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Pretty Good

I banked with Fort Knox Federal Credit Union for a period of approximately 2 years. They were conveniently located, and were the institution of choice for my current employer at the time. I held a checking account and savings account as my products of choice. WHile they were a decent bank to do business with, I felt as though their fees were a little bit higher than average, and their hours were a little short for my schedule. On the occasions I had interactions with customer service associates, they were pleasant and helpful, and did their best to provide me with good options and assistance. I never had to wait long in line when going into the bank, and was always able to get the assistance I needed. Their website left something to be desired, because it was very slow and had limited options as to what you could do online versus what some of the bigger banks were offering at that time. Because I am a busy person with a busy schedule, I ended up closing out my accounts with them after about 2 years and going with a bigger national bank that had longer business hours, cheaper fees, and a much better online banking website that allowed me to take care of all of my business from my office or the comfort of my home.


Posted by: thagan00 | Aug 31, 2017

I have been a member of this credit union for years. I cannot say enough how they have worked with me to improve my financial position.

Absolutely Horrible!!!

Posted by: Mmih222 | Nov 15, 2016

They are absolutely horrible! $30 just for using your card? No other bank does that!  Plus they just now waited to charge me for it. Not to mention, call customer service and there's a rep that'll yell at you. Unless you wanna be broke the rest of your life, stay away from this place!

When Is A 24 Month CD A 21 Month CD?

Posted by: zz | Oct 23, 2016

Fort Knox pays dividends on CD's quarterly. I was surprised at how earnestly they kept to this. If your CD comes due days before the quarter they pay no interest at all for the 87 days that it should have earned interest. The only way to get the interest is to roll over the CD. Of course, eventually you'll want the money, at which point you'll lose the interest. Something else to add to their history ...

Beware Of Fort Knox FCU’S History

Posted by: de7ye | May 30, 2016

As Ken posted two years ago: "Fort Knox FCU is well known here as the credit union which raised the early withdrawal penalty on members' existing certificates. A member filed a complaint with the NCUA over this issue, but the NCUA ruled in favor of Fort Knox FCU's right to increase the EWP based on generic clauses in the membership agreement..."

Special CD Rates

Fort Knox Federal currently offers a 46 month certificate at 1.65% APY and a 23 month certificate at 1.25% APY ($500 minimum, dividends paid and posted quarterly)

Continued Great Customer Service...

My last previous review was in 2014. I am pleased to advise the telephone customer service at Fort Knox remains without equal in every regard. Nice friendly, knowledgeable folks, who give the very best support period.


Posted by: mrpeabody | Jun 11, 2014

I have been apart of this credit union for years. They are very friendly and helpful. They take care of all of my needs.

Overall Outstanding Customer Service

FKFCU is IMHO one of the very best in the nation for excellent customer service via the web and by direct interaction with their superior customer service reps by telephone. I have been a member for many years and now reside in another state but maintain several accounts with them because of their excellent staff, and above average CD rates.

Can Not Get Anyone To Answer The Phone

I had a CD mature recently and sent Fort Knox a fax telling them not to roll it over, to send me a check, and to please let me know they got the fax by phone, fax, or e-mail. I never received anything from them so I've been trying to call them for the past 3 days and can not get anyone to answer the phone, have held for up to 30 minutes each time. I went to their FB page and asked them to call me, no response. I went to their e-mail on web page and asked them to contact me, still no response. After this CD I have one left with them and will NEVER do business with them again. If anyone can tell me how to reach them I'd appreciate it.

Super Customer Service

I experienced great customer service and support while resently opening a 59 month CD with Fort Knox.

Making a deposit at a local CU Service Center was exactly the same as if I were at one of  the Fort Knox Branch offices.

Their on-line website is simple to access,clear, easy to navigate, and does all you need.

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union

Posted by: Mak | Nov 29, 2011

I reported a problem with Fort Knox credit union last week about a mistake costing me 600.00, I would like to report that Fort Knox took care of the problem in a very professional manner, I am now extremely satisfied with the way  Fort Knox handled it and I am very grateful to the person at Fort Knox that took care of me.

Needless to say I have my 600.00 back in my possesion.

Customer No-Service

Posted by: Advocate | Nov 2, 2011

Like many other consumers intent on protecting their credit and identity, I recently placed a fraud alert on my credit report.  Fraud alerts are an added layer of protection that forces lendors and banks to contact you and verify certain details before opening accounts in your name.  I have since opened three accounts, and yes, it means waiting a day or two for the bank to receive my driver's license, etc, to verify that I am who I say I am, but it is fine, and I can rest assured that nobody can just walk into a bank and immediately open an account in my name.

But when I applied for a Ft. Knox account, the website said "withdrawn" loan status. Nobody called me or emailed me or anything.  When I called, the agent said that I had to wait 6 months to apply again because there was fraud on my credit.  I explained that it wasn't fraud; it was a fraud alert I had placed. She didn't seem to know the difference. She spoke to a supervisor, then came back and said the same thing, suggesting that she had no way of verifying who placed the alert.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said that wasn't possible.  I asked another question and she never bothered to answer. Several minutes of dead silence and the call was over.  

When fraud alerts were set up, they were never intended to be used by banks in this way.  If you are a smart consumer, financially savvy, and eager to protect your identity, don't apply to this bank.  Their policies about fraud alerts (which the agent herself admitted, were not written down) are backwards.  I honestly think this bank assumes there is fraud on my account.  The board at this bank needs to revisit its policies and training for supervisors and agents.  I plan to follow up with the NCUA to ensure that no other customer experiences the same trouble just because they were trying to protect their credit.

Fort Knox Service And Lowering Rates

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 29, 2011

Dealing with Fort Knox has been extremely frustrating.

I sent them a check to open a CD at the 3.05 promotional rate. It has been a week and they say they still did not receive my check. BTW a check I sent the same day to a NYC bank was received and the CD opened. Meanwhile, Fort Knox has lowered its rate 2 times (yes 2 times!!) since I mailed my check. Thanks for nothing Fort Knox!!

Very Good CU

Posted by: misterp | Jul 10, 2010

 In response to: Does Not Offer ACH. If you set up bill pay with them one can ACH out. If one goes to a CU that is a shared member( go to cuservicecenter.com) one can ACH in with a check from your bank or if you belong to a CU that is shared, one  can ACH all day long.

Fort Knox FCU: Very Good Service, Flexible

Posted by: me1004 | Jun 16, 2010

I opened a membership and CD at Fort Knox FCU about two months ago. The experience was good all around. The opening process was short and easy. I was allowed to fax in my materials so did not have to lose time to waitng for the mail. I was able to make my initial depost at a shared branch with anohter credit unin near me.

I note, they were very accommodating -- even when my opening deposit check bounced, something I would have expected them to react to by closing my membership! (Actually, I used two checks to deposit. The one institution where one of the checks was drawn on made a mistake with my account and accidentally bounced the check even though I had the money in the account to cover it.) Fort Knox did not even charge me a boucned check fee. I straightened things out wiht my other institution, yet it was about two weeks before Fort Knox took the money out. No change to crediting to my new account, was left as depositing on the oroginal opening date. 

Yesterday, about two months into my new account, they even made nice courtesy call just to touch bases and make sure all is fine with my membership and to see if I had any issues they might help with.

The only issue I have, a minor one: I wanted to open a free checking account or money market account, so as to have an easy way to move the CD at maturity IF I want to. Since that was the only thought for using the checking, I just wanted a handful of free counter checks, as I only expected to need one or two checks and did not want to pay to buy a full supply. While they will issue these, unfortunately they will NOT mail them out -- for security reasons, they say -- so I would have to pick them up, but I am in another state. 

Opened The 60 Month CD With No Problems At All

Posted by: Anonymous | May 21, 2010

Opened the 60 month CD with no problems at all.  Michelle (CSR) was very attentive and efficient.  I was able to deposit at a local credit union (they all seem to be part of a large network, and Michelle told me where there was a local "sister branch") with no problems, and even though they had lowered the rate to 3 percent, they honored their committment to the higher rate.  Am able to see everything on line. 

Does Not Offer ACH

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 28, 2010

Does not offer ACH - you must wire in money and they charge $3 for incoming wires.  Outgoing wires are $12.  Reduces their APY somewhat.  Not great service in my opinion.

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