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Signs That Fed Rate Hikes May End


The minutes from the last Federal Reserve meeting were released yesterday and indicate that the Fed may be preparing to end its rate hikes. It was mostly hints of a change rather than any timetable. Rate hikes will likely occur at the next few meetings, but groundwork is being discussed for ending the rate-rise cycle. After the release of the minutes yesterday, the markets interpreted the news as the beginning of the end of the Fed's rate hikes. Stocks rose and the Treasury yields of all durations retreated (more from CNN).

So how much can we expect saving account rates to rise next year? Should some of the money in your high yield savings accounts be switched over to CDs? When interest rates increased as much as they did this year, savings accounts like from EmigrantDirect made CDs look like bad choices. This might change next year. In future posts I'll look at ways to evaluate these kinds of decisions.