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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Bank Deals Blog - 2005

  • 31st
    Banking Deal Summary for Dec 31st
    5.01% 12-Month CD at a Florida Bank
    Finding the Best Bank Rates and Deals
    ING Direct Savings Now 3.80%
  • 30th
    EverBank Ups Checking Intro Rate to 5.01%
    5% 12-Month Promo CD at a Illinois Bank
    World Savings 4.86% 6-month CD
  • 29th
    HSBC Direct Signup Bonus Received
    New High-Rate Long-Term CDs
  • 28th
    Major CD Rate Changes at SHCU
  • 27th
    5.10% 13-Month CD at a South Florida Bank
    5% 1-year CD Milestone
    FirstFedDirect's Savings Account Now 4.25%
  • 20th
    Inside ING Direct - Why the Low Savings Account Rate
    5.25% 25-Month CD at a Virginia CU
    Opening an HSBC Online Savings Account
  • 19th
    Password Methods for Multiple Bank Accounts
    4.30% on Top Tier of Advanta Bank's Money Market
    5% 1-Year CD at Countrywide Bank?
  • 18th
    4.95% 18-Month CD at a California CU
  • 17th
    Banking Deal Summary for Dec 17th
  • 16th
    5.10% 19-Month CD at a Virgina CU
    5.50% 12-Month CD at a New York CU
    5% Money Market Intro Rate
    FirstFedDirect, a New Internet Bank
  • 15th
    4.40% UmbrellaBank Money Market Account?
    5% 11-Month CD at a Chicago Bank
    HSBC Raises Savings to 4.25%
  • 14th
    4.90% 12-Month CD at Ascencia Bank
    Another Citibank $200 Checking Account Bonus
    5.13% 12-Month CD at a Massachusetts CU
    5.00% 13-Month CD at Wisconsin CU
  • 13th
    Fed Lifts Rates, No Change at EmigrantDirect
    4.50% Money Market Account at a PA CU
    5% 18-Month CD at a Pennsylvania CU
  • 12th
    World Savings 4.61% 8-Month CD Special
    DCU's 5% 16-Month CD Special is Back
  • 11th
    Fed Rate Hikes and Bank Rates - Expectations?
  • 10th
    Banking Deal Summary for Dec 10th
    New ING Direct CD Rates - Dec 10th
    GMAC Bank Money Market Savings Now 4.30%
  • 9th
    5.65% 5-year CD at a Virginia CU
    5% 25-Month CD at a Minnesota CU
    $75 Bonus for Checking Account at Colorado CU
    10% Savings Account for Kids
    5% 26-Month CD Available Online
    World Savings Step-Up Money Market Account
  • 8th
    5% 15-Month CD at Ohio CU
    $150 Bonus for Money Market Account at NY CU
    $50 Bonus for Checking at Toledo CU
    $100 Gift Card for Citibank Credit Card
  • 7th
    4.56% 6-month CD at ETrade Bank
    5% 15-Month CD at a New York CU
    Free iPod nano Checking Account Deal
    CapitalOne Savings Now at 4.00%
  • 6th
    5.38% 48-Month CD at a Ohio CU
    Online Banking Stats, Loyalty and Switching
  • 5th
    5% 12-Month CD at a New York Bank
    Bank of America Extends Checking Bonus
    ING Direct Savings Now 3.75%
  • 4th
    5% 18-Month CD at Missouri CU
    5.10% 14-Month CD at Tennessee CU
    Bank CD Market Timing
  • 3rd
    6% 6-Month CD at a Kentucky CU
    Banking Deal Summary for Dec 3rd
    $50 Bonus for Chase Checking and Direct Deposit
    Free Palm for Citibank Checking
  • 2nd
    Best CD Rates Available to All
    Future Fed Rate Hikes and EmigrantDirect
    5% 25-Month CD in a Chicagoland Bank
    Free Checking Deal at Guaranty Bank
    Bank Account Aggregation Services
    5% 9-Month CD at N. Virgina Bank
  • 1st
    Bankrate's Survey of Checking Accounts
    MyBankingDirect Ups Money Market to 4.10%

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