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Including Cincinnati, Hamilton, Florence, West Chester, Mason, Fairfield, Loveland, Milford, Middletown, Lawrenceburg, and 117 other towns.

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The third largest city in Ohio, Cincinnati is one of the 100 largest cities in the country. One of the main services consumers need in the metropolitan area is access to financial services. By the end of 2013, the metropolis city contained approximately 130,055 households using or requesting products, such as checking & saving debit cards and prepaid debit cards. Banking in Cincinnati is available at approximately 1,220 branches from more than 105 banks and 65 credit unions. Some of the most prominent financial institutions are Union Savings Bank, Fifth Third Bank, U.S. Bank, First Financial Bank, N.A., and General Electric Credit Union.

In the Cincinnati metropolitan area, there are more than 65 banks and 50 credit unions that provide services to meet consumers’ needs. More than 1,500 ATMs are available in Cincinnati, Covington, Florence, Hamilton, Middleton, Milford, Loveland, Harrison, and Mason. These ATMs are inside most banking institutions and accessible 24/7.

First Financial Bank, N.A. first began serving customers in 1863, and currently is the oldest active financial institution in the Hamilton and Cincinnati areas. It has providing reputable banking products and services for almost 154 years.

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Wright-Patt Credit Union (OH) Raises CD Rates, Again
Deal Summary: Share Certificates – 6-11 month, 1.67% APY ($100k), 1.57% APY ($500); 12-17 month, 1.93% APY ($100k), 1.83% APY ($500); 18-23 month, 2.04% APY ($100k), 1.94% APY ($500). Availability:
BCU (IL/WI) Adds Limited-Time 11-Month CD Special
Deal Summary: 11-Month CD Special, 1.65 APY, minimum $500 deposit of new money, available through December 31, 2017. Availability: Five northeast Illinois counties and one southeast Wisconsin county. BCU (formerly
Wright-Patt Credit Union (OH) Raises 15-Month CD APY
UPDATE 11/24/2017: Both rate tiers increased by 13 bps. UPDATE 11/10/2017: Rate tiers increased by 9 bps ($100k) and 10 bps ($500). Deal Summary: 15-month Share Certificate Exclusive, 2.10% APY
West End Bank (IN) Debuts 22-Month CD Special With Add-On Option
Deal Summary: 22-month CD Special, 2.20% APY, $1k minimum/$250k maximum deposit, additional deposits allowed up to the maximum. Availability: Market area includes Wayne and Union Counties, Indiana. West End Bank
U.S. Bank Chicagoland CD Specials - 2.05% 59-Month
In today’s Chicago Tribune 2.05% apy 59-month CD 1.01% apy 11-month CD $1,000 minimum $249,999 maximum Offer only valid at Chicago metro area U.S. Bank locations
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