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Special 2-Year CD with Top Rate at XCEL Federal Credit Union
Xcel Credit Union

XCEL Federal Credit Union is offering a summer CD special with two special CDs. One is especially competitive. It’s a 2-year CD with a 2.00% APY. The other one isn’t quite as good. It’s a 1-year CD with a 1.00% APY. Minimum deposit for both is $10,000, and new money is required (funds not already on deposit with the credit union). Details of these special CDs are listed in this credit union promotions page as of 8/20/2014. According to this page, the specials will end once they reach $5 million...

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The Berkshire Bank's 18-month CD Interest Rate Continues to Rise
The Berkshire Bank

The interest rate on The Berkshire Bank's (NY) 18-month CD has been steadily rising since October 2013, and is currently at 1.20% APY. The minimum opening deposit for this CD is $1K, with a balance cap of $500K; it is also available as an IRA. Interest is compounded daily and may be withdrawn before the CD matures.

The Early Withdrawal Penalty, as described in The Berkshire Bank's Account Agreement and Disclosure, is substantial:

The Berkshire Bank is also offering a new Super Security Checking...

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Citizens Bank's CollegeSaver Account Rewards with End of Term $1,000 Bonus
RBS Citizens, National Association

With school starting soon, it's a good time to review your college savings plan options. And if you say, "What college savings plan?", you may want to consider Citizens Bank's "CollegeSaver Account," as a starting point. The CollegeSaver Account pays a $1K bonus at the end of the deposit term. You will owe taxes on the interest, as the CollegeSaver Account is not a 529, but the funds saved and the $1K bonus do NOT have to be spent on educational costs.

To qualify for the...

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Another Top 15-Month CD Rate at Aspire Federal Credit Union - 1.26%
Aspire Federal Credit Union

Aspire Federal Credit Union increased the rate of its 15-month CD to the competitive level of 1.26% APY. Minimum deposit is $1,000. This rate applies to an eCertificate which are share certificates opened online via My CU Online. The rate is 0.10% lower if the certificate is opened at one of the credit union’s branches. This 15-month CD is listed in the credit union’s rates page as of 6/24/2014.

For more details about the CDs, please refer to Aspire’s Policies & Disclosures page. In the bottom half of the list...

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Higher Long-Term CD Rates in Several States at First Republic Bank
First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank has again increased its long-term CD rates, and now they are even more competitive. The 6-year CD rate increased 10 basis points to 2.35% APY. The 5-, 4- and 3-year CD rates increased by 25 basis points. The new rates are 2.25% APY for the 5-year CD, 2.00% APY for the 4-year CD and 1.50% APY for the 3-year CD. Minimum deposit is $10,000. These rates are listed at the bank's rates page as of 6/17/2014. Rates may vary by location. You have to select your region...

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New 25-Month CD Rate Special at Quorum Federal Credit Union - 1.5%
Quorum Federal Credit Union

Quorum Federal Credit Union has replaced its 13-month CD special with a 25-month CD special. Like the last special, this new one is very competitive. The new 25-month CD has a 1.50% A PY. Quorum calls its CDs Term Savings accounts. Minimum deposit is $1,000. It’s also available as an IRA CD.This is a limited time offer that is listed on the credit union's rates page as of 6/4/2014. Thanks to DA member Sylvia for posting on this new special in the forum.

Membership is open to those associated with a...

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USAlliance FCU Increases Rate of its 35-Month CD Special - 1.71%
USAlliance Credit Union

USAlliance Federal Credit Union has made a nice change to its spring CD special. The rate of its special 35-month CD increased from 1.61% to 1.71% APY. Its special 13-month CD rate remains at the very competitive level of 1.21% APY. Both have a $500 minimum deposit with no maximum deposit. New money and eStatements are required. These specials are listed at the credit union’s CD specials page as of 5/23/2014.

In my last review of USAlliance CDs, DA member cumulus described his experience last year with opening a USAlliance...

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Top CD Rates at Doral Bank in NYC and Florida Panhandle
Doral Bank

Doral Bank NY has maintained very competitive CD and IRA CD rates for more than a year. Rates on two of these CDs just went up by 5 basis points. The 18-month CD rate is now 1.30% APY and the 2-year CD rate is 1.50% APY. The other rates have remained the same. The best ones include a 1.20% APY 1-year CD and a 1.60% APY 3-year CD. These rates are also available as IRA CDs. Minimum deposit is $500. These rates are listed in the Doral Bank NY rates...

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Special CDs with Top Rates at USAlliance FCU - Easy Membership - 1.71%
USAlliance Credit Union

USAlliance Federal Credit Union has regularly offered CD specials. The latest one is a spring special with two very competitive CD rates: 1.21% APY for a 13 month term and 1.61% APY for a 35 month term. Minimum deposit is $500, and there’s no maximum deposit. New money and eStatements are required. These specials are listed at the credit union’s CD specials page as of 5/2/2014. Thanks to DA readers cumulus and scottj who mentioned these promos in the DA forum.


The credit union has an online application that can...

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Capital One Business Checking Promotion with a $250 Bonus - Branch Only
Capital One Bank

Capital One is again offering a nice bonus for new business checking accounts. It’s not as nice as last year’s bonus, but it’s still a good deal. The current bonus is $250, and it’s scheduled to last until 4/30/2014. If it’s like past promotions, Capital One will probably extend it. The promotion requires a branch visit (see below for branch locations).

Here’s the link to the promotion at, and here’s a summary of what’s required to earn the $250 bonus:

  • Show this offer to a banker when you open your new...
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New Reward Checking Account at Manasquan Savings Bank in the Northeast
Manasquan Savings Bank

Manasquan Savings Bank has just launched a high-interest reward checking account under the Kasasa brand. It’s called Kasasa Cash, and it has a competitive rate and balance cap. The bank also launched three other Kasasa products. One is a savings account called Kasasa Saver and the other two are checking accounts called Kasasa Tunes and Kasasa Cash Back. Below is a summary of the rates and features of the Kasasa Cash and Kasasa Saver accounts as of 4/4/2014:

Kasasa Cash account rates and ATM fee refunds if monthly requirements are met:

  • 2.00%...
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13-Month CD Special with a Top Rate at Quorum FCU - Easy Membership
Quorum Federal Credit Union

Update 6/4/2014: This 13-month CD special has ended.

Quorum Federal Credit Union is offering a special 1.25% APY 13-month CD (They call it a Term Savings account). Minimum deposit is $1,000. It’s also available as an IRA CD.This is a limited time offer that is listed on the credit union's rates page as of 4/2/2014.

Membership is open to those associated with a long list of companies and groups at the credit union's eligibility page. One group listed is the Select Savers Club. In the eligibility section of the online application, one...

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