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Including Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol, Greeneville, Abingdon, Rogersville, Elizabethton, Church Hill, Lebanon, Marion, and 52 other towns.

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Banking in the Tri-Cities Area

The Tri-Cities area is nestled into the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, and it encompasses the cities of Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol, as well as the surrounding communities. Residents can enjoy a variety of shopping and dining experiences and several recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, and golf. Due to the large expanse of the Tri-Cities area, several financial institutions have settled here. There are 25 banks and 25 credit unions that have their headquarters in this area.

Among the notable financial institutions of the Tri-Cities area one will find names like Eastman Credit Union, First Bank and Trust Company, Bank of Tennessee, Citizen Bank, and New Peoples Bank, Inc. With these institutions, area residents can handle all of their banking needs. Most offer everyday necessities like checking accounts and savings accounts. One can also find first time home loans and student loans to help them get started financially. Families of the Tri-Cities area can enjoy vacation and Christmas clubs to help them with short term financial goals as well as retirement accounts and investment opportunities to prepare for the future.

Banking is convenient to those living in the Tri-Cities area. There are approximately 340 branches stemming from nearly 50 banks and 25 credit unions throughout the area’s small towns and communities, as well as the three major cities. Online banking is provided by several of these financial institutions, and numerous ATMs provide 24 hour access to one’s funds.

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Eastman Credit Union (TN/VA/TX) Adds 6-Year CD
Deal Summary: 6-year Investment Certificate, 3.05% APY, $1k minimum deposit; 6-year Jumbo Investment Certificate, 3.10% APY, $100k minimum deposit. Availability: Residents of seven Tennessee, seven Virginia, and two Texas counties;
Knoxville TVA ECU Hikes 60-Month CD Special
Deal Summary: 60-month Certificate Special, 2.60% APY, $10k minimum deposit. Availability: Residents of eight east Tennessee counties. In June, DA reader, greco, wrote a quick Forum post about Knoxville TVA
Eastman Credit Union (TN/VA/TX) Ups Rates On 5-Year CDs
Deal Summary: 5-year Investment Certificate, 2.55% APY, $1k minimum deposit; 5-year Jumbo Investment Certificate, 2.60% APY, $100k minimum deposit. Availability: Residents of seven Tennessee, seven Virginia, and two Texas counties;
Consumer Credit Union (TN) Ups 60-Month CD Rate
Deal Summary: 60-month CD, 2.55% APY, no minimum deposit. Availability: Residents of 12 eastern Tennessee counties. Over the weekend, Tennessee-based Consumer Credit Union (CCU) raised the rate on its 60-month
U.S. Bank Chicagoland CD Specials - 2.05% 59-Month
In today’s Chicago Tribune 2.05% apy 59-month CD 1.01% apy 11-month CD $1,000 minimum $249,999 maximum Offer only valid at Chicago metro area U.S. Bank locations
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