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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Bank Deals Blog - 2005

December 2005

31st5.01% 12-Month CD at a Florida Bank
Finding the Best Bank Rates and Deals
ING Direct Savings Now 3.80%
30thEverBank Ups Checking Intro Rate to 5.01%
5% 12-Month Promo CD at a Illinois Bank
World Savings 4.86% 6-month CD
29thHSBC Direct Signup Bonus Received
New High-Rate Long-Term CDs
28thMajor CD Rate Changes at SHCU
27th5.10% 13-Month CD at a South Florida Bank
5% 1-year CD Milestone
FirstFedDirect's Savings Account Now 4.25%
20thInside ING Direct - Why the Low Savings Account Rate
5.25% 25-Month CD at a Virginia CU
Opening an HSBC Online Savings Account
19thPassword Methods for Multiple Bank Accounts
4.30% on Top Tier of Advanta Bank's Money Market
5% 1-Year CD at Countrywide Bank?
18th4.95% 18-Month CD at a California CU
16th5.10% 19-Month CD at a Virgina CU
5.50% 12-Month CD at a New York CU
5% Money Market Intro Rate
FirstFedDirect, a New Internet Bank
15th4.40% UmbrellaBank Money Market Account?
5% 11-Month CD at a Chicago Bank
HSBC Raises Savings to 4.25%
14th4.90% 12-Month CD at Ascencia Bank
Another Citibank $200 Checking Account Bonus
5.13% 12-Month CD at a Massachusetts CU
5.00% 13-Month CD at Wisconsin CU
13thFed Lifts Rates, No Change at EmigrantDirect
4.50% Money Market Account at a PA CU
5% 18-Month CD at a Pennsylvania CU
12thWorld Savings 4.61% 8-Month CD Special
DCU's 5% 16-Month CD Special is Back
11thFed Rate Hikes and Bank Rates - Expectations?
10thNew ING Direct CD Rates - Dec 10th
GMAC Bank Money Market Savings Now 4.30%
9th10% Savings Account for Kids
5.65% 5-year CD at a Virginia CU
5% 25-Month CD at a Minnesota CU
$75 Bonus for Checking Account at Colorado CU
5% 26-Month CD Available Online
World Savings Step-Up Money Market Account
8th5% 15-Month CD at Ohio CU
$150 Bonus for Money Market Account at NY CU
$50 Bonus for Checking at Toledo CU
$100 Gift Card for Citibank Credit Card
7th4.56% 6-month CD at ETrade Bank
5% 15-Month CD at a New York CU
Free iPod nano Checking Account Deal
CapitalOne Savings Now at 4.00%
6th5.38% 48-Month CD at a Ohio CU
Online Banking Stats, Loyalty and Switching
5th5% 12-Month CD at a New York Bank
Bank of America Extends Checking Bonus
ING Direct Savings Now 3.75%
4th5% 18-Month CD at Missouri CU
5.10% 14-Month CD at Tennessee CU
Bank CD Market Timing
3rd6% 6-Month CD at a Kentucky CU
$50 Bonus for Chase Checking and Direct Deposit
Free Palm for Citibank Checking
2ndBest CD Rates Available to All
Future Fed Rate Hikes and EmigrantDirect
5% 25-Month CD in a Chicagoland Bank
Free Checking Deal at Guaranty Bank
Bank Account Aggregation Services
5% 9-Month CD at N. Virgina Bank
1stBankrate's Survey of Checking Accounts
MyBankingDirect Ups Money Market to 4.10%

November 2005

30th5 Percent 24-Month CD at Ohio CU
HSBC's New $25 Signup Bonus
29th6.73% I Bond vs. Bank CD?
28th5.09% 15-Month CD at SDFCU
Some Long Term CDs Trending Down
WesBanco $50 Checking Account Deal
ebank $50 Checking Account Deal
26thSavings Account, 6-month CD or 12-month CD?
25thCDs Over 6% With Some Catches
CD Tips from the FDIC
Things To Know About FDIC Insurance
4.55% 6-Month CD Deal in Austin Texas
24thHigh Interest Rate Checking Account Deals
23rdSeveral Banks Raise CD Rates
Signs That Fed Rate Hikes May End
22nd5% 30-Month CD at Ohio CU
$101 Checking Related Bonuses at a St. Louis Bank
21st15-Month 5% CD at a Boston Bank
5.10% 12-Month CD at Georgia CU
5% 9-Month CD at a California Bank
5% 24-Month CD in a North Chicago Bank
20thWhy the Low Long-Term CD Rates
Checking Account Deal at an Indiana Bank
19thING Direct CD Increases - Nov 19th
30-Month 5% CD at a Chicago Bank
18thNo-Minimum Money Market Account at 4.25%
$5000 Cash Bonus for a CD?
17th19-month 5% CD at a Chicago Bank
Highest Low-Minimum Money Market Accounts
16th5.02% 18-month CD at interState Net Bank
15-Month 5.00% APY CD at Georgia CU
15thHow to Get 4.85% 1-year CD at ebank
7-Month 5.25% CD in Kentucky CU
5.96% 5-year CD at Michigan CU
14th5.90% 15-Month CD and 5.12% 8-month CD
5.12% Money Market Account and $120 Checking Bonus
No-Minimum Savings Account at 4.25% for NY
13thLinking Online Savings Accounts
Bank Atlantic Checking Signup Bonus
11thOne-Year 5.00% CD Special
Two Online Banks Now Have 3-yr 5% CDs
10thPrincipal Bank $50 Bonus
UmbrellaBank Money Market Now 4.15%
Washington Mutual's ATM Policy Change
9th23 Savings Accounts At Or Above 4% APY
8th5.00% 6-month CD
7th5.00% 3-month CD
6thBump-Up Bank CDs: Compass vs. CapitalOne
5thUpdated Rate Chart and EmigrantDirect's Growth
ING Direct Increases CD Rates
Another 4% Savings at GMAC Bank
4thHSBC Online Savings Rate Now 4.0%
SHCU 1-year CD rate now 4.92%!
Very High CD Rates (4.88%/1yr) - Open to All
3rdDeposit Power Program Ends
AmboyDirect Bank Increases Rates
New Online Bank Security Worries
ING Direct Savings Finally Hits 3.5%
2nd6-Month Bank CDs Going Up
New CapOne/Costco and UFB Direct Money Market Rates
1stAnother 4.65% 5-month CD
Fed Ups Rates, How Fast Will Banks Respond?
New I Bond Fixed Rate Only 1%
$100 Checking Account Bonus

October 2005

31stFuture Fed Rates and the Best Cash Options
Future of Online Bank Security
Big Increase in E*Trade Bank's CD Rates
EmigrantDirect to 4.25% after Fed Mtg Tomorrow?
30thBest Banks for Laddering CDs
29thCharter One Bank Deals
Preventing Online Bank Fraud
28thShort Term Rates Higher Than EmigrantDirect
Deposit Power Program Progress
27thBanks With the Best Online Accounts
26thShort Term 5% CD Deals
State Farm Bank's 3-month 4.25% CD
25thWorld Savings' 4.65% 5-Month CD
USA Today Article on I Bonds
Slight Rise in ING Direct's Long Term CDs
24thM&T Bank's Bonus and CDs
23rdBanks' Spend-to-Save Programs Worthwhile?
New 4.5% Money Market Account
22ndRunning Out of Time for I Bond Decisions
21stBreaking Bank CDs
Next Call to ING the CEO May Answer
Wall Street Journal Article on Online Banks
20thWells Fargo $25 Checking/Savings Deal
$100 Gift Card for Checking at LA Bank
$35 Gift Cards for Checking at PNC Bank
19th4.25% CD/Savings Account and a 3-year 5% CD
Another 4% Money Market Account
Predicting the I Bond Fixed Rate
The Best Deal on a 6-Month CD
Up To $125 Bonus for Bank of New York Checking
18thBank of Wal-Mart?
Some More iPod Bank Promotions
Security Improvements for Online Banking
17thBest Short Term Savings Rate
Another Checking Account/iPod Deal
16thDeposit Availability Times for EmigrantDirect and ING Direct
14thMore ING Direct CD Features
13thHighest CD Rates at CUs - Oct 13th
Change in ING Direct's Referral Program
ING Direct's Answer To EmigrantDirect?
12thMajor Rate Increase at Another Online Bank
Hot Credit Union CD Deals
11thHighest Rate on Certificate of Deposit - Oct 11th
10thHow Banks Are Competing With EmigrantDirect
Amboy Direct Signup Bonuses
8thAmerican Express New Savings Accelerator
HSBC's New Signup Bonus
7thEbank $50 Signup Bonus
Citibank $200 Checking Account Deal
MyBankingDirect Matches EmigrantDirect
6thChecking Account Bonuses for Chicagoland
Bank of America's Twist on Debit Card Rewards
Update on USAA Bank
5thUSA Today Article: Rising Bank Fees
4thCredit Union CD Specials - Often Better Than Banks
3rd$50 ING Direct Signup Bonus
CNN Article: Internet banking has a lot to offer
2ndING Direct Raises Long Term CD Rates
1stCredit Union CD Specials - Oct 1st
Credit Unions That Are Open To All

September 2005

30thPersonal Finance Software and Bank Fees
29thUnique Credit Union/Local Bank CD Specials
28thTwo Banks With Some Decent Rates
Online Banking and Small Businesses
27thING Direct's Latest Email
VirtualBank Raises Money Market Account Rate
CD Specials at Hillcrest Bank
26thPresidential Bank Raises Its Savings Rates
Credit Union Locators and Networks
Online Banking Fears
25thOnline Banking Fraud - The New Crimeware
24thCredit Union CD Specials - Sept 24th
Signup Bonus for Bank of America Checking Account
23rdING Direct Raises Savings Account Rate
22nd$50 Signup Bonus for E*Trade Bank's Money Market Account
College Checking Accounts
Challengers to EmigrantDirect
21stEmigrantDirect vs the Average Bank
Highest Cash Back Credit Card from EmigrantDirect?
20thMore Talk About HSBC's OnlineSavings Bonus
Checking Account Bonuses for Chicago Area
4% Money Market Deal for Northeasterners
18thStock Market CDs
17thLocal Banks Are Sometimes Better
Beware of Local Banks
Couple of 4-Month 4 Percent CDs
16thAPY vs APR - How Do They Differ?
Will the Fed Raise Interest Rates?
15thPaying Credit Cards Using ING Direct or EmigrantDirect
ING Direct vs EmigrantDirect - Response Time
CD Specials - Terms Over One Year
14thShort-Term CD Specials
M&T Bank Cash Bonus
13thWells Fargo Featured CDs
New ING Direct Security Feature
More Adjustable Rate CDs
Slight Rise in ING Direct CD Rates
12thOnline Banking and Phishing Scams
11thMore Searching for 5 Percent CDs
Checking Account Deals
10thAdjustable Rate CDs
USAA Bank - The Willy Wonka of Banks
9thMetLife Bank Raises Money Market Rates
8thWhich Transfers Faster? ING Direct or EmigrantDirect?
EmigrantDirect's Gift to Members Affected by Katrina
Do Security Fears Prevent You from Online Banking?
Credit Union CD Rate Specials
3.5% APY Money Market at Wachovia
6thHSBC Signup Bonuses?
Bank of America Online Banking Promotion
5thCitibank iPod Deal and Online Banking
3rdAnother 5 Percent CD
Multiple Savings Accounts at ING Direct
The Interest Rate Outlook
2ndComparing Yields on the Top Savings Accounts
ING Direct Again Lowers Long Term CD Rates
1stHSBC Raises Its Savings Account Rate
More Searching for Those 5 Percent CDs

August 2005

31stMoney Market Rates of 5 Percent?
29thNews about UmbrellaBank.com
28thTwo Signs an Online Bank May Be Bogus
26thThe Deal at HSBC Bank
24thFinding Deals at Your Local Credit Unions
Searching for Those 5% CDs
The Deal at MetLife Bank
22ndThe Deal at UFB Direct
Slight Dip in ING Direct's Long Term CD Rates
New York Banks Fighting It Out Online
21stResearch into UmbrellaBank
18thMyBankingDirect 3.75% APY and $25 Signup Bonus
5% APY 16-Month CD at Credit Union
16thING Direct Raises Savings Rate to 3.30%
13thThe Deal at Presidential Online Bank
Online Banks Battle For Our Dollars