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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Bank Deals Blog - 2008

  • 31st
    Rate Cuts and Other Banking News
    $190 Checking Account Bonus at HomeStreet Bank in WA, OR & HI
    4.00% 18-Month CD at Credit Union of New Jersey
    4.00% 24-Month CD at Colonial Bank in AL, GA, FL, TX & NV
  • 30th
    2.51% Checking Without Debit Card Requirement at First New England FCU - Easy Membership
    3.75% 7-Month CD & 3.85% 13-Month CD at Greater Atlantic Bank in MD & VA
    3.90% Reward Checking Account at UMassFive College FCU in Massachusetts
    4.50% 12-Month & 6-Month CD at CorePlus FCU in Connecticut
  • 29th
    GMAC and IndyMac News
    4.01% Reward Checking Account at Carolinas Telco FCU
    4.03% 18-Month CD at USAlliance FCU in NY, NJ & MA
    5 Basic Steps to Becoming a Millionaire
    Canival of Saving Money – Issue 2, Surviving a Recession in 2009
  • 28th
    10 Lessons from the 2008 Bank Failures
    4.50% 12-Month CD at San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union
    2.53% Reward Checking Account at State Bank of Southern Utah
  • 27th
    Planning for Unexpected Expenses
    How to Choose a Money Market Account
  • 26th
    Banking News of the Day
    4.04% 9-Month CD at First New England FCU - Easy Membership
    4.06% 12-Month CD at Metro Phoenix Bank
    4.50% 36-Month CD at Federal Trust in Florida
    5.00% Reward Checking Account at Neighbors Credit Union in Missouri
  • 24th
    4.00% 12-Month CD at GMAC Bank - Nationally Available
    4.00% 15-Month CD at Nassau Educators FCU in New York
    High-Yield Reward Checking Account at Nassau Educators FCU in New York
    3.00% Reward Checking Account at Advantage National Bank in Illinois
  • 23rd
    4.00% 16-Month Online CD at Dollar Savings Direct
    5.00% 5-Year CD & 4.00% 18-Month CD at Community One FCU in Las Vegas
    4.00% 12-Month CD at Mountain America Credit Union in UT, AZ & NV - Easy Membership
  • 22nd
    3 Tips from the OCC's Website, Help With My Bank
    High-Yield Reward Checking Account at Bank of Gloucester in Massachusetts
    4.32% 6-Month CD at Gloucester Bank in Massachusetts
    Carnival of Saving Money - First Edition
  • 21st
    $25 Bonus at Citibank for Opening the Ultimate Savings Account - Update
    4.01% Reward Checking Account at Classic Bank in Texas
    5.00% 5-Year & 4.00% 2-Year CD at FedChoice FCU in MD, DC & PA
  • 20th
    3.05% Checking Guaranteed Until 6/30/09 at Old Southern Bank in Florida
  • 19th
    4.00% 4-Month CD at Great Lakes Credit Union in IL & WI
    Last Days of Two $150 Checking Account Promotions
    4.00% 9-Month CD at Endura Financial FCU in MN & MO
    High-Yield Reward Checking Account at Endura Financial FCU in MN & MO
    4.10% 18-Month CD & 4.00% 5-Month CD at Hyde Park Savings Bank in MA
  • 18th
    Rate Cuts - ING Direct, WaMu, E*Trade, UFB Direct & Others
    Issues of Long-Term CDs and Early Withdrawal Penalties
    Last Chance to Lock into a 5 Percent CD?
    4.15% 10-Month CD & 4.30% 15-month CD at Omni National Bank in Florida & Georgia
    5.00% 60-Month CD at Pacific Capital Bank in California
    4.00% 7-Month CD at Spencer Savings Bank in Massachusetts
  • 17th
    Bank of Internet's High Yield Savings Account - New Higher Yield
    4.15% 17-Month CD at Western FCU - Easy Membership
    Pentagon Federal Credit Unioin's 4.75% 3-Year CD
    Apple Bank for Savings One-Year 3.75% Money Market Promo Continues in New York
    Investing In A Rocky Economy
  • 16th
    FDIC Prepares for More Bank Failures
    $40 Checking Account Bonus for Opening EverBank's Checking Account
    3.50% Reward Checking Account at Venture Bank Direct
    Fed Cuts Key Rate to Near Zero
    4.25% 18-Month CD at Central Star Credit Union in Kansas
    4.05% 10-Month CD & 3.65% Checking at East River Bank in Philadelphia
    4.15% 12-Month CD & 4.00% 6-Month CD at Friends Bank in Florida
    One Year CD Yield as High as 4.40% at Generations FCU in Texas
    4.20% 12-Month & 4.10% 9-Month CD at Community Banks of Colorado
  • 15th
    Which Banks Have and Haven't Applied for the $700 Billion Bailout Funds
    2-Year CD with Yields Up to 4.40% at Metlife Bank - Nationally Available
    Update on Chase Personal Checking Account Bonus
    New FDIC Rules Making it Tougher on Bank Start-Ups
    4.00% 7-Month Add-On CD at America's Credit Union in WA - Easy Membership
    4.30% 12-Month CD at Peoples Credit Union In South Florida
    $100 Checking Account Bonus at Wainwright Bank in Massachusetts
  • 14th
    Wachovia Checking Account Bonuses, News, CDs and Other Deals
    4.32% 21-Month CD at Olin Community Credit Union in Illinois
    5.00% 24-Month CD at Frankenmuth Credit Union in Michigan
    4.00% 7-Month CD at Northfield Bank in New York & New Jersey
  • 13th
    GMAC's Problems and its Effect on GMAC Bank - What Can be Learned from Lehman Brothers
    4.00% Reward Checking Account at Evantage Internet Bank
  • 12th
    25th Bank Failure of 2008: Sanderson State Bank in Texas
    24th Bank Failure of 2008: Haven Trust Bank in Duluth, Georgia
    RevolutionCard's $100 Credit Card Bonus
    WaMu's $100 Checking Account Bonus and WaMu News
    4.26% 24-Month CD & 4.00% 12-Month CD at FNBO Direct
    3.60% Reward Checking Account at CornerStone Bank in North Dakota
    3.75% Money Market Account Guaranteed through 6/1/09 at Suburban Bank & Trust in Chicago
    4.00% 6-Month CD & 4.25% 14-Month CD at United Financial Bank of Florida
    Delta Community Credit Union's 4.50% 12-month CD Ending on Dec 13th
  • 11th
    4.25% 18-Month CD (Nationwide) & 3.75% Checking Until 6/30/09 (PA/NJ) at Nova Bank
    3.00% Reward Checking Account at Buckhead Community Bank in Georgia
    CD Rates from 3.85% for 3-mo Term to 4.20% for 24-mo Term at NavyArmy FCU in Texas
    Bank of America's $50 Checking Account Bonus
    4.10% 12-Month CD & 3.90% 6-Month CD at Earthstar Bank in PA - Nationally Available
    4.15% 12-Month CD at Park Avenue Bank in New York City
    Will Opening a Deposit Account Affect My Credit Score?
  • 10th
    0% T-Bills, FDIC Trust, GMAC Problems and other Banking News of the Day
    4.50% 22-Month CD & $150 Checking Bonus at Advance Financial FCU in Indiana
    4.00% 11-Month CD at LA Financial Credit Union in California
    4.00% CD for Terms of 6 to 18 Months at Brickyard Bank in Illinois
    4.25% 14-Month CD & 4.00% 5-Month CD at United Midwest Savings Bank in Ohio
    4.58% 12-Month CD at Transportation FCU in DC & MA
    4.05% 12-Month CD at Astoria Federal Savings in New York
  • 9th
    Brokerage Certificates of Deposit and IRAs
    Fidelity's 2% Cash Back American Express Credit Card
    3.00% Reward Checking Account at Global Credit Union in WA & ID
    4.08% 10-Month CD at Bank 1440 in Arizona
    4.20% 15-Month CD at Arizona Federal Credit Union
    4.25% 12-Month CD at Cyprus Credit Union in Utah
    4.00% 6-Month CD at Temecula Valley Bank in California
    Bank of America's 4.01% 48-Month CD in FL and MA
  • 8th
    4.00% 5-Month No-Penalty CD at First Priority Credit Union in MA
    4.40% 7-Month CD & 4.50% 13-Month CD at Ocean Bank in South Florida
    $50 Electric Orange Checking Account Bonus at ING Direct
    4.35% 15-Month CD at Champion Bank in Missouri - Nationally Available
    3.75% Money Market Account with Yield Guaranteed for One Year at Apple Bank for Savings in New York
    4.25% 10-Month No-Penalty CD at Agriculture FCU - Easy Membership
  • 7th
    3.75% Money Market Promo Guaranteed for 3 Months at Dime Savings Bank
    4.00% 4-Month CD & 4.20% 13-Month CD at Second Federal Savings Bank in Chicago
    4.25% 7-Month CD at Altura Credit Union in California
    4.00% 6-mo CD, 4.25% 12-mo CD & Other High Yield CDs at Bay Ridge FCU in Brooklyn, NY
  • 6th
    23rd Bank Failure of the Year: First Georgia Community Bank
    An Overlooked Way to Save Money
    The Painless Guide to Switching Checking Accounts
  • 5th
    New FDIC and NCUA Documentation with Latest Deposit Insurance Coverage Changes
    4.25% 12-Month CD at RTN Federal Credit Union in MA - Easy Membership
    3.22% Reward Checking Account at Crow River Bank in Minnesota
    5.01% Reward Checking Account at Ocean Communities FCU in Maine
    4.00% 5-Month CD at Garden Savings FCU in New Jersey
    5.00% 55-Month CD at Freedom FCU in Maryland
  • 4th
    4.01% Reward Checking Account at Provident Community Bank in South Carolina
    4.50% 24-Month CD Family First Credit Union in Michigan
    5.32% 5-Year Jumbo CD at USAA Federal Savings Bank
    4.05% 6-Month CD, 4.25% 12-Month CD and Other High CD Rates at RomAsia Bank in New Jersey
  • 3rd
    4.68% 12-Month CD & 4.32% 6-Month CD at State Bank of India, New York
    High-Interest Reward Checking Account at Belvoir Federal Credit Union in Virginia
    4.33% 6-Month CD with Add-On Feature at SnoCope FCU in Washington State
    High-Yield Reward Checking Account at Bank of the Sierra in California
    4.00% 3-Month CD at Oregon Coast Bank
  • 2nd
    Charles Schwab Visa 2% Cash Back Credit Card
    High-Yield Reward Checking Account at Hyperion Bank in Philadelphia
    4.00% 3-Month CD at Hudson Vally FCU in New York
    4.75% 5-Month CD at Coventry Credit Union in Rhode Island
    4.15% 1-Year CD & 4.50% 3-Year CD at Montauk Credit Union in New York
  • 1st
    $50 to $250 New Account Bonus at WTDirect
    14-Month CD Special at Banco Popular with Yields from 4.00% to 4.35%
    4.18% 6-Month CD at Florida Bank of Commerce
    4.50% 12-Month CD at Transstar FCU in Houston
    4.05% 5-Month CD at Home Savings of America in California
    4.70% 38-Month CD & 4.18% 13-Month CD at Bank of Shorewood in Illinois

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