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Susquehanna Bank Offers New Promotional Money Market Account - 1.2%
Susquehanna Bank

A few days ago, Susquehanna Bank unveiled a new Promotional Money Market Account with a very attractive interest rate of 1.20% APY. This rate is guaranteed for a period of 4 months from account opening or account conversion. The minimum deposit for this Promotional MMA is $10K and there is no maximum balance cap. Interest is compounded and credited on a monthly basis, and if the account is closed before the interest is credited, you will receive the accrued interest.


Susquehanna Bank's market...

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Citizens Bank's CollegeSaver Account Rewards with End of Term $1,000 Bonus - 0.1%
RBS Citizens, National Association

With school starting soon, it's a good time to review your college savings plan options. And if you say, "What college savings plan?", you may want to consider Citizens Bank's "CollegeSaver Account," as a starting point. The CollegeSaver Account pays a $1K bonus at the end of the deposit term. You will owe taxes on the interest, as the CollegeSaver Account is not a 529, but the funds saved and the $1K bonus do NOT have to be spent on educational costs.

To qualify for the...

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Asian Bank (PA) Introduces New 30-Month CD With A Competitive Rate
Asian Bank

Asian Bank (Philadelphia) made its debut on's Best CD Rates Summary last week with three CD Specials: 30-month CD (1.68% APY), 18-month CD (1.28% APY), and 10-month CD (0.80% APY). While the 18- and 10- month CD Specials have been in existence for a while, the 30-month CD is a new addition. These CDs all require a $1K minimum deposit to open, and according to CSR, the EWP equates to all interest earned at time of withdrawal.


A visit to...

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Competitive CD Rate Specials at Fifth Third Bank in Several States
Fifth Third Bank (OH)

Another large regional bank has come out with new CD specials. Fifth Third Bank has improved the CD specials that it started to offer in January. Its two best CD specials are a 2.00% APY 5-year CD and a 1.50% APY 44-month CD. There’s also a 28-month CD with a 1.00% APY. Minimum deposit is $5,000, and a new or existing checking account is required. These rates are listed in Fifth Third’s CD promotional page as of 7/8/2014.

It’s important to note that the early withdrawal penalty for CD terms...

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WesBanco’s Checking Account Promotion for Parts of OH, WV & PA
WesBanco (WV)

WesBanco has a new checking account promotion that's scheduled to last until July 7, 2014. You can earn up to $150 with checking account activities and $50 by referring a friend for a total of $200. To earn the full $200 requires some work. However, you can skip some of the requirements and still get most of the bonus. The offer is listed at this WesBanco promotions page. Below is a list of requirements to receive the full $200 bonus:

  • $25 for opening account
  • $25 for debit card use (15 debit card...
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New Kasasa Accounts with a High-Yield Reward Checking at Tobyhanna FCU
Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned one of the good deals at Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union. There are other deals that are noteworthy. Those are Kasasa accounts, and one of these accounts is a high-yield reward checking account, that’s called Kasasa Cash. There’s also a savings account called Kasasa Saver which links to the checking account, and there are two other reward checking accounts. One is Kasasa Cash Back which offers cash back on debit card purchases, and the other is Kasasa Tunes which offers refunds on iTunes and...

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TobyFCU’s Prime Rate Certificate Is a Great Long-Term CD Deal - 3.04%
Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union

One of the good deposit deals at Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union (TobyFCU) is its Prime Rate Certificate. It has a 7-year term and its rate is based on the Prime Rate (Prime Rate - 3.25% with a floor of 3.04%). Since the current Prime Rate is 3.25%, the current certificate rate is the floor rate of 3.04%. That’s a very competitive rate for 7-year CDs. The rate is variable, but it can only go up since the floor rate is 3.04%. Another nice feature of this CD is that additional...

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New Eligibility Options for Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union Membership
Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union

It’s always nice to see a credit union that has many good deposit deals make it easier for people to qualify for membership. That’s the case with Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union (TobyFCU) which is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Members of American Consumer Council (ACC) can now qualify for membership in TobyFCU. There are several good deposit account deals at TobyFCU that should interest savers. I’ll cover these in the next few days, but I first wanted to highlight this eligibility change.

The full details of TobyFCU’s membership qualifications are listed in...

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PNC’s New Account Bonuses of up to $400 in Several States

PNC Bank has some new promotions for its Virtual Wallet accounts. If you live in one of the qualifying states, you can earn up to $400 in bonuses. This is a big increase from its past promotions. You still have to be careful to avoid monthly service charges.

Here’s the link to PNC’s $400 promotion page. The offer is scheduled to end on 8/29/2014 5/31/2014. You can open the account online or choose to have them email you a coupon to take to a branch. There are three levels of bonuses....

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Special CDs with Top Rates at Patriot FCU in Parts of PA and MD
Patriot Credit Union

Patriot Federal Credit Union has come out with four special CDs with very competitive rates. The best one is a 5-year CD with a 3.00% APY. The others include a 4-year CD with a 2.50% APY, a 3-year CD with a 2.00% APY and a 30-month CD with a 2.00% APY. The 4-year CD has a step-up feature which allows you to increase the rate one time to the rate currently in effect for that CD. Minimum deposit for these special CDs is $25,000, and new money is required. These...

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New Reward Checking Account at Manasquan Savings Bank in the Northeast
Manasquan Savings Bank

Manasquan Savings Bank has just launched a high-interest reward checking account under the Kasasa brand. It’s called Kasasa Cash, and it has a competitive rate and balance cap. The bank also launched three other Kasasa products. One is a savings account called Kasasa Saver and the other two are checking accounts called Kasasa Tunes and Kasasa Cash Back. Below is a summary of the rates and features of the Kasasa Cash and Kasasa Saver accounts as of 4/4/2014:

Kasasa Cash account rates and ATM fee refunds if monthly requirements are met:

  • 2.00%...
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$200 Checking Account Bonus at Northwest Savings Bank in NY, PA, OH & MD
Northwest Savings Bank

It has been awhile since I last reported on a checking account bonus at Northwest Savings Bank. I’m glad to see the bank is again offering a bonus, and it’s a nice bonus for a free checking account. You can earn up to $200 on the checking account promotion. It requires direct deposit to receive the first $100. For the second $100, you’ll have to keep the account open for a year. Details of this offer are listed in the bank's promotions page as of 3/24/2014. The most important part...

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