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Ken Tumin founded the Bank Deals Blog in 2005 and has been passionately covering the best deposit deals ever since. He is frequently referenced by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and other publications as a top expert, but he is first and foremost a fellow deal seeker and member of the wonderful community of savers that frequents DepositAccounts.

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Bank Deals Blog - 2018

January 2018

22ndConnectOne Bank's Nationally Available 48-Month CD Earns 2.53% APY
RCB Bank (OK/KS) Offers 3.00% APY 60-Month CD
20thInTouch Credit Union Ups 15-Month Jumbo CD, 2.25% APY
19thAlly Bank Hikes Rates - Savings Account, Money Market and Several CDs
First Internet Bank Increases All CD Rates
VirtualBank Leads With 12Mo eCD (2.11% APY) And 24Mo eCD (2.33% APY)
18thNationwide Bank Hikes Rates - Money Market Account and 24-Month CD
M.Y. Safra Bank Increases Online Promo CD Rates
Spokane Teachers CU (WA/ID) Boosts Rate on 48-60 Month CD (2.53% APY)
17thDiscover Bank Increases Rates - Savings Account, Money Market and CDs
Popular Direct Ups Long-Term CD Rates And Adds New Savings Account
Live Oak Bank Ups Rates: 1-Year CD at 2.10% APY, Savings at 1.60% APY
16thCD Rates Summary January 16, 2018
Mercantil Commercebank (FL/TX) Ups Online CD Rates
Utah First Credit Union Ups 60-Month CD To 2.70% APY
15thInstitution for Savings (MA) Offers 30-Month CD (2.50% APY)
DollarSavingsDirect Raises All CD Rates
14thReview of the 2017 Bank Failures and Their Effects on Depositors
Patelco Credit Union (CA) Hikes 24-35 Month CD To 2.25% APY
13thableBanking’s Money Market Savings Is New Rate Leader (1.70% APY)
Connexus Credit Union (Easy Membership) Hikes 60-Month CD To 3% APY
12thGoldman Sachs Bank USA Hikes Savings Account and CD Rates Again
Blackhawk Community CU (WI/IL) Ups 12-month Jumbo CD (2.00% APY)
KS StateBank Ups Rates On Nationally Available CDs
11thBarclays Hikes Online CD Rates, 4-Year Rises to 2.25% APY
Blue Hills Bank (MA) Adds 22-Month Flexible CD, 2.25% APY
Capital One Ups 360 Money Market To 1.40% APY ($10k+)
Live Oak Bank's 1-Year CD Joins The 2% APY Club
10thMy eBanc Hikes Rate On Super Saver MMA (1.50% APY)
Ent Credit Union (CO) Adds 7-Month Certificate Special (2.00% APY)
Best Online Savings Accounts - Summary for January 2018
9thBest Bank Account Interest Rates - Summary for January 9, 2018
Ally Bank Raises 30-Month Select CD Rate to 2.15% APY
Xceed Financial CU Adds Nationally Available 30-Month CD, 2.25% APY
Barclays Increases Online Savings Account Rate to 1.40% APY
Third Federal S&L Raises 39-Month CD Special (2.25% APY)
Best High-Yield Savings Accounts - Summary for January 2018
8thNorthern Bank Direct Money Market Now Earns 1.51% APY
Water and Power CCU (CA) Offers 3.00% APY 48-Month CD
United Bank Offers Advantage MMA (1.46% APY) In 25 States
Why You Need an Emergency Fund and How to Build It
7thUnited FCU Adds Certificate Specials For The New Year
6thFinancial One Credit Union (MN) Adds 24-Month CD Special (2.40% APY)
MutualOne Bank Has Nationally Available 19-month CD, 2.12% APY
5thSallie Mae Bank Boosts Money Market Account To 1.45% APY
Maine Highlands FCU's Happy New Year 36-Month CD, 3.04% APY
4thCommunity Financial CU (MI) Ups 13-Month CD Special (2.10% APY)
Synchrony Bank Rate Hikes: 2% APY 1-Year CD and 1.45% APY Savings
CoVantage Credit Union (WI/MI) Ups 20-Month CD Special (2.00% APY)
3rdCIT Bank Raises Premier High Yield Savings Rate to 1.55% APY
DollarSavingsDirect Offers Top Savings Account Rate (1.60% APY)
Ally Bank Ends Hot CD Specials and Increases a Few CD Rates
Argentine Federal Savings (KS) Adds 14-Month CD Special (2.00% APY)
Northern Bank Direct Ups 48-Month CD To 2.51% APY
2ndNASA FCU Boosts Rates On 49- and 15-Month Certificate Specials
United States Senate FCU 60-Month CD Earns Up To 2.76% APY
1stAlly Bank First To Reach 2% APY on 1-Year CD
Fed Rate and Deposit Rate Predictions for 2018
American Heritage FCU Ups Nationally Available 5-Year CD (2.60% APY)