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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Bank Deals Blog - 2019

May 2019

25thSawyer Savings Bank Adds 11-Month CD Special, 2.85% APY
24thBanking 101: Use the Financial Pyramid to Guide Your Planning
Analysis Shows Only 3% of Americans Have More Access to Post Offices Than Bank Branches
Merrick Bank Has Nationally Available 12-Month CD, 2.87% APY
Kearny Bank (NJ/NY) High Yield Checking Earns 3.05% APY
23rdBanking 101: Understanding Debit Card Foreign Transaction Fees
Centra Credit Union (IN) Offers 10-Month CD, 3.25% APY
Banking 101: How to Write a Check
Banking 101: What is a Certified Check?
Banking 101: CDs vs. Savings Accounts - Which Should I Choose?
Progressive Bank (LA) Rewards Interest Checking Earns 4.05% APY
22ndBanking 101: Checking vs. Savings Account
STCU (WA/ID) Adds Limited-Time 20-Month CD, 3.04% APY
DuTrac Community Credit Union Adds 48-Month Bump Up CD, 3.25% APY
21stCD Rates Summary May 21, 2019
Federal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - May 21, 2019
APG Federal Credit Union Has Limited-Time 3.00% APY On 24-Month CD
20thAdvantis Credit Union Offers Up To 3.75% APY On 60-Month CD
18thKeystone Bank (TX) Kasasa Cash Earns 3.50% APY Up To $50k
17thBanking 101: What is an NSF Fee?
Banking 101: Understanding Your Bank Statement
FORUM Credit Union's 18-Month CD Earns 3.00% APY
16thWebBank's High-Yield Savings Glides Into 2.50% APY
Banking 101: What to Look for in Prepaid Debit Cards
Banking 101: Annuity vs CD - How Do They Compare?
Dover Federal Credit Union Adds Kasasa Cash, 3.25% APY Up To $30k
15thBanking 101: Is Keeping Cash at Home Wise?
Banking 101: Why the 50/30/20 Rule is Better than the 10% Savings Rule
Banking 101: How to Maximize Your Bank Accounts
Banking 101: Is it Worth Writing a Postdated Check?
Discover Bank’s Latest Online Savings Account Bonuses
UNICO Bank (MO/AR) 60-Month CD Earns 3.45% APY
Partner Colorado CU Ups High-Interest Checking To 3.50% APY
14thBest Bank Account Interest Rates - Summary For May 14, 2019
Federal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - May 14, 2019
Malvern Bank (PA) Unveils Kasasa Cash, 3.00% APY Up To $25k
KALSEE Credit Union (MI) Adds Kasasa Cash+, 4.25% APY Up To $25k
13thAmerican United Federal Credit Union 5-Year CD Earns Up To 3.75% APY
Partners Financial Has Limited-Time 9-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
11thHarborOne Bank Introduces Remarkable Savings, 2.50% APY
10thPioneer Valley Credit Union 60-Month CD Earns 3.50% APY
Taunton Federal Credit Union (MA/RI) Hikes 11-Month CD To 3.11% APY
9thConnexus Credit Union Ups 60-Month CD Rate to 3.40% APY
Colonial Federal Savings Bank (MA) Ups 4-Year CD To 3.25% APY
8thWildfire Credit Union (MI) Adds 49-Month CD Special, 3.25% APY
Verve, A Credit Union (WI) Has 39-Month CD Special, 3.20% APY
7thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - May 7, 2019
Comenity Direct 1-Year CD Earns 2.86% APY
6thArbor Financial CU's 34-month BOOST CD Earns Up To 3.65% APY
Investors eAccess Adds 6-Month No Penalty CD, 2.50% APY
4thPrince George's Community FCU (MD) Adds 13-Month CD, 3.04% APY
3rdTown & Country Federal Credit Union Ups 12-Month CD To 3.04% APY
Competitive CD Rates at Baton Rouge Telco Federal Credit Union (LA)
2ndBest No Penalty CD Rates
Frontwave Credit Union (CA) Offers Competitive Rate On 4-Year CD
LAFCU (MI) Offers 60-Month Jumbo CD (3.50% APY) Statewide
1stThe Fed’s Pause Continues - Rate Predictions & CD Strategies for 2019
May Savings Bond Rates - I Bond Fixed Rate Remains at 0.50%
The Best Checking Accounts in May 2019
The Best Money Market Account Rates in May 2019
The Best Savings Accounts in May 2019
The Best CD Rates in May 2019
BHCU (PA) Adds iSAVE Money Market, 2.75% APY,12-Month Rate Guarantee

April 2019

30thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - April 30, 2019
Banking 101: Is Online Banking Safe?
Banking 101: How Much Should I Have in Savings?
Review of OFX Money Transfer
ELGA Credit Union (MI) Ups 27-Month CD Special To 3.10% APY
29thNavy Federal Adds 10-month Special CD, 2.75% APY w/Add-Ons
Sooper Credit Union's 20-Month CD Offers "Sooper" 3.00% APY
Midland States Bank (IL/MO) Offers 30-month CD Special, 3.00% APY
27thKish Bank (PA) Green Checking Earns 3.00% APY Up To $25k Nudges Money Market Account APY To 2.46%
25thComenity Direct Unveils High-Yield Savings, 2.48% APY
Community Financial Services Bank Offers 49-Mo CD Special (3.39% APY)
24thCD Bank Offers Top-Rate 24-Month CD, 3.20% APY
First National Bank of America Leads With 60-Month CD, 3.35% APY
23rdFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - April 23, 2019
Verity Credit Union Unveils 19-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
22ndBanking 101: 5 Benefits of Online Banking
Banking 101: Free Checking Accounts
Banking 101: Understanding the 10% Savings Rule
The Best Cash Management Accounts
A Comparison Between Citibank vs. Chase
Review of Xoom: PayPal’s Money Transfer Provider
Banking 101: What Are Liquid Assets?
Banking 101: War Bonds - They May Be Worth More Than You Think
Wells Fargo vs Chase
Hills Bank (IA) Offers 47-Month CD Special, 3.25% APY
TAB Bank Debuts Kasasa Cash Checking, 4.00% APY Up To $50k
20thWebBank Ups High-Yield Savings To 2.45% APY
19thBanking 101: What to Know About Series E Savings Bonds
Banking 101: Bonds vs. CDs - Which Is a Better Investment?
Banking 101: How to Make the Most Out of the 52-Week Money Challenge
Banking 101: What Is a Bank Credit Report?
Banking 101: What is a Passbook Account?
Banking 101: What to Do After You've Lost Your Debit Card
Wells Fargo vs. Bank of America - Is One Really Better Than the Other?
Andrews Federal Credit Union Adds 17-month CD Special, 2.95% APY
Red Rocks Credit Union (CO) Adds 12-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
18thCommunity 1st Credit Union Offers 18-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
Vermont State Employees Credit Union Adds 6-Month CD, 3.00% APY
17thBanesco USA Offers BanesGrow Savings Account, 2.47% APY
Harbor Bank of Maryland Has 60-Month CD Special, 3.56% APY
16thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - April 16, 2019
United Bay Community CU (MI) Adds 37-Month CD Special, 3.40% APY
15thGuardian Credit Union (AL) Unveils Ultimate Checking, 4.07% APY
First Bank and Trust (LA) Has 23-Month CD Special, 3.05% APY
13thCentric Bank (PA) Offers 25-36 month CD Special, 3.00% APY
12thAlly vs. Capital One: Which One Is Better?
Banking 101: Cashier's Checks: When You Need One, How to Get One and How to Use One Safely
Square Cash App Review: What You Need to Know Before You Start Sending and Receiving Money
Banking 101: What You Need to Know About Wire Transfers
Vibrant Credit Union Offers Top-Rate Money Market Account
1st Nor Cal Credit Union Adds 20-month CD Special, 3.04% APY
11thGlass City Federal Credit Union (OH) Has 60-Mo CD Special, 3.50% APY
University Federal Credit Union (UT) Offers 48-Month CD, 3.30% APY
10thApril Series I Savings Bonds - Yield Is Low Compared to Top CDs
University Federal Credit Union Offers Top 60-Month Jumbo CD Rate
9thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - April 9, 2019
Excellent IRA CD Rates Up To 3.85% APY At Space Coast Credit Union
8thFirst Home Bank (FL) Offers Advantage Money Market, Up To 2.50% APY
AEA Federal Credit Union (AZ) Adds 30-Mo CD Special, Up to 3.50% APY
6thBankPurely/iGobanking Raise Money Market Rates to 2.45% APY
5thUSALLIANCE Financial Adds 18-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union Adds 24-month Flex CD, 3.25% APY
4thSecurity Bank (OK) Adds Nationally Available 18-Month CD, 3.02% APY
PathFinder Bank (NY) Adds "You Choose" CD Specials, 3.00% APY
3rdA New Fake Bank Website Pops Up - Verifying a Bank Website Address
Origin Bank (LA/MS/TX) Adds Performance Checking, 4.00% APY
Utah Community Credit Union Offers 22-Month Add-On CD, 3.05% APY
AgFed Credit Union Brings Back 21-month CD Special, 2.90% APY
2ndFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - April 2, 2019
Suncoast Credit Union (FL) Ups 24-Month Jumbo CD, 3.25% APY
1stInvestors eAccess Promotes eAccess Money Market, 2.50% APY
Citywide Banks (CO) Debuts Platinum Checking, 2.00% APY

March 2019

29thBanking 101: What You Need to Know About Private Banking
Banking 101: What Do You Need to Open a Bank Account?
Banking 101: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Federal Reserve
Banking 101: How Many Bank Accounts Should I Have?
Ally vs. Synchrony - How Do They Compare?
Apple Pay Cash Review
Banking 101: Overdraft Fees - What You Need to Know
GTE Financial Has Promo CDs With Unlimited Add-Ons
Ally Bank Cuts CD Rates - Will Other Banks Follow?
Cyprus Credit Union (UT) Adds 13-Month CD Special, 3.05% APY
28thBeware of Fake Bank Websites with High-Rate CDs
Banking 101: How to Cancel a Check and How Much It'll Cost to Stop Payment
TransferWise Money Transfer Review
Banking 101: 5 of the Best Options to Send Money Internationally
Banking 101: Where to Exchange Currency Without Paying Big Fees
Banking 101: Where to Get Cheap Checks
Dow Chemical Employees CD Promotes 36-Month CD
West End Bank Offers Nationally Available Add-On CD Specials
27thVio Bank Ups High Yield Online Savings To 2.46% APY
Merck Sharp & Dohme FCU Ups 24-Month CD To 3.50% APY
26thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - March 26, 2019
City Credit Union (TX) Promotes 4-Year IRA CD, 4.00% APY
25thCalifornia Coast Credit Union Adds 5-Month CD, 9.00% APY ($3k Max)
Ally Bank Offers Another Select CD - EXPIRED
WebBank's 1-Year CD Earns a Top Rate
Bank of Franklin County (MO) Has 20-Month CD Special, 3.04% APY
24thWebBank Offers 2.40% APY On Its Nationally Available Savings Account
22ndCoVantage Credit Union (WI/MI) 17-Month CD Special Earns 3.00% APY
21stMountain America Credit Union Lowering Rates Tomorrow
Fed's Pause Has Begun - Rate Predictions & CD Strategies for 2019
USF Federal Credit Union Offers 18-Month CD Special, 3.10% APY
EFCU Financial 48-Month CD Earns Up To 3.50% APY
20thColorado Federal Savings Bank Boosts 12-Month CD Rate (2.86% APY)
19thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - March 19, 2019
Capital One 360 Money Market®: Earn Up to $500 & a Top Rate on Qualifying Balances
Royal Credit Union (MN/WI) Ups 18-Month CD To 3.04% APY
18th2019 Study of CD Early Withdrawal Penalties and How They Have Changed
America First Credit Union's 12-Month CD Now Earns 3.00% APY
16thDort Federal Credit Union Offers Boost Checking, 5% APY
15thCustomers Bank Adds Nationwide High-Yield Savings, 2.50% APY
14thApple Federal Credit Union Adds Pi Day 314-Day CD, 3.14% APY
TDECU Promotes 36-Month Rising Rate CD, 3.56% Blended APY
Wasatch Peaks Credit Union Pushes 12-Month CD To 3.00% APY
13thBank & Credit Union Health Grades Updated from Latest Data (2018 Q4)
Dort Federal Credit Union Has 25-Month CD Special, 4.00% APY
MemoryBank Nudges Online Money Market To 2.45% APY
12thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - March 12, 2019
Granite Credit Union (UT) Unveils 11-Month CD, 3.05% APY
11thCFBank (Ohio) Debuts 25-Month CD Special, 3.15% APY
Wright-Patt Credit Union (OH) Adds 27-Month CD Special, 3.14% APY
9thFirst Federal Lakewood (OH) Has Money Market Promo Rate, 2.68% APY
8thBanking 101: SIPC vs FDIC - Understanding the Difference
Reliabank (SD) Boosts Ultimate Checking To 4.01% APY
Banking 101: How Do Savings Bonds Work?
My eBanc Ups Super Saver Money Market To 2.25% APY
7thHorizon Community Bank (AZ) Star Checking Earns 3.25% APY
Goldman Sachs Bank USA Offers $100 Online Savings Account Bonus
Family First Federal Credit Union Has Money Market Special, 2.50% APY
6thWinchester Savings Bank (MA) Adds 10-Month CD, 3.00% APY
BBVA Compass Brings Back ClearChoice Money Market Promo Rate
5thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - March 5, 2019
Sallie Mae Bank Money Market Rate Increases To 2.30% APY
4thMain Street Bank Ups Nationally Available Kasasa Cash To 3.00% APY
Sound Credit Union (WA) Adds 19-Month CD Special - EXPIRED
Banking 101: How to Cash in Series EE Savings Bonds
2ndGeneral Electric Credit Union Has 19-Month CD Special, 3.20% APY
Banking 101: What to Do When You’ve Lost a Money Order
1stNeighbors Federal Credit Union Offers Top 36-Month CD, 3.37% APY
Peoples Bank (LA) Ups Kasasa Cash To 4.01% APY

February 2019

28thGrow Financial Federal Credit Union Offers 2.75% APY Money Market
Hanmi Bank Raises 13-Month Gro CD Rate To 2.85% APY
27thWescom Credit Union (CA) Adds 13-month CD Special, 2.85% APY
Utah Community Credit Union Adds 9-Month CD, 3.00% APY
26thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - Feb 26, 2019
Greylock Federal Credit Union Offers 25-Month CD Special, 3.10% APY
25thAndrews Federal Credit Union Has 6-Month CD (3.25% APY) For One Week
PurePoint Financial Unveils 13-Month No-Penalty CD, 2.60% APY
Hyperion Bank Boosts 13-Month CD to 3.20% APY
Western Union Money Transfer Review
23rdLive Oak Bank Savings Account Now Earns 2.30% APY
Banking 101: Reasons to Use Bill Pay
22ndEvergreen Bank Group (IL) Ups Kasasa Cash To 3.00% APY
Belco Community Credit Union (PA) Has 5-Month CD Special, 2.78% APY
Banking 101: How to Cash in Savings Bonds From Your Childhood
21stAltra Federal Credit Union Adds A+ Platinum Checking, 3.50% APY
Mountain America Credit Union Ups 24-Month CD To 3.25% APY
Banking 101: Second Chance Banking - Savings and Checking Accounts That Won't Turn You Down
20thWestern State Bank High Yield Money Market Earns 2.50% APY
Space Coast Credit Union Has New 15-Month CD - EXPIRED
Remitly Money Transfer Review
19thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - Feb 19, 2019
Royal Bank (IL) Unveils 11-Month CD Special, 3.14% APY
Passumpsic Bank (VT/NH) Adds 13-Month CD Special, 2.90% APY
Banking 101: How to Cash a Check Without Going to the Bank
18thDime Community Bank Adds 13-Month No Penalty CD, 2.45% APY
Banking 101: How to Find Your Check Routing Number
16thBank 7 Raises Online Money Market and Savings Rates
Banking 101: What is the difference between APR and APY?
15thBanking 101: What is Regulation D and How Does It Affect Me?
Freedom Credit Union Adds 18-Month Promo CD, 3.50% APY
FNBO Direct Increases Online Savings Account Rate
Grow Financial Federal Credit Union Adds 15-Month CD, 3.35% APY
14thBanking 101: Is Mobile Banking Safe? Should You Avoid it?
Susquehanna Community Bank Offers 3.00% APY On Savings Account
Orion Federal Credit Union Premium Checking Nationally Available
Hyperion Bank Offers Nationally Available 19-Month CD, 3.10% APY
13thGoldenwest Credit Union (UT) Adds Limited-Time 11-Month CD, 3.05% APY
12thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - Feb 12, 2019
Apple Federal Credit Union Has 23-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
11thInterior Federal Credit Union Offers 2.78% APY On 6-Month CD
Enrichment Federal Credit Union (TN) Adds 59-Mo CD Special, 3.56% APY
10thBanking 101: Everything You Need to Know About Money Orders
9thAmerica First Credit Union Ups 6-11 Month CD To 3.00% APY
8thBankPurely and iGobanking Raise Money Market Rates to 2.40% APY
Fairwinds Credit Union (FL) Sweetens Unlimited Add-On CD Specials
Banking 101: Pay Off Debt or Save - How to Make the Right Choice
7thNew Internet Bank, Rising Bank, Launches with Savings Account and CDs
My Community Credit Union (TX) Adds 15-Month Jumbo CD, 3.56% APY
6thUnitus Community Credit Union Ups 36-Month CD Rate (3.50% APY)
People's Credit Union Adds 10-Month CD, 3.00% APY
5thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - Feb 5, 2019
Frontwave Credit Union (CA) Ups 3-Year CD, 3.50% APY
Top CD Rates Didn’t Last Long at North Bay Credit Union (CA)
4thNavy Federal Offers 6-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
Suncoast Credit Union (FL) Adds 18-Month Jumbo CD, 3.20% APY
Teachers Credit Union Adds 25-Month CD Special, 3.09% APY
2ndMembers First Credit Union Ups 27-Month CD (3.26% APY)
1stNASA Federal Credit Union Brings Back 15-Month CD Special, 3.20% APY
PenFed Cuts CD Rates - Another Sign of Falling Rates
Greater Nevada Credit Union Ups Aspire Checking, 4.00% APY Up To $50k
Peoples Bank (LA) Adds 33-Month CD, 3.33% APY

January 2019

31stMoney One Federal Credit Union Has 3-Year IRA Special, 3.60% APY
30thFed Says It’ll Be Patient on Rates - CD Strategies for 2019
First Farmers Bank & Trust Ups Harvest Rewards Checking To 3.00% APY
29thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - Jan 29, 2019
Northern Bank Direct Ups Promo Rate On Existing Money Market Accounts
Chase vs. Bank of America
28thPremier America Credit Union’s Latest Special, 17-Month CD, 3.20% APY
Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union Adds 36-Month CD Special, 3.65% APY
Rhinebeck Bank (NY) Unveils 14-Month CD Special (2.95% APY)
26thOptimumBank Offers 2.60% APY Money Market In South Florida
25thVio Bank Nudges Online Savings To 2.39% APY
UFB Direct Premium Money Market Offers 2.45% APY
Polish National Credit Union Ups 13-Month Add-On CD Rate, 2.83% APY
Banking 101: Where Can You Send Money Online?
24thSignal Financial Adds 24-Month CD Special (3.10% APY)
Basic Banking Guide
Arsenal Credit Union (MO/IL) 24-Month CD Earns 3.25% APY
23rdAll America Bank/Redneck Bank Ups Mega Money Market to 2.50% APY
Mutual Bank (MA) Ups Leader Money Market To 2.43% APY
22ndFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - Jan 22, 2019
Cornerstone Financial Credit Union Has 19-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
Atlantic Federal Credit Union (NJ) Adds 37-Month CD, 3.35% APY
21stOxford Bank (MI) Offers Kasasa Cash (2.50% APY up to $50k) State Wide
TAB Bank High Yield Savings Raised to 2.30% APY
20thAre You Eligible for $142 Million Wells Fargo Settlement?
SFGI Direct Ups Savings Account Rate - Almost 10 Years of Top Rates
19thFirst Home Bank 18-Month CD (3.01% APY) Available Nationwide Money Market Account Leads With 2.41% APY
Premier America Credit Union Ups 16-Month CD Special, 3.15% APY
17thConnexus Credit Union's 60-Month CD Now Earns 3.63% APY
Average Local Savings and CD Rates Reveal Why You Should Bank Online
Ally Ups Savings Account Rate & Emails Customers of Payback Earnings
Freedom Credit Union Offers 24-Month CD, 3.05% APY
16thElmira Savings Bank (NY) Debuts 29-Month CD Special, 3.15% APY
HRCU (NH) 30-Month CD Special Now Earns 3.51% APY
15thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - Jan 15, 2019
First Community Credit Union Hikes 72-Month CD Rate To 3.75% APY
14thWhat a Patriot Bond Is and What to Do With It
Citizens Access Ups Online Savings To 2.35% APY
UniBank (MA/CT/RI) Offers 14-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
12thLiberty Bell Bank (NJ) Offers 15-Month CD Special, 3.00% APY
11thGesa Credit Union (WA/ID) 36-Month Bump CD Now Earns 3.50% APY
Live Oak Bank Savings Account Rises to 2.25% APY
10thThe Harbor Bank of Maryland Offers 60-Month CD Special, 3.56% APY
Oklahoma's Credit Union Debuts 37-Month CD Special, 3.66% APY
9thSalem Five Direct Ups eOne Savings Rate To 2.30% APY
NASB Adds High Rate Savings, 2.53% APY ($50k-$5m)
8thFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - Jan 8, 2019
MemoryBank Online Money Market Now Earns 2.40% APY
Jefferson Financial (LA/AL) Boosts All CD Rates, 12-Month, 2.96% APY
7thNavy Federal Introduces 17-Month Add-On CD Special, 3.25% APY
Shell Federal Credit Union (TX) Boosts 60-Month CD, 3.60% APY
5thColumbia Credit Union (WA/OR) 30-Month CD Earns Up To 3.60% APY
4thPurePoint Financial Raises Online Savings Rate To 2.35% APY
Goldman Sachs Bank USA Ups Rates On Online Savings Account and CDs
USALLIANCE Financial Unveils High Dividend Savings, 2.30% APY
3rdCIT Bank’s Savings Builder Account Reaches 2.45% APY
Premier America Credit Union Ups 15-Month CD Special, 3.10% APY
United States Senate FCU Nudges Up Rate On Top 60-Month CD
2ndFederal Reserve, the Economy and CD Rate Forecast - Jan 2, 2019
Fairwinds Credit Union (FL) Offers Unlimited Add-On CDs
1stHappy New Year!

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