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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Bank Deals Blog - 2015

June 2017

1stLarge Banks vs. Small Banks – Who Offers the Better Rates?

June 2016

25thTechnology CU (Easy Membership) Has $150 Checking Bonus

December 2015

31stReview of the 2015 Bank Failures
Members First CU (NH) Ends 2015 With 15-Month CD Special
Fifth Third Bank Offers $200 Checking Bonus Again
30thFarmers State Bank (IA) Ends 2015 With 3 CD Specials
TEXAR FCU Ends The Year With Competitive 15-Month CD
29thSelf-Help CU (Easy Membership) Hikes 18-Month CD Rate
28thValor Credit Union Stops Accepting Add-On Deposits on Prime Rate Certificates
Water and Power CCU (CA) Offers Up To $300 In Bonuses
25thDiscover Bank Boosts Long-Term CD Rates
24thNavyArmy CCU Increases Rates On 2- And 3-Year CDs
Hanover Community Bank Has 2 Holiday Savings Account Specials
23rdFounders FCU Bumps Up Rate On 60-Month CD
Sunmark FCU (NY) Has New, Competitive 18-Month CD
22ndVelocity CU (Easy Membership) Has 33-Month Certificate Promo
21stFirst Tennessee Bank Offers Checking Bonuses of $150-$250
18thFNBO Direct Raises Rate On Online Savings Account
17thKearny Bank (NJ) Adds Competitive 18-Month CD
Community Savings Bank (OH) Raises Rates On Long-Term CDs
16thFinally, a Fed Rate Hike! What Savers Should Expect
First Citizens' FCU (MA) Has 6-Month Rate Guarantee On MMA
15thAloStar Bank Of Commerce Raises Mid-Term CD Rates
11thGreat Lakes CU (Easy Membership) Has 15-Month CD Special
Ally’s New Online Banking Helps with CD Management and Wire Transfers
KeyBank Offers $300 Checking Account Bonus
Collins Community CU (IA) Adds Three CD Specials
10thBTH Bank (Texas) Raises Worry-Free Money Market Rate
9thFederal Employees CU (AL) Hikes All CD Rates Substantially
Lakeside Bank (Chicago) Has New 8-Month CD Special
8thBank and Credit Union Health Grades Updated from Q3 FDIC and NCUA Reports
7thNavy Federal CU Offers 30-month CD Special and 20-Month IRA
Harleysville Savings Bank (PA) Ups Rate On Kasasa Checking
5thMy e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank Increases Rates On 12-Month CD
4thF&A FCU (CA) Continues To Offer Very Competive Rate CDs
Chartway FCU Has Two Competitive Rate Short-Term CD Specials
Capital One 360 Increases Rates On Four CDs
California First National Bank (Internet Bank) Ups CD Rates
3rdHealth Rating and APY: What is the Correlation?
2ndBeacon CU (IN) Has Competitive 30-Month Certificate Special
Lake Michigan CU (Easy Membership) Has Competitive 12-month CD
NEFCU (NY) Adds Holiday Special 13- and 18-month CDs
1stUS Metro Bank (CA) Offers 12-Month CD Special

November 2015

30thAlly Bank Increases CD Rates on Its New Rate Tiers
Indiana Members CU Offers Holiday 25-Month Special CD
Langley FCU (Easy Membership) Has Limited-Time 36-Month CD Special
27thPeoplesChoice CU (ME) Has Competitive Long-Term CDs
XCEL FCU (Easy Membership) Has Top Rate 12-Month CD
25thFirst Federal CU (IA) Offers Additional Competitive CD Specials
23rdMutual Security CU (CT) Offers Competitive 25-Month CD Special
Bogota Savings Bank Raises Rate On 13-Month CD
20thChartway FCU Ups Rate On 18-23 Month CD
19thSafety of Your Money at Banks - Fraudulent Transfers
Bank of the Ozarks Has 15-Month CD Special - DFW Branches Only
18thGreater Alliance FCU (NJ) Has Competitive 60-Month CD
17thBridgeton Onized FCU Boosts Rates On Short-Term CDs
16thDestinations CU (MD) Has Top-Rate Kasasa Cash
KALSEE Credit Union (MI) Offers Competitive 13-Month CDE
13th3 Competitive CD Specials at Florida Credit Union
12thCitizens State Bank (WI) Offers Top-Rate 20-Month CD with Special Features
1st Source Bank Offers Online 45-Month CD Special
11thMil-Way FCU (AR/TX) Raises Rates On Short-Term CDs
10thKearny Bank (NJ) Boosts Rate On High Yield Checking
8thBanks May Lose the Protection of the “Too Big To Fail” Shield
6thUSALLIANCE Financial Adds 5-Month CD Special - New Members
Boiling Springs Savings Bank (NJ) Adds Competitive 21-month CD
Colorado Federal Savings Bank Offers Top-Rate 1-Year Online CD
4thElements Financial Offers 32-month Harvest Certificate Special
Sharefax CU (OH) Offers Top-Rate 80-Month CD
3rdRate Hike at Alliant CU, But Lower ACH Transfer Limit
Singing River FCU (MS/AL) Introduces Three Short-Term CDs
2ndNew Savings Bonds Rates - Small Improvement
Y-12 FCU (TN) Has Very Competitive 65-Day Share Certificate
1stBHCU (PA) Raises Rates On Long-Terms CDs

October 2015

30thSolvay Bank (NY) Has 37-Month CD Special With Checking
American Bank Ups Rate On 60-Month CD (Available Nationwide)
28thFed Suggests It Will Consider a December Rate Hike
27thMarket USA FCU (Multi-State) Has Competitive 60-Month CD
26thThe Piedmont Bank (GA) Introduces Short Term Parking Savings
Connexus CU (Easy Membership) Offers Two Top-Rate CDs
24thSMW FCU (MN) Offers Competitive 28-month Featured CD
23rdCape Ann Savings Bank (MA) Raises Rates On Three CDs
NASB Offers Top Rate eSavings Account (Available Nationwide)
22ndPelican State CU (LA) Offers Top-Rate Long-Term CDs
21stXCEL FCU (Easy Membership) Has Competitive 24-Month CD
Community First CU (WI) Celebrates 40 Years With CD Specials
20thRockland FCU (MA) Boosts 11-Month CD Rate
Gibsland B&T's (LA) Rewards Checking Still A Top Contender
19thWestern FCU (Easy Membership) Has Top-Rate 19-Month IRA
17thUniversity of Iowa CCU Offers New, Competitive CD Special
16thFinancial Plus CU (MI) Offers 2 Competitive CD Specials
Capital One Bank Has Essential Savings 6-Month Rate Guarantee
15thInflation News: Latest CPI and Its Effects on I Bonds, Social Security & the Fed
First Federal Credit Union (IA) Adds Competitive CD Specials
14thSallie Mae Bank Has Money Market Promotional Rate
13thTD Bank Offers $150 Visa Gift Card At 3 New York Branches
12thBankGloucester (MA) Offers Very Competitive 36-Month CD
Vantage West CU Offers "Sweet Deal" 25-month CD
8thSecurity Service FCU (TX, CO, UT) Has Competitive 13-month CD
Ally Bank Announces New Rate Tiers - Will We See Higher Rates?
BankUnited (FL) Introduces Vertical Rewards Checking Account
7thPioneer FCU (ID) Has Competitive 13- and 25-Month CD Specials
Community 1st CU (IA) Adds Competitive 6-month CD Special
6thFirst Citizens National Bank (IA) Has 1-Week 48-Month CD Special
5thAmerican Heritage FCU Offers Very Competitive 36-Month CD
Update on 2015 Bank and Credit Union Failures - 8 Bank Failures So Far This Year
2ndRadius Bank Boost The Rate On High Yield Savings
1stNorthwest FCU Has Limited Time, Top Rate 3-Year Add-On CD
Institution for Savings (MA) Ups Rates On 15- And 30-Month CDs

September 2015

30thKellogg Community FCU (MI) Adds eChecking (New RCA)
29thHSBC Has Limited Time Advance Customer $350 Bonus
Amalgamated Bank MMA 12-Month APY Guarantee - Nationwide
28thCitadel Boosts Rates On All CDs
25thHigher Rates at Ally Bank After It Announces Growth Milestone
24thFirst Service CU (TX) Raises 12- and 18-month Promo CD Rates
General Electric CU Ups Rates On 1-Year Jumbo and 5-Year CDs
23rdNew Top 1-Year Rate on CIT Bank’s RampUp Plus and Term CD
iGObanking Increases Rate On 12-month iGOCD
Connex CU (CT) Marks 75 Years With 7.5-Month CD Special
22ndGrand Rivers Community Bank (IL) Offers Very Competitive CDs
Hartford Municipal Employees FCU (CT) Offers Two CD Specials
21stFirstBank & Trust (TX) Adds Competitive 15-Month CD Special
USALLIANCE Financial Revives 25-Month CD Special
19thNorth Shore Bank (WI) Has Limited Time $150 Checking Bonus
18thSeasons FCU (CT) Raises Rates On Two Short-Term CDs
Red River CU (TX/AR) Offers Competitive Short-Term CDs
Sharonview FCU (SC) Has Competitive 36-Month IRA Special
17thFed Is Moving Closer to a Rate Hike
Associated Bank, N.A. Has $150 Packers Checking Bonus
Meritrust CU (KS) Ups Rates on 3-Year and 5-Year CDs
16thEssential FCU (LA) Promotes Very Competitive 48-month CD
14thCapitol Federal Savings Bank Has One Week CD Specials
11thMember One FCU (VA) Boosts Rate On 48-Month CD
Bank and Credit Union Health Grades Updated from Q2 FDIC and NCUA Reports
9thThe New CIT Bank, N.A. with Some Higher Rates
Mid-Atlantic FCU (MD) Adds Promo Rate Money Market
Kearny Bank (NJ) Adds Two New Short-Term CD Specials
8thGreen Mountain CU (VT) Has Competitive 60-Month CD
Northeast Bank Has New Pearl Money Market Promo
7thUnited Federal CU Raises Rate On 55-Month CD Special
5thVelocity CU 5-Year CD Promotion Available Through September
4thAscentra CU (IA/IL) Introduces 40-Month CD Special
SafeAmerica CU Has Competitive 12-Month and 30-Month CDs
3rdFirstBank NJ Adds New Competitive 20-Month CD
2ndSalem Five Direct Offers Two eCD Specials
1st5 Days Only - 3 Top-Rate CD Specials at CapEd FCU

August 2015

31stSan Diego County CU Celebrates With 16-month Reward CD
AgFed Credit Union Promotes Long-Term Competitive CDs
29thElements Financial Offers September Special 26-Month CD
28thFinancial Partners CU (CA) Has 15-Month Celebration CD
Connexus CU Celebrates With "$80 In Your Pocket" Checking Bonus
27thGarden Savings FCU Raises Rates On 2-Year and 5-Year CDs
Earn $200 With The Huntington Bank 5 Checking Promotion
26thPotlatch No 1 FCU Has Top-Rate 60-Month CD
25thLevel One Bank (MI) Offers Two Penalty-Free CDs
Direct FCU (MA) Ups Rate On 15-Month CD and Jumbo CD
24thAchieva Credit Union (Easy Membership) Has Top Rate IRA CDs
21stVisionBank of Iowa Introduces New 14-month CD Special
Concerns about E-LOAN’s Connection with Puerto Rico
Quorum FCU (Easy Membership) Features 11- And 16-Month CDs
20thMountain America CU Offers Top Rate 5-Year CD
19thMills42 FCU Offers Competitive Short-Term CDs - Easy Membership
18thDime Direct Money Market Now Available Nationwide
17thSandia Area FCU (NM) Raises Rate On 48-Month CD
16thSeasons FCU (CT) Offers High Rate 36-Month IRA Certificate
14thCredit Union ONE (MI) Has Top Rate Limited-Time 36-Month CD
13thFederal Savings Bank (NH) Celebrates 125 Years With CD And MMA Specials
First Flight FCU (NC) Offers Four Promotional CDs
Luther Burbank Savings (CA) Offers 2 Competitive CD Specials
12thJefferson Financial CU (LA) Boosts Rates on Long-Term CDs
11thBayer Heritage FCU Raises Rates On Long-Term CDs
10thUlster Savings Bank (NY) Offers High Rate 30-Month CD
Triumph Savings Banks Raises Rates On 12- And 18-Month CDs
7thMid-Atlantic FCU (MD) Adds Four Limited-Time CD Specials
Sound Credit Union (WA) Continues Its $100 Checking Bonus
6thIndustry State Bank (TX) Offers Competitive 12-month CD
Bethpage Federal CU (NY) Boosts The Rate On 22-Month CD
4thNavy Federal CU's 18-month CD Offers Competitive Rate
Savings Account Rate Hike at Alliant Credit Union
3rdFifth Third Bank Continues $150 "Stand Up To Cancer" Bonus
1stFirst National Bank (PA) Offers New 10-Year CD Special

July 2015

31stHonor Credit Union Has Competitive 60-Month CD Special
BMO Harris Bank Promotes New Checking $200 Cash Bonus
30thCollins Community CU (IA) Celebrates 75 Years With CDs
29thThe Long Wait For a Fed Rate Hike Continues
Credit Union Of Texas Raises Rate On 36-Month CD
28thForward Financial Bank (WI) Raises Rate On 4-Year CD
Lakeland Bank (NJ) Has Competitive Rate 35-Month CD
27thDown East CU (ME) MMA 1.25% APY Guaranteed Until End Of 2016
Indiana Members CU Has Limited Time Top Rate Long Term CDs
26thTruMark Financial CU (PA) Has Top Rate Long-Term CDs
25thHiway Federal Credit Union Offers Competitive 4-Year CD
24thUSAlliance FCU's "Summer Blow Out" Rate On 25-Month CD Special
Marion Community CU (OH) Offers Competitive 55-Month CD
Lincoln Park Savings Bank (NJ) Raises Rate On 5-Year CD
23rdSafety of Your Money - Deposit Insurance Coverage Limits
Encompass CU (IN) Has Limited Time High Rate 25-Month CD
MCS Bank (PA) Continues To Offer Competitive Long-Terms CDs
21stFORUM Credit Union (IN) Adds New 23-month CD
20thFirst Community CU (MO) Has Special Limited-Time 24-Month CD
Chartway FCU Raises Rate on 60-71 Month Web-Only CD
18thEarn $150 With Citizens Bank's One Deposit Checking Account
17thRed River CU (TX) Ups Rate On 24-Month CD
16thIdaho Central Credit Union Offers Four Promo CDs
FirstLight FCU (TX) Raises Rate on 2-Year Share Certificate
15thLeaders Credit Union (TN) Adds New Members Rewards Checking
Update on 2015 Bank and Credit Union Failures
14thKeyBank Has New $100 and $300 Checking Account Bonuses
13thCharter Oak CU (CT) Offers 17-Month Go Certificate Special
Institution for Savings (MA) Has Top Rate 36- and 60-Month CDs
Financial Health FCU (IN) Has Top Rate 12-Month CD
12thPacific Marine CU (CA) Has Competitive 13-month CD
11thEarn $200 With First Citizens Bank Checking Account Bonus
10thMIDFLORIDA CU Has Limited Time, Top Rate 36-Month CD
Summer Promotional 24-month CD At Valley National Bank
9thCitadel Proffers Limited Time High Rate 24-Month CD
8thAlly Bank Changing ATM and Overdraft Policies
7thMetro Credit Union (MA) Introduces Online Money Market
6thSilvergate Bank Boosts Rate On 2-Year High Yield Online CD
TruMark Financial CU (PA) Has High Rate 13-Month Promo CD
4thSallie Mae Bank Raises Rates On 12-month and 36-month CDs
3rdHomeStreet Bank (WA) Offers Three Checking Account Bonuses
First Republic Bank Offers 33-month CD Special (All Branches)
2ndThe Summit FCU (NY) Offers Competitive Rate 13-Month Promotional CD
Dime Savings Bank 1.01% APY Money Market Guaranteed For One Year
1stAsian Bank (Philadelphia) Offers Competitive 15-Month CD Special
Flushing Bank (NY) Raises Rate On 18-Month CD

June 2015

30thCapital Educators Federal CU (ID) Raises Rates On Promotional CDs
29thSafety of Your Money - Importance of Deposit Insurance
Kemba Credit Union (OH) Offers Competitive 60-Month CD
28thCalifornia First National Bank (Internet Bank) Raises Rate on CDs
Earn $125 with US Bank's Power Up 2015 New Checking Account Bonus
26thConsumers Credit Union (MI) Adds Top Rate Money Market Account
25thUniv of Iowa CCU Raises Rates on 37-47 Month CD And Adds 19-Month CD
23rdPinnacle Bank (NE) Extends $100 Checking Bonus Through July 31, 2015
22ndFirst Robinson Savings Bank (IL/IN) Has Competitive Rate 48-Month CD
MountainOne Bank Offers $100 Or $200 Bonus For New Checking Accounts
20thNumerica Credit Union (WA) Offers 25-Month CD Special - Limited Time
18thDover FCU Offers Top Rate 57-Month CD For Only Two Days
17thNo Policy Changes at Fed Meeting - Fed Chair Yellen Asked If Fed Will Ever Raise Rates
16thPacific Premier Bank (CA) Offers Two Competitive Mid-Term CDs
Select Federal CU (Texas) Offers Competitive 24-Month CD
Farmers Trust & Savings Bank (IA) Celebrates With 100-Week CD Special
15thNorwood Bank (MA) Introduces Competitive 16-month CD Special
12thMountainOne Bank Offers Three Competitive Rate CD Specials
10thBank and Credit Union Health Grades Updated from Q1 FDIC and NCUA Reports
MutualOne Bank Introduces Two Competitive Promotional CDs
8thMySavingsDirect Substantially Raises Rate on MySavings Account Today
5thPalladian PrivateBank Has Savings Account Promotional Rate For 6 Months
4thJustice Federal Credit Union Celebrates 80 Years With High Rate CD
3rdTop 1-Year and 2-Year CD Rates at Synchrony Bank
Haven Savings Bank (NJ) Offers Competitive 10-Month CD
2ndUniversity of Iowa CCU Begins The Month With Two Competitive CDs
1stEarn Up to a $500 Bonus at Capital One 360
Bridge Credit Union (Ohio) Has A Very Competitive 24-month CD

May 2015

29thVeridian Credit Union (Iowa) Adds Series Of Competitive CD Specials
BankGloucester (Massachusetts) Has Top-Rate 24-Month CD
28thUSAlliance Federal CU Raises Rate On 25-Month Fixed Certificate Again
27thiGobanking Raises Rates On 24-Month CD And Money Market Account
26thKinecta FCU Offers Competitive 15-month Share Certificate Special
23rdBeaumont Community CU Has Competitive 48-month Share Certificate
21stCIT Bank Increases Rates on 1-, 2- and 3-Year CDs and IRA CDs
Linn Area Credit Union (IA) Offers Competitive 33-Month CD Special
RTN Federal CU Raises Rate On 36-Month Premium Share Certificate
20thF&A Federal Credit Union (CA) Continues To Offer Top-Rate CDs
19thBCB Community Bank Celebrates 15 Years With 15-Month Birthday CD
Live Oak Bank Offers Limited-Time, Top Rate 24-Month CD - Online Only
18thNew Internet Bank with Checking, Money Market and CD Accounts - MyCBB
Capital One 360 Raises CD Rates For First Time In Over 2 Years
Bogota Savings Bank Introduces Competitive 20-Month In-Branch CD
16thAgFed Credit Union Raises Rate On 60-Month CD To Competitive Level
15thHSBC Has High APY on Promotional Advance Savings - Limited Time Offer
14thGreater Nevada CU Has Top Rates On Four CDs - Limited Time Offer
Alliant CU Raises Rates on Short-Term CDs To Competitive Levels
13thCollinsville Building & Loan (IL) Celebrates With 13-month CD Special
KeyBank Offers $200 Checking Account Bonus Through June 12, 2015
11thPacific City Bank Has Competitive Rate 15-Month CD, Limited Time Offer
Fifth Bank Failure of 2015 - Edgebrook Bank in Illinois
9thFirst Republic Bank Offers 30-month CD Special (All Branches)
8thNavy Federal CU's 15-month Military Appreciation CD Is Very Competitive
Investors Bank Has Top Rate 13-month CD (Checking Relation Required)
6thSignature FCU Raises Rates On CDs By 0.25% - Limited Time Offer
5thAffinity FCU Has Top-Rate 13-Month CD (Oradell, NJ Branch Only)
4thUniversity of Iowa CCU Offers Two Competitive Bump Up CD Specials
USAlliance Federal CU Has Top Rate 15-month and 25-month CD Specials
1stDisappointment Continues: Treasury Announces New Savings Bonds Rates
PenFed CU Raise Rates On 1-Year And 2-Year CDs To Competitive Levels

April 2015

30thCelebrate Institution For Savings New Branch Opening With 2 CD Specials
People's United Bank Has $100 Checking Bonus At Stop & Shop Locations
29thNo Policy Changes at Fed Meeting - Door Is Still Open for a Rate Hike Later This Year
Colorado Federal Savings Bank Has Top-Rate 1-Year Online CD
28thPeople's United Bank Offers Three Competitive Plus CD Specials
27thDisappointing Series I Savings Bond Rates
23rdMIDFLORIDA CU Offers Limited Time, High Rate 60-Month Step Up CD
22ndHancock FCU (Ohio) Adds Competitive 12-month CD Special
Live Oak Bank Has Limited-Time, Top Rate 12-Month CD
21stNymeo FCU (MD) Has Competitive 18-23 Month Add-On Certificate Special
20thEarn $200 With Northwest Savings Bank Checking Account Bonus
16thEarn $100 With A New Checking Account At America's Credit Union
15thPeoples Savings Bank (IA) Celebrates Spring With Competitive 24-Month CD
Red Rocks CU (CO) Has Two Competitive Spring Special Share Certificates
14thMid-Atlantic FCU's (MD) Limited Time 36-Month CD Is Highly Competitive
13thSynchrony Bank Raises High Yield Savings Account Rate
11thEndura Financial FCU (MN) Has Limited Time, Competitive 12-month CD
10thVons CU (CA) Has Limited Time, Very Competitive 6-Month CD
9thSewickley Savings Bank (PA) Offers Competitive 7-Year CD
Expired: Bethpage FCU Offers $100 Bonus When Opening A Bonus Checking Account
8thHudson Valley FCU Offers New York State's Top-Rate 2-Year CD
Alma Bank (NY) Has Competitive CD Promos and Money Market Promos
6thCapitol Federal Savings Bank Has Limited Time 44-month CD Special
Navigant Credit Union (RI) Celebrates 100 Years With 24-month CD
4thAmerican Eagle Financial CU (CT) Has Top-Rate 24-month CD
3rdPacific Service CU (CA) Has Two Checking Account Bonuses
Northwest FCU Introduces Top-Rate 18-month CD - Easy Membership
2ndLive Oak Bank Offers Limited Time, Top-Rate 24-Month CD
1stVelocity CU 30-Month CD/IRA Promotional Extended Through April 30, 2015
Barclays Raises 2-Year Online CD Rate
USAlliance Federal CU Offers Two New CD Specials (Nationally Available)

March 2015

31stNorthpointe Bank Offers Competitive 12-Month And 24-Month CD Specials
30thQuorum FCU Introduces Competitive 11-month CD
27thAroostook County Federal S&L Welcomes Spring With 36-47 Month CD Special
26thInsBank (TN) Adds 7-month CD and 18-month Bump-Up CD Specials
25thDHCU Community (IA/IL) Has New Competitive 33-month CD Special
24thFirst Service CU (TX) Has Top-Rate 12-month CD Special Promotion
23rdHudson River CCU (NY) Has Top-Rate 12-, 18- and 24-month Loyalty CDs
Vantage West CU 60th Anniversary 25-month Share Certificate Special
19thMillstream Area CU (OH) Offers Three High Rate CD Promotions
18thFrankenmuth CU Offers Michigan's Top Rate 21- Month and 37-Month CDs
Fed Removes “Patient” But a June Rate Hike Looks Less Likely
16thSandy Spring Bank Offers Competitive 27-month Premier CD Special
14thGenerations FCU Celebrates 75 Years With Top Rate 24-month CD
13thProvidence Bank (NC) Raises Rate On 18-month CD Special
12thNavy Federal Credit Union Offers $100 Bonus On First Time IRAs
11thFirst Internet Bank Raises Rate On 60-month CD - Nationally Available
10thAustin Capital Bank Offers Competitive Money Market Special - New Money
9thAccessBank Texas Offers High Rate 24-Month IRA CD and 9-Month CD
Cape Ann Savings Bank (MA) Has Top Rate 2.5 Year CD
6thNorthwest FCU (Easy Membership) Offers Competitive Rate 12-month CD
NexBank Raises Rates on 12-, 18- and 24-Month CDs
5thNavy Federal Credit Union’s Hot Share Certificate Promotion
4thBBCN Bank Offers 15-Month CD and Money Market Specials - Limited Time
Needham Bank (MA) Raises Rate On 13-Month CD To Competitive Level
3rdTropical Financial CU (FL) Celebrates 80th Anniversary with 11-month CD
2ndUFB Direct Cuts Top Savings Account Rate
Vantage West CU (AZ) Raises Rate on 15-month eShare Certificate Special

February 2015

28thDoral Bank Fails - Largest Bank Failure Since 2010
27thCity CU (TX) Has Best Rate 60-month CD Available In Texas
FDIC Fourth Quarter Report and Bank Financial Health Grades
25thQuorum FCU Introduces New, Top Rate 15-month Term Account (CD)
Elements Financial Shamrock Special 32-month Certificate Has Top Rate
24thSenator Toomey Highlights the Plight of Savers to Fed Chair Yellen
Superior Choice CU (WI) Offers Competitive 25-month and 47-month CDs
Consumers CU (MI) "No Hoops" 19-month CD Special Has Top Rate
23rdFirst Federal Credit Union (IA) Has Four Competitive Rate CD Specials
Citizens Bank Raises Rate On 14-month CD, Relationship Required
21stWallkill Valley Federal Savings & Loan Has Top Rate 24-month CD
20thCFG Community Bank Offers Competitive 13-month One-Time No Penalty CD
CIT Bank’s Rate Changes - Higher 1-Year RampUp Plus CD Rate
19thBank of Utica (NY) Raises Rate On 5-Year CD To Competitive Level
Top 5-Year CD Rate at Live Oak Bank
18thINOVA FCU Has Top-Rate 15-month IRA Certificate Special
16thMarshall CCU (MI) Introduces Competitive Rate 55-Month CD Special
Valor Credit Union Adding Fee That Punishes Members with Prime Rate CDs
15thTEXAR Federal CU Raises Rate On 12-month Online CD To Top Level
14thThird Bank Failure of 2015 - Capitol City Bank & Trust Company in Georgia
13thBankDirect Raise Rate on Nationally Available, Competitive 12-month CD
Jeanne D'Arc CU (MA) 48-month CD APY Raised To Competitive Rate
AgFed Credit Union's No-Penalty Certificate Specials
Special 13-Month CD at Premier America Credit Union in SoCal
12thInstitution for Savings Bank (MA) Again Has Top Rate 15- and 30-month CDs
Nymeo FCU (MD) Offers High Rate 12-18 Month Add-on Certificate Special
11thMarshall Community CU (MI) Adds Kasasa Cash And Kasasa Savings
Red River CU (TX) Raises Rate On 18-month CD To Competitive Level
10thMountain America CU Offers Top Rate 5-Year CD With Bump Option
iGObanking Offers Top Rate 12-month CD, Available Nationally
9thCapital One 360 Increases Top-Tier Rate of Its Checking Account
Ally Bank Tweaks Its New Online Banking Platform
6thVirtualBank Offers Two Competitive Mid-Term Length CDs
5thCapitol Federal Savings Bank Again Offers Presidents' Day CD Special
4thS-Bank (MA) Raises Rate On 12-month CD To Competitive Level
Connexus CU Continues To Offers Highest Rate 12-Month CD
3rdFinancial Partners CU (CA) Offers Competitive Rate 5-Year CDs
2ndDiamond Credit Union (PA) Has 3 Competitive Rate Limited Time CDs
Savings Account and CD Rate Hikes at Alliant Credit Union

January 2015

31stPromotional CDs and Money Market Accounts with Top Rates at HAB Bank
30thFORUM Credit Union (IN) Adds New, Top Rate 25-month CD
29thNorthpointe Bank’s High-Yield, Low-Cap Reward Checking Account
28thFed Says Economy Expanding at a Solid Pace, But Continues to Say It Will be Patient
Affinity FCU Offers Limited Time Top Rate 13-month CD
Bank Adds $250 Debit Card Purchase Requirement To Its Reward Checking
27thHorizon Credit Union (WA) Has Competitive 15- and 18-month Special CDs
Higher CD and IRA CD Rates at Synchrony Bank
26thAmboy Direct Introduces Money Market Max More With Competitive Rate
24thFirst Tennessee Bank Offers $151 Checking Account Bonus Promotion
Fifth Third Bank New $200 Checking Account Bonus
Second Bank Failure of 2015 - Highland Community Bank in Illinois
23rdFirefighters Credit Union (WI) Offers Top Rate 18-month CD - Local Only
22ndVibe CU (MI) Raises Rates on 48- And 60-Month CDs To Competitive Level
21stMidFirst Direct’s Competitive Long-Term Online CDs
20thFirst Peoples Community FCU Offers Competitive 15-month CD Specials
Ally Bank’s New Online Banking Website
19thFirst Tennessee Bank Extends Checking Accounts Promo Bonuses
17thFirst Bank Failure of 2015 - First National Bank of Crestview in Florida
16thFounders FCU Offers Competitive Rate 60-month CD and IRA
Discover Bank's Cashback Checking and Bonus Available to Existing Customers
14thCapital Communications FCU Offers Competitive 21- and 23-month CDs
Salem Five Direct Increases Savings Account Rate - New Rate Guaranteed Until July
13thHuntington Bank Continues Asterisk-Free Checking $150 Bonus Promotion
Gesa CU (WA) Raises Rates on 36-, 48-, and 60-month CDs - Local Only
12thIowa State Bank Has Top Rate Kasasa Cash Checking
American Pride Bank Offers Top Rate Kasasa Checking To Georgia Residents
9thPinnacle Bank Offers Easy $100 Bonus On New Free Checking Account
Focus First FCU Adds Top Rate 17-month CD Special - New Money
8thKeyBank Extends $200 Checking Account Bonus Until February 27, 2015
7thReminder of the Great Reward Checking Deal at Consumers Credit Union
North American Savings Bank Has Competitive Rewards Checking - National
HAPO Community CU Increases Rates on 3-, 4- and 5-Year CDs
6thNASA FCU Offers Nationally Available Top Rate 15- and 49-month CDs
5thCredit Unions That Paid Out 2014 Bonus Dividends
2ndReview of the 2014 Bank Failures and Their Effects on Depositors
Domino FCU Raises Rate on 24-month CD To Competitive Level - Local
Review of Ally Bank’s IRA Bonus for New Deposits
1stHappy New Year! Update on PenFed CD Rates

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