetitive Reward Checking Account Available Nationwide at First American Bank
19th14-Month CD Rate Special at Generations FCU in San Antonio, Texas
$175 Checking Bonus Replaces Reward Checking Rates at Southland Credit Union in SoCal
18thTIAA Direct Finally Accepting New Customers But Rates Are Disappointing
Citibank Checking Account Bonuses of $250 and $500
17thA Credit Union Drops Federal Deposit Insurance
14thCD Specials with Top Rates at ABNB FCU in Virginia
Competitive CD Specials at Northwest Community Bank in Connecticut
13thCIT Bank Savings Account Rate Hike
12thU.S. Rep. Dennis Ross Questions Fed Chair Yellen on the Effects of Zero Interest Rates on Seniors
11thHigher 5- and 4-Year CD Rates at GE Capital Retail Bank
10th49-Month CD Special with a Top Rate at NASA FCU - Easy Membership
7thTips for Those with PenFed CDs Maturing in February
6thAmboy Direct Anytime Access CD
5thBenefits of the Credit Union Shared Branch Network
Bank of the West Checking Account Bonuses Return - Certain States Only
4thKindle Fire HD Checking Account Bonus at KeyBank in Some States
3rdPNC’s $200 Checking Account Bonus in Several States
Higher 4- and 5-Year CD Rates at San Diego County Credit Union - Easy Membership
1stThird Bank Failure of 2014 - Syringa Bank in Idaho

January 2014

30thPenFed CD Rates Going Down for New CDs in February
Checking and CD Special at MountainOne Bank in MA
29thNo Surprises at FOMC Meeting - Tapering Continues
CIT Bank - New 5-Year CD Rate Leader for Internet Banks
28thChecking and Money Market Promotions at Fifth Third Bank
24thOne Oklahoma Bank and One Illinois Credit Union Closed by Regulators
How Low Can Bank of America’s Deposit Account Rates Go?
Huntington’s Asterisk-Free Checking $150 Bonus in 6 States
23rdAdvantis Credit Union’s Reward Checking - Long History of Top Rates
22ndOpening a Long-Distance CD at PenFed - A Personal Story
21stDepositAccounts’ $100 million December…and $2.5 million in Penfed CDs
20thBig CD Rate Increases at Navy Federal Credit Union
18thOne Small Illinois Bank Closed By Regulators - First Bank Failure of 2014
17thNavy Federal Credit Union New Member and IRA Promotions
16thHigher CD Rates at Barclays
Special 30-Month CD at Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union in MA & NH
15thUpdate on Early Withdrawals from PenFed IRA CDs
14thEasy Annual $240 Bonus with Santander Bank Checking
13th$250 IRA Bonus at Ally Bank
10thSFGI Direct Savings Account Joins the 1% Club
7thDeposit Rate Review for 2013 and Predictions for 2014
Update on Ally Bank’s New Straight Talk Product Guides
Fifth Third Bank’s New CD Rate Specials in Several States
6thNice IRA CD Features at Navy Federal Credit Union
3rdSpecial 5-Year CD Rate at Dime Savings Bank in New York
2ndCredit Unions That Paid Out 2013 Bonus Dividends

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